April 23rd World Laboratory Day

When we think of a laboratory we often think of the mad scientist conjuring something up crazy or inhuman, aka Dr. Frankenstein building his monster in a lightening storm. Or maybe we think of people trying to create a life saving drug or vaccine. Or maybe they are both, the people who created the problem so that they can become the heroes that solve it. Whether they are heroes or villains to you they do play an important role in our lives and those people that work in them are clearly smarter than the average bear.

How to celebrate – Visit a lab and see what they do. Thank those you may know that work in a lab. Watch Frankenstein.

January 12th National Pharmacist Day

Who knows us better? Our doctor or our pharmacist? Well lets hope both know us pretty well… or maybe even better yet, not at all! A Pharmacist is an expert with the chemicals that make us feel better or keep us from getting worse. It is a special art and an important one. We often don’t see the Pharmacist as they are busy making our medicine, We see the Pharmacist assistant instead unless we have questions they can’t answer. Pharmacists are one of the more forgotten heroes of our lives, celebrate them on this day.

How to celebrate – Thank any Pharmacist you know. While at the drug store, buy a card and give it to the Pharmacist. Learn what it takes to become a Pharmacist.

January 12th National Pharmacist Day

We thank our doctors and nurses for saving us from whatever illness we suffer from. However the true hero is the pharmacist that gives us those wonderful tablets that make us feel better as we begin our recovery. The chemist behind the counter that mixes up the chemicals, herbs and magic they use to reverse those evil germs we have run into. It really is kind of a thankless job. If the drugs they provide us with work, we happily go on our way. They remain behind the counter, mixing and mashing and trying to read the doctor’s handwriting that regenerate our health, or at least make us feel better while we endure.

How to celebrate – Thank your pharmacist when you feel good, don’t wait until you are sick. Learn home remedies and become your own pharmacist. (Good luck) Watch Breaking Bad.