June 29th Hug Holiday Day

Remember the hug? That action where you grab someone else and hold them tight, it was so soothing, so calming, so rewarding. Those were the days! Well, I write these blogs in advance of the day so hopefully by the time this comes out we will be allowed to hug again. If not, then maybe soon. Do you find yourself hugging your dog or cat more? How about that Teddy Bear? People do need to hug, to get that reassurance that someone cares. It just seems to culminate all those emotions that come together at once. In joy or sorrow, it cements relationships and builds new ones. If you are allowed, give someone a little tighter squeeze… they may have to make it “hold” them for a while.

How to celebrate – If allowed, hug someone. Learn to give “air” hugs. Buy a really big teddy bear.


March 9th Panic Day

March 9th Panic Day

Here’s a day we can all look forward to! A day to panic about anything that does not go the way we want it to. No more calm reactions, logical conclusions, or even reasonable thinking. It’s time to panic! Now I’m not sure who created today but I am sure they were panicking until the day went into practice. After all, we can’t really know and understand calm unless we know panic! (Forget trying to understand it). So don’t just get upset about things today, panic about them… you can explain later.

How to celebrate – Panic over everything. Get those around you to panic with you. Throw a panic party.