August 2nd National Coloring Book Day

We couldn’t live without our coloring books when we were children. As we age, they are producing more and more complicated pictures for adults to color. It is relaxing and does take your thoughts off the bad things that happened during the day. It also allows us to relive a part of our childhood without going back all the way. Whether it’s crayons, colored pencils or magic markers it is always fun coloring in a page and somewhat rewarding as we can enjoy the final product.

How to celebrate – Throw a coloring book party. Discover your medium… pencils, crayons or markers. Try making up your own pictures to color in.

March 31st National Crayon Day

Crayons have been with us in a sense since the 17th century, though the originals were not made out of wax and had very limited colors to choose from. The first were made from a mixture of of charcoal and oil, it wasn’t until 1902 they started being made of wax. Over 3 billion crayons are made every year, Crayola having made over 237 billion since it first began. They keep a running count of 120 colors while generally retiring 50 colors a year. and this is the day they retire the old and add the new. Crayola helps keep life colorful!

How to celebrate – Visit one of the Crayola stores. See if you can figure out what colors are due to be retired. Plan a fun day of coloring with the family.