April 14th Look Up At The Sky Day

With as many hazards as today could create, look up at the sky to see what you might normally miss! There is always something going on above our heads, some good, some bad but we miss them by constantly looking down. There are birds, planes, planets, stars, clouds, UFO’s, satellites, monkeys … well if you can name it, it’s probably up in the sky. Pay more attention to what’s there today, you might find it worth your time and very interesting.

How to celebrate – Look up at the sky. (Sunglasses might help) Get a partner to look with you so one can watch ground level while the other looks up. Figure out what the shapes of clouds above you look like.

April 14th National Look Up At The Sky Day

April 14th National Look Up at The Sky Day

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Ever hear of Chicken Little? Well, the sky isn’t falling. There are many beautiful things up there… clouds, rainbows, pie. (You’ll get it if you think about it.)

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There are airplanes, the sun, the moon… you name it and you probably can find it up there. Clouds can be fun, look for different shapes that resemble something they remind you of.


How to celebrate – Keep looking up! Play “I spy” in the sky. Look for aliens.