September 19th National Dance Day

There are few things you can do to get better health results than dancing. It’s fun, gets one up and moving and even helps with mental outlook. The problem for me is, I use to be in bands that played at clubs and watched people dance, realizing just how bad they could be… I made up my mind not to look the fool. (Though I do anyway) Today was created by Nigel Lythgoe of the American Dance Movement in 2010. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes sponsored a Congressional Resolution in support of the health benefits. It use to come at the end of July but was moved to September at the request of the American Heart Association to promote the Kid’s Heart Challenge I am guessing through the school system.

How to celebrate – Get out there and dance. Take dance lessons. Create your own dance steps.

November 29th Square Dance Day

“Swing Your Partner. Dosey Do!” Ah, the Square Dance, a truly American dance. Well, maybe not. It appears that squaring dancing comes from traditional dances in Ireland and Scotland, brought over when America was forming. Apparently, the only true American addition to the dancing came when a “Caller” was added to the dance, probably to announce and instruct the dancers as they learned the new variations. It’s appropriate it comes after Thanksgiving as we need to lose those added pounds we gained.

How to celebrate – Learn how to square dance. Learn how to become a “Caller”. Get yourself one of those fancy outfits even if you don’t square dance.

May 14th Dance Like A Chicken Day

Have you ever watched a chicken dance? They are all over the place and rarely do the same thing twice. I can tell you as a former musician, watching people dance from the bandstand was generally like watching chickens dance. The Chicken Dance song was created by Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland in the 1950’s. It was called “Der Ententanz”, or the Duck Dance. Of course since most of us don’t actually understand the language, we translated as chicken and so, we chicken dance. Anyway, does it really matter how well, or how pour, we dance? As long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters.

How to celebrate – Do the chicken dance. Create your own moves others may try to copy. Have fun and don’t worry about what others think.