May 29th Learn About Composting Day

If you are going to “Go Green” probably the first place to start is in making your own compost heap. It will help any garden you plant and, obviously, it saves the world a little more from the trash we all produce. A compost heap loves your left over vegetables, paper towel and toilet cardboard rolls and untreated wood to be added to it daily. Yes, it normally does smell so you may not want to place it as far away from your house as possible without offending your neighbors. Today was created in 2011 by Holiday Insights and is probably a good day to observe.

How to celebrate – Create a compost pile. Learn all the different things you can put in a compost pile. Go Green” (Within reason).

May 29th Learn About Composting Day

Here’s another real exciting day, learn about composting day. There are books upon books, one more exciting than the next about how to make and use compost. Need I say more!?! Actually, composting will help your gardens grow and help it retain moisture so if you are into gardening, this is a good read. Compost also helps keep the weeds away which generally try their best to overtake any garden ever planted. And it helps the environment as well. Compost is made up of vegetables and fruit you might otherwise throw away, along with paper, untreated wood and cardboard.

How to celebrate – Learn what to put into your compost. Make sure you put your compost away from where you live so you don’t have to smell it. Start a garden.

May 29th National Learn Composting Day

Anything that decomposes completely is, or can be, compost. Cardboard, paper, vegetation, can all be used as compost. Naturally, compost is used to help feed plants grow so it’s more-or-less nature feeding nature. It’s one of the reasons the rain forest floor are commonly so lush. So, how does that effect you? Well, this is the time of year we tend to plant gardens, vegetable or flower, and the best way to start one is on top of a compost pile. So instead of throwing away all that recycling, use it to build your compost pile! Not including items that do not decompose, like plastics and rubber. It is where the idea of recycling actually began! Today was created by Holiday Insights in 2011.

How to celebrate – Start your own compost pile. Begin using that pile to fertilize your garden. Learn what decomposes naturally and what doesn’t.

May 29th National Learn About Composting Day

With summer coming up it’s time to start thinking about planting gardens of vegetables, flowers and anything you want to grow. By creating a compost resource you stand a lot better chance that things are going to actually grow. So you need a little planning time to create this resource ahead of your garden.


There are a lot of different theories on what to use and what not to use to create your compost pile. Some say you can use paper towels, other say not to, some say cardboard is good, some say it is harmful. If you look at the list above you’ll find a pretty general rule of thumb of what will get you the best results.


Here’s the part I do not actually get, that is the layering of you disposables so that you get the best results. I am also not too sure about the smell of your left overs as they rot and turn into compost. The idea is to create soil that has nutrients in it and will hold moisture. Of course, you can just go buy it at a lawn and garden shop but since you probably create it every day yourself you might as well use what you got!


With the “Go Green” movement waste not, want not. Use those items you would normally just throw away and create your own compost pile. It will require a little effort on your part but it will be worth it.

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When you do get that garden you have been dreaming of the picture will become clearer. This day was created by Holiday Insights in 2011.

How to celebrate – Build you walls to create your own compost pile. Learn how to properly use compost. Make this a family effort.