July 16th World Snake Day

There are people that love snakes, none that I know, but they are out there. I think the worst fear of snakes involves the idea that you don’t ever know what to expect from them. Oh ya, and… they aren’t exactly cute and cuddly. They do serve a useful purpose though by keeping the insect and rodent population down. I’m sort of one of those that doesn’t care for snakes too much. They are sort of like that medicine that you hate to take even though you know it makes you feel better. They have been associated with evil ever since the Garden of Eden. One wonders if our thoughts about them would be different if it had been a donkey that tempted Eve. We will never know. There are some 3,400 types of snakes across the world. Not all are dangerous but enough are that you need to avoid them unless you are a snake expert. And even they tend to make critical mistakes when they handle them. Respect the snake, give it’s place and will will 9 out of ten times give you yours.

How to celebrate – Learn what snakes thrive in your area. Avoid snakes where you can. Learn which snakes are dangerous where you live and which ones aren’t.