February 8th Kite Flying Day

You may, or may not, know that kites were invented by the Chinese some 3,000 years ago as a piece of military equipment. Used mainly to try and scare their enemies they were considered effective until the enemy figured out they were made out of paper or cloth. Today we use kites generally to impress people, and to have fun. So why do it in the middle of winter? Well, why not? If you get a breeze that’s all you need and maybe it would be even more impressive to see s kite of two in the winter than in the summer.

How to celebrate – Go fly a kite. Make your own kite. Join the Chinese army.


January 12th National Hot Tea Day

Unless you live in Boston, today is National Tea Day as declared by the Tea Council of the USA in 2016. Well, actually it is in Boston as well it’s just there the tea needs to be Sea – soned! (If you catch my drift… or tide as the case may be. Tea was supposedly first discovered by the Tang Dynasty some 2,737 years ago by accident when some tea leaves fell into some boiling water. Probably brought back by Marco Polo in his journeys to China from Europe, tea did not catch on in Europe until the 1600’s. It has a very sorted background starting wars and making for some int4eresting trade agreements.

How to celebrate – Have some hot tea. (Maybe some cold tea later on) Read about teas sorted background. Learn about all the different teas used for different reasons.

October 17th National Pasta Day

Did you know there are some 600 shapes of pasta? They al taste basically the same unless you have added something for flavoring. But I guess having 600 shapes to choose from is fun, or sort of anyway. Pasta is basically just water and flour but if can have seasoning added to it to make it different. It first was consumed by the Chinese 5,000 BC. Apparently Marco Polo brought it back to Europe with his travels. Here in the United States we consume some 20 pounds of pasta a year person.

How to celebrate – Find a new shape for pasta… but you’ll have to learn the other 600 before starting. Have pasta with your meal tonight. Revolt against past by serving an anti-pasta.

September 29th Confucius Day

Much has been attributed to Confucius, his wisdom and humor, although we have to take others word for it that he ever really lived. They did make statues of him and quote him a lot so I am guessing he was alive at some point. He was born on October 18th in 551 BC, he was an ancient philosopher, a teacher, a scholar and a politician. I am curious in the day of the Warlord what kind of politician he could have been but they say he was, so I guess he was. Oh, and we have no idea why September 29th is Confucius Day so there’s another mystery for ya!

How to celebrate – Read about Confucius. Learn Confucius sayings. Visit China.

March 16th Giant Panda Day

Giant Pandas live only in China in the wild. They enjoy the cooler, wet, mountain forests but there are under 2,000 left in the wild. A Giant Panda lives for 15-20 years with a very limited diet. They are the symbol for the International World Wildlife Federation and one of those animals the Federation is trying to keep from going extinct. China does loan out their Pandas but limitedly to remind the world of their plight.

How to celebrate – Visit a zoo that has the Giant Panda. Give to the International World Wildlife Federation. Read about all the animals on the endanger species list.

February 8th Kite Flying Day

You may wonder why today was chosen in the middle of winter. Well, remember that only half the world is in winter right now, the other half being in summer… so perhaps today was created for the southern hemisphere! Kites have been in use since the Chinese military developed them over 3,000 years ago. Back then, they were used to scare their enemies and probably worked pretty well, at least until kids got hold of them and made them a toy instead. And, of course, remember perhaps the most famous kite flyer of all, Benjamin Franklin and his shocking discovery.

How to celebrate – Go fly a kite. Make your own kite. If you don’t have any wind break out your giant fan!

September 29th Confucius Day

Confucius, China’s greatest philosopher, was born on October 18th, 551 BC. What that has to do with September 29th, no one knows but I guess that would be missing the point. Confucius had 499 sayings the world remembers him for. Why not 500? There are those that say Confucius was only playing with people when he gave his quotes, I doubt we will every know. There are so many mysteries concerning Confucius, in fact, there are those that doubt he even was a real person. We probably won’t ever really know that for sure either.

How to celebrate – Read about Confucius. Discover all 499 sayings. Visit China.

June 14th Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Also known as the Duanu Fewstival or Tuen Ng Festival today celebrates patriotism and sacrifice in China. It is based around Qu Yuan, a poet who lived from 343 – 278 BC. The dates do change from year to year, obiously today is the day for 2021 but in 2022 it will be held on June 3rd. Chinese celebrations include the eating of a “Zongzi” dumpling, going on long walks, hanging Mugworts and Calmus (Whatever they are), drinking Realgar wine, writing spells and wearing perfume pouches. I’m sure we’ll all get right on that!

How to celebrate – Visit China. Build your own Chinese Dragon boat. Hang your Mugworts and Calmus. (Both are plants)

April 21st National Tea Day

April 21st National Tea Day

Did you know that Catherine of Braganza, Portugal, introduced tea to the British in 1662 when she married King Charles II? Tea, of course, got its start in China and people in the UK may have used tea prior to Catherine but Royalty would wait until 1662.  In 2016 the UK named April 21st National Tea Day to honor Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

How to celebrate – Send the Queen a birthday card. Have some tea. Throw a tea party.

March 16th National Panda Day

March 16th National Panda Day

Who doesn’t love a panda? It is probably one of the world’s most favorite, and gentle creatures. For quite sometime it was on the endangered species list as its natural habitat was disappearing. In 1961 the World Wildlife Fund/World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) made the panda it’s logo to bring awareness about of the plight of the panda. It is nice to know that the attempt to save the panda has worked, they are no longer on the endangered list, but they are considered vulnerable.

How to celebrate – Visit China. Buy some bamboo to feed to the pandas. See if your local zoo has any pandas.