January 14th Dress Up Your Pet Day

If you find your pet hiding from you today it’s probably because they remember this day from last year. Yes, I know, they look cute and they probably like the extra attention, just not the results. Today was created by Colleen Paige, an animal expert. I’m not really sure why an animal expert would create a day like today but then, I guess they know better than I do. I know my pets love to get attention and love to spend time with me until I start to dress them up.

How to celebrate – Dress up your pet. Get your pictures quick, they won’t stand still for very long. Live and let live.

October 10th National Costume Swap Day

October 10th National Costume Swap Day

Ah, I’m not to sure I want to co-operate with this day all that much. First, who are you changing your costume with and have they already been wearing their costume and gotten it all sweaty. If you are a man you might look good in that French Maid outfit (But probably not). And if you are a woman, well I guess Jason just doesn’t make sense at all. Of course, this is not just for Halloween. You can swap theatre costumes, or if you work for a theme park I guess you could change any costumes you might be required to wear. Today was created by GreenHalloween.org.

How to celebrate – Find someone to change costumes with. Wear a generic costume so anyone can use it. Make sure whoever you trade costumes with is close to your size, otherwise there could be a problem.

October 17th Wear Something Gaudy Day

You know, the history of many of these days is interesting and somewhat unusual. I find today very odd since it was sort of created by the character Larry Davis (Actor Richard Kline) on the television show “Three’s Company”. Now Larry always wore something gaudy, at least by the standards of today. In a place like New York City probably no one would ever notice. Gaudy can also be described as unusual. By example most Halloween costumes are gaudy. So if you normally wear something others describe as a Halloween outfit then you are certainly dressing gaudy. Maybe it’s you style, maybe it’s you character, maybe it’s because you’ve forgotten to laundry for a week!

How to celebrate – Wear something gaudy today. Wear really large jewelry today. Stand out in a crowd today.

January 14th National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Get ready for your pets favorite day of the year! National Dress Up Your Pet Day! If they have suffered… er, ah… enjoyed this day before though you might have to go looking for them. Pets have great memories.

Party dog

Now there are two different schools of thought here. One is that your pet actually enjoys this and you need to pick out an outfit that fits their personality. However, which is more the probable, your pet is living through your eyes, this outfit may better fit your personality.


I’ll give you that they are cute. If they are cats, they are more likely to give it to you with their claws. Just look at how happy the cats above look! Study each face and see the joy in their eyes!


Dogs might be a little easier to perform your magic on. After all, a dog normally will go way out of it’s way to please you, and trust me, this will take a lot of pleasing. They won’t understand why you are doing this to them but as long as you are paying attention to them they will normally put up with it.

images (1)

And if your up to a challenge you can even take on any kind of pet, though I do not suggest you dress your fish up.

How to celebrate – Warn your pet about what you are going to do. Keep a good supply of treats nearby. Lay out a row of outfits for your pet and let them choose which they want to wear.