February 16th Do A Grouch A Favor Day

I’m not exactly sure how you do a grouch a favor other than leave them alone. If you do anything for them it will seem more like you have done something to them and they won’t appreciate it anyway. Once a Curmudgeon always a Curmudgeon! There will always be people ;like Scrooge and Archie Bunker, puppets like Oscar and whatever it is you call Moe of the Three Stooges. I think the answer is, live and let live. Grouch and let grouch. Just do it the best you are able.

How to celebrate – Find a Grouch and do them a favor. Remember if they like what you do they will probably no longer be a grouch. Could we have a Christmas Carol without Scrooge? No, I don’t think so!


December 25th Christmas Day

This is another day you should be spending with your family and loved ones rather than reading a blog. So I’m not going to write much about this, the most sacred Christian holiday… the birth of Jesus Christ. Now it may not have been actually on December 25th, no one knows, but it is the symbol of Christianity and should be respected. (As any holiday with religious meaning) Celebrate today if you choose, honor today because you can.

December 25th Pumpkin Pie Day

Pumpkin pie has been a part of the American diet since, well… since America has been America, and before. It is mentioned in Hannah Woolley’s Cookbook, written in English, in 1675. It has remained popular ever since, even featured in the 1844 song/poem, “Over The River And Through The Woods” with a line devoted to pumpkin pie in the lyrics. While it is most thought of with Thanksgiving affairs, it is equally as good during Christmas. In fact, it’s pretty good nearly any time of the year!

How to celebrate – Have some pumpkin pie. Find the lyric in “Over The River And Through The Woods”. Have a Merry Christmas.

December 19th Look For An Evergreen Day

With Christmas rapidly approaching, now if the time to find the perfect Evergreen Tree for you holidays. (It may even be a bit late) I suggest the perfect Evergreen can be found in, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”, a short story I wrote about the first Evergreen tree. It’s fiction, or maybe it’s not, but its a fun story the entire family can enjoy and really, really cheap on Amazon Books. Check it out.

How to celebrate – Read “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”. https://www.amazon.com/Evergreens-Stay-Green-John-Olbert-ebook/dp/B01NCI7RAZ Have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas Tree

December 6th Mitten Tree Day

I’m not sure I have ever heard of this day before but I should have and I sort of feel like I have, it’s about hanging mittens (You know the glove things) on a Christmas Tree to celebrate the holidays. It’s pretty cool. Naturally it works better in the colder climates because in the south we don’t have a lot of call for mittens, still… if you want something different to make your house more festive you might think about it.

How to celebrate – Make a mitten tree. Gather up all your mittens. Celebrate Christmas.

November 26th Shopping Reminder Day

Now here’s a day most women probably don;t need to be reminded of but a lot of men do. In case you missed it, the holidays are coming and you will need to go shopping for your loved ones and friends. Now that’s not an insult to women, women generally remember to take care of things important to their families where a lot of men forget them, or at least leave them to the last moment. So mark it on your calendar that today is a day to go shopping, get it over with before you forget and struggle to find anything worth buying!

How to celebrate – Go shopping. Set up a fun day of shopping with friends. Look for sales!

May 25th Nutcracker Day

There is nothing like a Nutcracker that makes Christmas time come to life. That’s why Leavenworth, Washington celebrates Nutcracker Day on May 25th. Actually it’s the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum that came up with the idea. They have some 7,000 nutcrackers, some dating back to the Roman Empire era. It is a day they open up the museum to people so they can experience nutcrackers and even crack some hazelnuts and walnuts. All in all, it’s a really fun day even though it’s not around Christmas and it’s not the Leavenworth most people are familiar with.

How to celebrate – Plan a trip to Leavenworth, Washington. Break out your own Nutcracker collection. Get ready for Christmas in July.

February 2nd Candlemas

Here’s a day women libers will love! Did you know Christmas wasn’t over yet? Today starts the Feast of Purification where candles are blessed in the church to allow women who have just given birth back inside. In the old days, women were considered unclean after giving birth and were not permitted back into the temple for 40 days, if a son was born, or 60 days if a daughter was born. This included Mary, the mother of Jesus. Candlemas ends on February 15th, officially ending the Christmas season.

How to celebrate – Get some candles. Study all the rules and regulations man has made about the holidays. Make up your own rules for celebrating.

December 26th National Candy Cane Day

One of the most recognized symbols of Christmas is the candy cane. It was invent sometime in the 1500’s or 1600’s as a straight stick of candy but 1674 it was patterned after a shepherd’s hook by a German choirmaster because when turned over it looked like J for Jesus! For whatever reason, it is one of Christmas’ staples, in the 1800’s it began to be hung on Christmas trees as a decoration adding it’s red a white stripes to the green foliage. Well we got to do something with them, after all they make 1.76 billion candy canes a year! But they do taste good and can serves as earrings in desperate times!

How to celebrate – Have a candy cane. Make a new use of candy canes this Christmas. Learn how to make your own candy canes.

December 25th Christmas Day

Here’s the day a lot of us wait for all year long, we decorate for it, shop for and celebrate it for many, many reasons. In the Christian world, it’s because of Jesus’ birth but we tend to forget that amongst everything else we are involved in. In a way, it’s okay because God would want you to be happy and celebrate his only son. Just… don’t forget about him completely as you go through your day today. Merry Christmas to all!

How to celebrate – Spend the day with your family. Remember what Christmas is for. Celebrate!