March 12th Plant A Flower Day

Winter is finally over; it was beautiful while it was here but it’s time to add some color back into our lives and perhaps the best way to do that is to plant some flowers. What a wonderful way to add that color and to make the world smell nice again after the bleakness of winter. It sort of makes you feel alive again, seeing things grow around you, blossom and bloom.

How to celebrate – Plant your favorite flowers. Plant an entire flower garden. Take pictures of the flowers’ progress as they grow.


June 23rd National Pink Day

Are you feeling in the Pink today? I hope so, that means you are feeling good. I’m not sure where that saying came from, but it means good things are going to happen today so let’s all face being “Pink”. Of course, it also means breast cancer awareness which we all need to be wearing our pink ribbon to support. Pink has always been associated with softness, kindness and spring/summer. It is easy on the yes as a color and lets us keep cool and calm even in heated moments. So, I hope you have pink day today, and all days.

How to celebrate – Wear something pink. Wear the pink ribbon associated with breast cancer awareness. Paint a room in your house or apartment pink.

March 14th Learn About Butterflies Day

What makes the spring so colorful? Well besides all the plants coming back to life there are the butterflies filling the air and making us smile as they float by just for our pleasure. We do need to remember they are an insect, it is easy to forget. The Monarch is probably the most recognized, and the Painted Lady lives the longest, for up to 12 months. Butterflies remind us that no matter how ugly things get around us they can always become something beautiful given enough time.

How to celebrate – Learn all the different types of butterflies (there are probably more than you think). Start a butterfly collection (seems a little morbid to me). Enjoy nature, they go perfect with your flower garden from a few days ago!

March 12th Plant A Flower Day

With the weather hopefully getting better these days, it’s time to think about what you can do to make your yard beautiful again. One of the best ways to do that is by planting flowers. They add color to any yard, normally make things smell better and make people stop and take notice. Rose bushes, sunflowers, gardenias… it doesn’t really matter. (That is unless you are allergic to them) Make the world a prettier place by planting flowers today, you won’t regret it and neither will your neighbors.

How to celebrate – Figure out which flower is your favorite and plant them. Mix up a variety of flowers in different beds in your yard. Have a flower growing contest.

June 23rd Pink Flamingo Day

June 23rd Pink Flamingo Day

The Pink Flamingo was invented by Don Featherstone back in 1957. Yes, pink flamingos do exist in the world because they eat shrimp and that dyes their feathers pink, but that’s not what today is all about. It’s about that pink plastic flamingo created at the Union Products plants and sold from Leominster, Mass. Now Union Products has gone out of business and the rights to make pink flamingos sold to several other companies since then, but the city of Leominster created today to celebrate it’s claim to fame, created by Donald Featherstone. What a legacy!

How to celebrate – Buy a pink flamingo for your yard. Dress like a pink flamingo (since today is also National Pink day you can kill two birds with one stone!) Find some use for that plastic pink flamingo. Hold a Pink Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser.

March 12th Plant a Flower Day

With the weather warming up it’s time to start thinking about planting flowers that brighten your day and put that scent of Spring into the air. There are at least 151 varieties of flowers so you need to learn which ones to plant when. Some flowers can stand the colder weather; others need the full sunshine and heat. Fields of flowers are amazing and important to feeding those creatures that thrive on their nectar. While we at times find these bugs annoying they serve an important function in life for us all. So besides just being pretty to look at, and smelling really, really good, flowers serve a purpose… just like everything else in nature.

How to celebrate – Plant a flower! See how many of the 151 flower types you can name. Find a field of flowers and enjoy.