February 3rd Feed The Birds Day

Since we are deep intro winter and in many parts of the world the ground is covered in snow, birds need out help getting enough to eat. In the southern areas it’s not as hard, though still surprisingly a little difficult, but up north birds can easily starve to death if not for human help. I am not sure what happened to flying south for the winter but I suppose that doesn’t really matter. Good for Bob Matthews of New York for thinking this one up in 2016. (Along with many others) All sorts of animals need our help, please don’t forget them.

How to celebrate – Help any starving animal. Enjoy birds if you have them in your area for February no matter where you are. Be kind.


February 1st Hula In The Coola Day

Well, this one is a stretch. The idea is to emulate Hawaii and the Hula dance in the coldness of February while pretending it’s not cold out. It isn’t in some places… like Hawaii! For the rest of the country, and world, it’s pretty cold to go out, build a bonfire and dance the hula around it in grass skirts and tiny tops. However, if it is your thing, go ahead! The first non-Hawaiian to see the dance was Captain James Cook back in 1778. I do doubt that it was demonstrated in the UK in February though when Cook’s crew returned.

How to celebrate – Go ahead and freeze your (insert desired body part here) off. Throw a Hawaii themed party. Learn how to do the Hula dance.

January 15th World Snow Day

If you live in the northern climate there’s a reasonably good chance you will see snow soon if you haven’t already seen it this year. Today was created by the International Ski Federation and placed on the 3rd Sunday in January, I bet you can’t figure out why!?! Well, at least they got the season right, if they put it in July, they might have to call it World, Wish it Would, Snow Day. Obviously, snow is needed to go skiing, it’s hard, though not impossible, to ski on grass.

How to celebrate – Go skiing. Visit a northern state to see snow. In the south visit your freezer and pretend like it just snowed.

January 1st Polar Bear Plunge Day

What better way to start off the year than jumping into freezing cold water! It does help by boosting the immune system, creates a natural high, improves circulation, burns calories (from all that shivering), reduces stress, and you might just make a new friend or two while doing it (maybe not friends you’d want to keep but still friends). It also makes your butt smaller as you tend to freeze your a** off! Oh, and it is recommended that you wear shoes… Lord knows why!

How to celebrate – Take a Polar Bear Plunge. Turn on your shower to cold to get a general idea of what it will feel like. Chicken out at the last moment and lose all those friends you thought you’d made.

July 19th National Daiquiri Day

A daiquiri is made from rum, lime juice, sugar and lots of ice, suggested addition is a fruit flavoring of your choice… probably strawberry but really any fruit will do. All is shaken and served cold. Jennings Stockton Cox is credited with inventing the drink, he was an American mining engineer. (Lets hope he wasn’t drinking a daiquiri while design his mines.) In the 1940’s Ernest Hemingway was credited with concocting the frozen daiquiri when a bartender accidentally used a blender to make his drink.

How to celebrate – Have a daiquiri. Make up your own recipe for a daiquiri. Make a virgin daiquiri for the kids.

April 25th World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day was created, along with Jan. 20th Penguin Awareness Day, to help preserve one of our more adorable assets… the Penguin. The flightless birds gather in Antarctica, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, the Falkland Islands and the Galapagos Islands. Always properly dressed for dinner, or any special occasion, come in 17 or 20 varieties with the most popular being the Emperor that can live up to 20 years.

How to celebrate – Visit the Galapagos Islands. Reads about the struggles of the Penguin. Watch Batman.

March 6th National Frozen Food Day

I bet you didn’t really think this day existed, did you? Well, not only is it real it’s truly a National Holiday! Clarence Birdseye patented flash freeze food in 1927. The “first frozen” food hit the Springfield, Ma market in 1930. Then came the TV Dinner, which set us all down in front of the television for supper in 1954. So impressed was the US Senate that they created joint resolution #193 to celebrate this invention. President Ronald Reagan made it official with Proclamation #5157 in 1984.

How to celebrate – Have some frozen food today. Clean out your freezer! Make sure you identify the eat by date.

March 13th National Earmuff Day

Well now that winter is on it’s way out, supposedly, it’s a great day to finally celebrate Earmuff Day!  Since nobody would have given you that second glance wearing them when it was freezing and snowing they would not have stood out as much. Now that the weather is getting warmer, people will see them!


Chester Greenwood was the first to patent his invention of ear mufflers on March 13th, 1877.  I can only assume that someone, somewhere, had created earmuffs earlier than 1877 so the key word here is patent. Although since nearly everyone before that time wore their hair longer so who knows, maybe they didn’t need them!


Naturally, some will get carried away, that should go unsaid. I mean, why not make a fashion statement out of your earmuffs, particularly if you are going to wear them when they are no longer really needed. They may also come in handy when you really don;t want to hear what someone else is saying… they give you an excuse for not hearing them… in which case, men would probably wear them all the time.


Ear muffs are a good idea. They keep your ears warm which lets face it, are not particular a part of your body that is protected by a lot of fat.

How to celebrate – Wear your earmuffs today. Create your own design for some earmuffs. Learn how to say “what” in many different languages.

January 22nd National Come In From The Cold Day

There are so many things to do in the cold, snowy weather… skiing, sledding,skating, building snowmen… but one of the best things is coming in from the cold to a nice warm fire and maybe a cup of hot cocoa.


No matter how warm you dress yourself, no matter how many layers of clothing you put on the cold always seems to find a way in. You can even get worse sun burns from the snow than you can in the middle of summer on the beach.


No matter how much fun you are having snow, like sand, seems to get everywhere and of course, when it starts to melt, it turns into water. As that water starts to cool again, it gets really, really cold and then what was fun gets to be suffering.


And sometimes you get caught doing everyday things when a snow storm hits. You could be at work, shopping or even out to visit friends. You have that long walk to the car, bus or train in icy conditions no one wants to be out in. But there is hope!


Sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, drinking a hot cup of cocoa, and being with heart-warming friends make it all worth while.  It almost makes it worth going out just so you can go back in.

How to celebrate – When you get cold enough outside just thinking about what you’ll do when you go in is warming! Make sure you have a warm fire going for those coming to visit you. Always have cocoa, coffee or tea on ready, ready to warm up those who need it… coming in from the cold.