December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

In theory, if something tastes good the logic applies that it would taste better if it was covered in chocolate, if you like chocolate. It’s hard to find people who do not like chocolate at least in some form. we know fruit can taste better, nuts, even bugs (Probably they taste a lot better when covered in anything) but I am not sure about meat and certainly not all vegetables would taste better covered in chocolate, unless you don’t like any vegetables and then they probably would taste better covered in chocolate. So it’s time to experiment and find out what you do like covered in chocolate and what not so much.

How to celebrate – Let the experiment begin. Try diff5erent types of chocolate to see which you like best. Did you know chocolate in it’s natural state is sour?


July 28th National Milk Chocolate Day

When Columbus discovered chocolate in the America’s the Natives were using in as a drink which was rather bitter. he sent it back to Europe where at first it was not well received. Someone decided it might be better if sugar were added to it and it sudden;y became a hit! Though it was primarily dark chocolate until another someone decided to add milk to the batch and suddenly, we had milk chocolate which most people prefer today. Who knows, maybe someone else will come up with adding nuts or raisins or something even wilder to chocolate!

How to celebrate – Try chocolate in it’s natural form. Compare dark chocolate to milk chocolate. Experiment with different things you can add to chocolate.

July 28th National Milk Chocolate Day

If you are a chocolate lover today must be Heaven to you. It’s National Milk Chocolate Day! Not to be confused with Dark chocolate or White chocolate, today is strictly for Milk Chocolate. It is exactly as it sounds, chocolate with milk added to it. It retains most of the flavor without the bitterness some dark chocolate has to it. Naturally it’s not as healthy as dark chocolate. (Not that dark chocolate is all that healthy either) Today is sort of the Easter (Without the religious aspect) of the summer but I do not suggest hiding eggs with chocolate in them outside.

How to celebrate – Do a taste test of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate to see which you like best. Learn how milk chocolate is made. Have a glass of chocolate milk.

July 7th Chocolate Day

What don’t we add chocolate to anymore. We can start out our day with chocolate flavored coffee and cereal, have a chocolate energy drink or bar at lunch and finish our day off with chocolate pie for dessert after supper. And if you need a snack try having a chocolate candy bar or some chocolate covered nuts or pretzels. I think what we as American’s are saying is, we love chocolate! Chocolate did not start out sweet. Native American’s used it for medicinal purposes when Columbus landed here (Alright it wasn’t exactly the states he landed on) and found chocolate in use. He sent it back to Europe where it did not go over well until sugar was added. It has quite an interesting history way too extensive to go over here.

How to celebrate – Read the history of chocolate. Enjoy some form of chocolate. See how many ways you can name chocolate is used.

December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

You can get almost anything covered in chocolate these days and what you have never seen covered in chocolate, you can cover in chocolate today. Want to get your kids to eat their veggies? Cover them in chocolate. Don’t like taking those horse vitamins? Cover them in chocolate. Of course, if you are allergic to chocolate this may not work too well.


Back in my day, a million years ago, you could really only get raisins and huts covered in chocolate. Today, you can get chocolate covered in chocolate! I’m not really sure how good that is for you but you can still get it done for you.


One of the latest trends is to get stuff that is hot covered in chocolate so you get the sweet and the heat at the same time. I’m not sure I get that but if you do, that’s okay! In fact, many feel the hotter the better. I guess the chocolate maybe cools you’re mouth down.

images (4)

They even cover things that could be dangerous for you to eat in chocolate and pass it off as being okay. Yes, they cook things like scorpions so that they lose the venom but, who wanted to eat a scorpion in the first place!?! If you want to eat chocolate, just eat chocolate! Why do you feel the need to cover it in chocolate to make it taste better? If you wouldn’t eat it in the first place why cover it in chocolate to eat it?


Oh well, people will be people so go ahead and cover whatever it is you choose to eat in chocolate, you’ll make the chocolate industry very, very happy!

How to celebrate – Cover your entire dinner tonight in chocolate. Remember, if you can pick it up you can dip it! Learn about all the different types of chocolate.

