May 25th Nutcracker Day

There is nothing like a Nutcracker that makes Christmas time come to life. That’s why Leavenworth, Washington celebrates Nutcracker Day on May 25th. Actually it’s the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum that came up with the idea. They have some 7,000 nutcrackers, some dating back to the Roman Empire era. It is a day they open up the museum to people so they can experience nutcrackers and even crack some hazelnuts and walnuts. All in all, it’s a really fun day even though it’s not around Christmas and it’s not the Leavenworth most people are familiar with.

How to celebrate – Plan a trip to Leavenworth, Washington. Break out your own Nutcracker collection. Get ready for Christmas in July.

February 2nd Candlemas

Here’s a day women libers will love! Did you know Christmas wasn’t over yet? Today starts the Feast of Purification where candles are blessed in the church to allow women who have just given birth back inside. In the old days, women were considered unclean after giving birth and were not permitted back into the temple for 40 days, if a son was born, or 60 days if a daughter was born. This included Mary, the mother of Jesus. Candlemas ends on February 15th, officially ending the Christmas season.

How to celebrate – Get some candles. Study all the rules and regulations man has made about the holidays. Make up your own rules for celebrating.

December 26th National Candy Cane Day

One of the most recognized symbols of Christmas is the candy cane. It was invent sometime in the 1500’s or 1600’s as a straight stick of candy but 1674 it was patterned after a shepherd’s hook by a German choirmaster because when turned over it looked like J for Jesus! For whatever reason, it is one of Christmas’ staples, in the 1800’s it began to be hung on Christmas trees as a decoration adding it’s red a white stripes to the green foliage. Well we got to do something with them, after all they make 1.76 billion candy canes a year! But they do taste good and can serves as earrings in desperate times!

How to celebrate – Have a candy cane. Make a new use of candy canes this Christmas. Learn how to make your own candy canes.

December 25th Christmas Day

Here’s the day a lot of us wait for all year long, we decorate for it, shop for and celebrate it for many, many reasons. In the Christian world, it’s because of Jesus’ birth but we tend to forget that amongst everything else we are involved in. In a way, it’s okay because God would want you to be happy and celebrate his only son. Just… don’t forget about him completely as you go through your day today. Merry Christmas to all!

How to celebrate – Spend the day with your family. Remember what Christmas is for. Celebrate!

December 24th National Egg Nog Day

It’s Christmas Eve Day, are you ready for Christmas to be here? It’s also National Egg Nog Day, and probably one of the last days you’ll find Egg Nog in the stores to buy. It’s sunny how something like Egg Nog can only be found certain times of the year, I guess it’s just too expensive to maintain a production line of the product all year long so it has to stop sometime. Here’s a recipe for making your own Egg Nog once it does disappear on the Grocery Store shelves. There’s also Egg Nog ice Cream, coffee creamer and candy if you can find it.

How to celebrate – Store up on your Egg Nog for the year! (Though it might go bad) Learn how to make your own Egg Nog. Make every day Christmas Day!

December 20th Go Caroling Day

With Christmas so near why not celebrate your joy and excitement by Caroling for your friends, neighbors and maybe even a stranger or two. During these times it’s difficult, at best, to share your holidays with your family let alone those outside of your family. Caroling works because you don’t have to get all that close to those you are singing for and they don;t need to get that close to you. So end you year by bringing a little spirit to others, and brightening your holidays as well, by going Caroling!

How to celebrate – Pick your singers to Carol with. Make a list of the songs everyone in your group should learn. Make sure those you are caroling for celebrate Christmas.

December 19th Look For An Evergreen Day

If you haven’t already got your Evergreen Christmas Tree for the season you’d better hurry. The Evergreen Tree was chosen to represent Christmas because of it’s three distinct points, indicating the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. There is little doubt that the scent of the tree in your home brings some of the Christmas Spirit to life. How about setting up your tree, decorating it and then make some hot chocolate and settling the family around the tree as you read, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green.”

How to celebrate – Get your Christmas tree. Enjoy the holidays. Read, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”.

December 9th Christmas Card Day

Well if you haven’t already sent out you Christmas Cards for the season, you’d better get started… with the way the mail runs these days they might not get there in time otherwise. Christmas cards are almost always welcome, they let people know you are thinking of them and wishing you well. They are meant to bring joy, maybe a laugh and keep your memories of those far away alive and well. The first Christmas Card of record belongs to Sir Henry Cole, an Englishman who invented the Christmas Card in 1843. No one is exactly sure why he invented it but then no one knows exactly why the wheel was invented either.

How to celebrate – Send out your Christmas Cards. Get ready for the holidays. Make your own original Christmas Card.

December 6th St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas was a real person, a Catholic Bishop in Greece about two hundred years after Christ’s death. Naturally, being a Bishop, he wore red and did have a long white beard. He so loved children, and the poor, that he was known to put gold coins in socks and spread them out among the needy. After a while, children began to hang socks out for St. Nicholas hoping he would get to them. Santa Claus was introduced by Americans hundreds of years later. While St. Nicholas was a religious character, Santa Claus wasn’t designed to be so. Still, we think that anyone who promotes welfare and happiness can’t be all bad!

How to celebrate – Hang your stocking in hopes that St. Nick will come to you. Visit Greece. Enjoy your holidays.

December 4th Santa’s List Day

So, have you been nice all year or have you been naughty? Sometimes being naughty is nice but being nice is never being naughty! Well, it’s time for Santa to break out his list and make good for those who have been nice and give that lump of coal for those who have been naughty. I bet there was a time in history when getting a lump of coal was actually welcomed! Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is about being good over bad as being good is always subject to ones point of view. Since it is somewhat up to the opinion of the receiver at least try to be good to your family and friends, they are the ones who get you gifts anyway… and try to be nice to your enemies too… maybe they have a reason for being bad.

How to celebrate – Who would you put on a nice list…naughty list. The question is not whether you think you’ve been good or not, it’s how others see you. Make a list of what you consider naughty, and nice.