March 4th National Snack Day

So, who doesn’t like to snack!?! Snacks can be practically anything you eat in-between meals. They can be sweet, salty, even meat, cheese and veggies, the only important part of it is, you eat it between meals! Sometimes it helps re-energize you at work, or if you are running a race or if you just simply wear out during a long day. A snack can refresh you and get you back on your feet again! It can also be very, very bad for you if you eat the wrong things. Try and snack healthy, like fruits or vegetables, you’ll feel better and stay slimmer.

How to celebrate – Make up a list of your favorite snacks. Get snacks that are good for you, not fattening. Carry a snack with you if you run out of energy in the middle of the day.


February 25th Open That Bottle Night

Wow, a Day that is a Night! Here’s something new! It falls on the last Saturday of February and was created by Dorothy Gaither and John Becher to try and get everyone to celebrate together by opening a bottle of wine together, almost like they are having a party together. I guess it doesn’t have to be a bottle of wine, it could be soda or whiskey, Egg Nog or Milk… the idea is just to open a bottle and drink. It does not, however, mean to over drink!

How to celebrate – Open a bottle, after 5 PM of course. Open that 200 year old bottle you have been waiting to open all your life. Throw a bottle opening party.

February 24th World Bartenders Day

Bartenders use to be a guy behind the counter at a bar who poured a beer for their customers or maybe a shot of whiskey. It’s only in recent history, the last 100 years or so, that a bartender has had to learn any one of a thousand different drinks out there people might order. And, naturally, those drinks can be different in different area or different countries even themselves! They also have to be a person who is willing to listen since the drunker a customer gets, the more likely they are to tell their troubles to the world. So celebrate those bartenders you know, and if you know them really well you might want to consider a life change.

How to celebrate – Learn how to pour and mix drinks properly. Play bartender at your own party. Write your own bartender drink guide.

September 20th National Punch Day

Today we celebrate punch. The problem is, no one said which kind of punch we are celebrating. Is it the drink, normally spiked when it’s not supposed to be, the hit from a fist either made in anger or sport, or the tool used to punch a hole in something, generally related to leather. It’s so confusing. I don;t know which to celebrate, or should I celebrate all three to cover my bases!?! I think I’ll make a fist around the tool and hit the surface of the liquid so that I can put to use all three applications at the same time!

How to celebrate – Determine which punch you want to celebrate. Don’t forget to spike the drinkable punch making it oh so much more fun. Don’t forget about the punch line to every joke ever told.

January 1st National Hot Tea Month

JANUARY Month National Hot Tea Month

This month we celebrate hot tea, not cold tea, but hot. It was apparently first used around 2337 BC in China. Of course I am not sure who is still alive to verify that today. There are some 1,000 flavors of hot tea, and I guess probably more of them every year. Hey, that’s means you can have a new flavor every day for over 3 years, and that’s not including making it cold!

How to celebrate – Try some new flavor of hot tea. Visit China. Remake the Boston Tea Party here in the US.

December 24th National Egg Nog Day

It’s Christmas Eve Day, are you ready for Christmas to be here? It’s also National Egg Nog Day, and probably one of the last days you’ll find Egg Nog in the stores to buy. It’s sunny how something like Egg Nog can only be found certain times of the year, I guess it’s just too expensive to maintain a production line of the product all year long so it has to stop sometime. Here’s a recipe for making your own Egg Nog once it does disappear on the Grocery Store shelves. There’s also Egg Nog ice Cream, coffee creamer and candy if you can find it.

How to celebrate – Store up on your Egg Nog for the year! (Though it might go bad) Learn how to make your own Egg Nog. Make every day Christmas Day!

September 20th National Punch Day

This can be a very confusing day since punch can mean so many different things. It can be punching somebody, punching some thing, punching a clock or the drinking punch. I suppose since there is no guidance as to which it means it’s your choice, please choose wisely. I prefer to think of it as the punch that you drink. That can either be spiked, or not spiked as your preference, and age, chooses. It can also include so many different flavors and presentation styles that it also becomes confusing. Or, you can just go back to bed and wait to get up until tomorrow.

How to celebrate – Come up with a new style punch. See if you can find an old time punch clock. Get yourself a punching bag.

July 19th National Daiquiri Day

A daiquiri is made from rum, lime juice, sugar and lots of ice, suggested addition is a fruit flavoring of your choice… probably strawberry but really any fruit will do. All is shaken and served cold. Jennings Stockton Cox is credited with inventing the drink, he was an American mining engineer. (Lets hope he wasn’t drinking a daiquiri while design his mines.) In the 1940’s Ernest Hemingway was credited with concocting the frozen daiquiri when a bartender accidentally used a blender to make his drink.

How to celebrate – Have a daiquiri. Make up your own recipe for a daiquiri. Make a virgin daiquiri for the kids.

March 16th Tea For Two Tuesday

There’s a lot of T(s) going on here. But that makes it easy to remember! The date does change every year as this holiday always falls on the third Tuesday of March and it is a day to have a cup of tea either with a friend or a loved one, or if you are desperate, even a total stranger! (Just remember to wear a mask) There is no special reason for the day, it was created by Holiday Insights in 2016 when we could all still get together and enjoy someone’s company. If you like tea, this will be a welcome day. It’s healthier for you than most drinks and it is not a drink to be rushed. It is sipped slowly while enjoying someone’s company.

How to celebrate – Have a tea party. (But only for two) Identify which type of tea you like best. Visit the site of the Boston Tea Party!

December 24th National Egg Nog Day

How nice that National Egg Nog Day falls on Christmas Eve. That drink that is so creamy and filled with flavor even before you add your rum, vodka or cognac. Now I know there are people out there that think Egg Nog is too thick but how many other drinks can you name that you can drink and eat at the same time! It is so good that they have made it into coffee creamers, ice cream and even pieces of candy! If you don’t like Egg Nog, good luck avoiding it today because it is, after-all, National Egg Nog Day.

How to celebrate – Have some Egg Nog! Make your own Egg Nog, even though it’s cheaper to just buy it. Have a Merry Christmas Eve.