March 30th I'm In Control Day

Today is a day to proclaim you are in control of your life! The day was created back on March 30th, 1981 when Ronald Reagan was shot and Secretary of State Alexander Haig proclaimed he was “In Control”. The problem was, he really wasn’t “In control”. Even though Reagan had been gravely wounded he was still functioning as President, and of course there was a Vice-President, Speaker of the House and numerous other people that were “In Control” long before that duty fell to Haig. Haig was soon forced to resign showing in the end, he really wasn’t in control.

How to celebrate – Make sure you are the one in control before declaring it. Find out if you are in actual control of anything. Watch re-runs of Designated Survivor.

March 30th National I Am in Control Day

Now here’s a day I seldom see, I am in control day. Frankly, I never seem to be in control! But if you can control anything around you, then today is your day! Control Freaks rejoice!


It all started on March 30th, 1981 when President Ronald Reagan was shot by a love sick, crazy, John Hinckley, Jr.  He was trying to impress Jodie Foster. Not sure how shooting a President impresses a girl but then I’m not insane… or at least I don’t think I am. (Hey, does that make me in control?) He didn’t really shoot Reagan though, the bullet was ricochet that struck the car and then Reagan. So not only was he a Looney Tune he was a bad shot as well.


Anyway, Secretary of State Alexander Haig stepped up when Reagan went to the hospital and said not to worry, “I am in control”. Well, those who weren’t all that worried ended up being worried. First it should have been the Vice-President that took control but Haig instantly took charge and saved the country.


Well it turns out that he didn’t mean it that way. He was just trying to keep people calm, their world wasn’t going to fall apart. The fact is that no one was concerned about who was in control until he tried to take control. That’s why I don’t even try to control anything!


I have my own tv in my own office in my own home. No one watches the tv but me. But I am not in even in control of the remote. My cat is.

How to celebrate -Declare you are in control today. Find something you can control. Write down the names of all the control freaks you know.



November 9th National Chaos Never Dies Day

If you have ever been a room filled with children, you will have a complete understand of this day. Chaos is everywhere! Actually chaos is a part of nearly every day you are out in the public. Just think of your drive into work every morning!

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And you know you are in for it if when you have a bowl of alphabet soup the first word that appears is “Chaos”. However, I guess you cannot know control unless you have experienced chaos. That brings up the term, “Controlled Chaos”. Is there such a thing as controlled chaos? Can there be such a thing as controlled chaos? Is it not a contradiction in terms?

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There is a “Chaos Theory” as well. Let’s just say it has something to do with mathematics, enough said.  In truth, a little chaos in one’s life can be a good thing. It keeps you on your toes and makes you use to brain to figure out how to avoid chaos the next time.


Don Adams needed Kaos in his life to have control! He would not have had a job if not for Kaos and obviously Control would not have been required if not for all the Kaos that existed.


And I remember the coldest day of  the year, maybe even the century, where I live, throwing my wedding into chaos on November 9th… but its still the best day of my life so see… good things can come from chaos.

How to celebrate – Well, I’m going to celebrate my anniversary! (You can too but it may not mean as much to you) Challenge all the chaos in your life and try to restore calm. Pretend you are Maxwell Smart, spy against Kaos.