November 26th Black Friday

Today is basically the make it or break it day for retail shops all across the world. It is when the really holiday shopping begins and when stores offer the best buys they can for your shopping pleasure. It sort of makes you wonder, why don’t the stores offer these kinds of deals all year round? Maybe they wouldn’t be going out of business if they did but then, the profit margins would drop so low maybe many of the stores wouldn’t survive anyway. So, if you want to see retail shopping continue without everything going on line, get out there and do your duty! Buy, buy, buy before local shops disappear completely.

How to celebrate – Shop. You need to walk off that turkey dinner anyway so think of is like going to the gym. Sleep in and let others save the retail world.

August 17th National Thriftshop Day

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I don’t believe there is a truer statement ever made. One person throws something away that another person sees and just can’t live without and more often than not, those are the items found in thriftshops all over the world. There are all sorts of valuable treasures available there that someone really didn’t want anymore but realized someone else might find use of it, so they donate it, more often to charity than not, who in turn sell it at a thriftshop who re-sells it a consumer. It serves three purposes, the person who no longer wanted the item gets rid of it, the person who finds it fells they got a bargain and a charity somewhere has gained funding for their cause.

How to celebrate – Shop at a thriftshop. Donate to a thriftshop. Go treasure hunting at a thriftshop.

August 17th National Thriftshop Day

Thriftshops are fun to shop in generally because you never know exactly what you might find. There is always that chance that you might find the deal of a lifetime, true… you probably won’t but that diamond in the rough might be there waiting for you. Some thriftshops specialize in what they carry, others carry anything they can get their hands on. To me, the shop that carries anything and everything are the most fun and the chances of finding something you have been looking increases. And many of these shops are open to suppose some social need so whatever you do end up buying goes a lot further down the line.

How to celebrate – Go thriftshop shopping. Start your own community thriftshop. Make a list of things you are looking for and keep in with you.

August 17th National Thrift Shop Day

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, maybe but where in the world do you find these treasures?!? You can wait for the weekend and go to garage sales or you can go to the Thrift Shop where they collect everything that didn’t sell at a garage sale.


The trick here is knowing what is treasure and what is trash. Now you can study all the antique books you can find but that still won’t make you an expert. Trust me, just because it looks old doesn’t always make it old. I’ve never been lucky enough to find  a fortune buying something that someone else discarded.


And isn’t that what most people find at thrift shops? Things that no longer fit, are outdated or mystery items no one knows what they are used for. And then, whatever it is has to get past the shop owner and the workers if there is any value to it. Not that it doesn’t happen, it does… but they are few and far between.


And there is no law requiring things like shoes to match. If you really want to wear two different shoes at the same time, why not? But as for setting a new trend, don’t count on it. Since you are wearing a mis-match pair of shoes there is probably someone else who bought the other pair!

images (2)

But its a lot like Christmas. You never know what you’re going to get but it is fun to anticipate what you might find. Keep on looking, it normally benefits someone in need.

How to celebrate – Go thrift shop shopping. Donate to thrift shops those things you no longer need. Study before you shop so you know what you are after.


July 22nd National Rat Catcher’s Day

Well, here’s a day that comes once a year but probably should be celebrated much more, National Rat Catcher’s Day. And while one might think it’s about catching rats it really isn’t.

images (2)

The world’s best rat catcher is no doubt the cat… though my dogs pretty good at it to because the cats taught her. I doubt many humans could keep up with natures real rat catcher, the cat. Of course they torture them before they kill them, that’s kinda cruel, but again, not really what this is is all about.

This is about the Pied Piper of Hameling and it comes to us from his efforts in 1284 Germany. Naturally in 1284 people were worried about the plague, which most knew came from rats that lived in their community. Well it turns out it really wasn’t actually from the rats but from the fleas on the rats! Anyway, the Pied Piper was hired to get the rats out of a village town. When he accomplished this feat, by playing on his fife and leading the rats to the river where they drown.


When he returned, the mayor of the town refused to pay him for his work. This supposedly happened on June 26th, 1284. Well he returned to the town, We think on July 22nd, and led the children of the city out to the river exactly as he had the rats. Now there are several versions of this story but the real ending is that he led the children to the river where they did exactly the same as the rats.

images (1)

This led to the the town instantly regret of not paying the piper for his services. So while we think rat catchers as what it’s all about it is actually all about… paying the piper!

How to celebrate – Let your cats out to do what they do today! Make sure you live up to any agreement you have made. Read the story of the Pied Piper of Hameling.

August 17th National Thrift Shop Day

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Keep that in mind while shopping at a thrift shop. Nearly every thrift shop has a charity connected to it, I think maybe it’s even a rule, so they do serve a purpose beyond just allowing you to find a bargain.


It really doesn’t matter what you are looking for, there is a very good chance you’ll find it at a thrift shop. True, somebody has probably used it before you get the chance and you don’t have the history of that person, but it’s sort of the same as a garage sale so… deal with it.


The fashions are probably not going to be the latest fad and I draw the line at underwear!


And while you might find good deals, don’t expect to find that very valuable antique because the staff gets to see everything first. But there may be something of value to you that would be considered priceless.


And remember that at least a part of every dollar you spend will go to support some good cause. You get something, and you give something. It’s a win-win for all.

How  to celebrate – Spend part of your day today thrift shopping. If you don’t need anything, donate to a thrift shop today (it will probably be tax deductible). If you don’t need anything, shop for someone else who does… that makes it a win-win-win.