December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Not that we need the added tonnage these days before Christmas but today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. It is a day where you can drown anything in chocolate and eat it, serving your country as you do. (Well, not really your country as it isn’t official but you can pretend anyway.


Pretzels work well. The combination of sweet and salty is always a welcome treat. Chocolate covered potato chips, broccoli, nuts… you name it and it can be covered in chocolate. I suppose you could even cover chocolate with chocolate if you so choose

images (1)

You can even cover up things so that you can’t tell what they once were. I hope this was once a banana but who knows? The fact is that you could cover anything and leave it to the consumer to guess what it is. Probably wouldn’t matter much since most people are actually just after the chocolate anyway!


Strawberries are always a favorite. In fact, nearly every fruit works well with chocolate. Blueberries, raspberries, grapes… you name it, it works. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate… it’s all good. And now you have a national day to celebrate it on.chocolate-covered-raspberries-6

How to celebrate – Take whatever you may have in the house and cover it in chocolate! Send your loved one some chocolate covered strawberries. Experiment with different items you would not normally sample with chocolate.



September 12th National Chocolate Milk Shake Day

Ah, a refreshing treat no matter what time of year it is, the chocolate milk shake. Today is your day to celebrate with a chocolate milk shake, forget vanilla, forget strawberry… today it is chocolate or nothing! I can’t even imagine the milk shakes before chocolate was discovered. Plain old vanilla probably, boring! (Actually, apparently they had chocolate before milk shakes!)

Milkshake II

But when the milks shake came along I’ll bet one of the first flavorings they added was chocolate! naturally it was difficult to find that chocolate cow to give us the chocolate milk, but once they found it, the world was the limit!


Of course today we have to complicate it. Instead of just plain chocolate, which is pretty good on it’s own, we can do nearly any flavoring added to the chocolate. Say, you feel like a German chocolate cake flavored milk shake… no problem! There’s dark chocolate, triple chocolate, chocolate with various kinds of candy mixed into it like Reese’s, or Hershey, or Snickers, or Milky Way… you find it, they can blend it in!


And if you really want to confuse somebody, serve them a white chocolate milk shake, telling them its plain vanilla, and watch their faces light up! (Unless of course they are allergic to chocolate which might make something else light up!)


And if you want to stay up all night why not have a coffee flavored chocolate milk shake!?! You can even add booze if you like to make it a potent chocolate milk shake! Ah the choices. There are so many it might actually make you choose strawberry instead! But you are better off if you have nothing more than just a plain Chocolate milk shake.

How to celebrate – Hey, here’s an idea! have a chocolate milk shake! See if you can invent a new flavor, keeping in mind it must include chocolate. Buy a chocolate milk shake for you and your best friend and enjoy sucking up!

June 7th National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

There is nothing more refreshing than a big bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day. For most of us chocolate is even better. There are people that are allergic to chocolate, I do honestly feel sorry for them. There is something about chocolate that appeals to even those who are allergic to it!


There is something sexy about chocolate too. Drizzling over something, dipping something into it, covering yourself … (No wait, not supposed to tell that story!)  The point is, what isn’t made better by adding chocolate to it?


And what is more refreshing than chocolate chip mint ice cream! The freshness of mint and the flavor of chocolate, yum. I think most chocolate chip mint ice cream is made with dark chocolate, which frankly is healthier than milk chocolate.


My favorite is white chocolate, which is made into ice cream too. To me it is creamier and smoother. Of course there is a lot more wax in white chocolate which in theory should make it better for you. (But it isn’t.) It does seem sweeter to me, probably just my imagination. But it is still chocolate and qualifies me as a chocolate lover.


So sometime during your day, stop and thank Christopher Columbus for bringing chocolate to the European market where it was developed into something we all enjoy today.

How to celebrate – Enjoy a bowl of chocolate ice cream sometime today. If you are in a hurry, get a chocolate ice cream cone! Experiment with different topping on your chocolate ice cream. (Most people seem to think you shouldn’t put anything on your chocolate ice cream, purist I guess, but add a little whipped cream, sprinkles, etc., etc., etc.