March 8th Be Nasty Day

Now here is a day you can forget about and truly make everyone feel better. No one takes credit for Be Nasty Day and I wonder why? Other than the Muppet’s Grouch I don’t know one single nasty person who is liked. And in truth we can all be a little nasty from time to time. The idea is not to stay there very long. And being nasty is also in the eye of the beholder, what is considered nasty by one may not be to another. And remember that everyone can have a bad day.

How to celebrate – Give a nasty person a wide path. If you wake up in a nasty mood don’t take it out on others. Watch Sesame Street.

June 15th National Smile Power Day

A smile is a wonderful thing. It can actually give you a longer life, make yourself, and those around you happier. It can change a mood from bad to good, it improves your relationships with others and it offers the idea of great customer service. Smiles need to be genuine though as fake smiles are often seen through and can cause greater issues than if no smile was offered in the first place. If you actually care about someone it’s difficult not to smile as just seeing them makes you happier and a smile is a natural way to express it. So use your smile for the right, and real, reasons. Let people you know, know that you care by offering them a smile. It will make you, and them, feel better.

How to celebrate – Smile! Watch old reruns of Candid Camera. Offer a smile to a stranger, who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend.

June 4th National Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th – National Hug Your Cat Day

We humans want to be pampered by soft, cuddly things in our lives.  That bathrobe that awaits us stepping out of the shower, those slippers that hug our feet after a long hard day, that kitty that is wrapping itself around our legs as we try to walk.  You pick it up, give it a gentle squeeze and then head to the bathroom to get band-aids and some antiseptic to ease those razor like scratches now running down your arm, face and anyplace else they may have penetrated.


There is no doubt that cats do like to cuddle, they even like the occasional hug, but make sure you do it on their terms, not yours.  Just remember that because they are purring one second does not mean they will not rip you apart the next! So we suggest that one term be added to this day for those who want to hug your cat, that term is “cautiously”.  Perhaps adding gloves, a helmet and full body armor to your wardrobe to cuddle with your kitty.

images (1)

How to celebrate – Hug a cat, just make sure they are yours or adopt one to hug. If your cat happens to be a Bengal Tiger I suggest just going back to bed. Remember part of the fun is catching your cat, not always the easiest trick in the book.

August 25th National Kiss And Make Up Day

Nothing says you love someone as much as a kiss. Well, maybe not so with the mafia kiss, but most kisses. Sometimes you think it might be fun to fight, just so you can kiss and make up. Personally I would not try that myself but if you want to… don’t blame me. Of course, it is a great way to spread germs and make someone sick, but that does not count today.


Just think, if Adam and Eve didn’t make up after the apple thing none of us might even be here! Naturally it is better that you know the person you are kissing as well. Otherwise you might be looking at a law suit. And kissing an enemy, as in war, might not be a good idea either. Though if everyone stopped fighting and kissed maybe the world would be a happier place.


And you have to watch out for those wet, sloppy ones. In some cases they may require a towel and unless you carry one with you at all times this can become  problem. And kissing on the mouth is not always required. A nice kiss on the cheek or the back of a hand can so affection as well.

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No one seems to know who invented today. Personally I believe it was the breath mint people but maybe not. They would have to know ahead of time that you were going to get mad at someone and get their advertisement to you, which you probably weren’t paying any attention to anyway.


And really, what’s the point at being mad at each other in the first place? Does it ever make anything better!?! We often like to prove our point but lose the war in the mean time. Kissing should not be just when you are making up, it should come all the time so carry some disinfectant and breath mints with you at all times… cause you just never know when you might want to make up with someone.

How to celebrate – Kiss and make up. Lose the anger, no one ever wins anyway. Buy stock in a breath mint company.

July 17th World Emoji Day

We all use them, some of us more than others, but they are there so… why not? The Emoji. You know, I’m not even sure where the name came from and though it’s probably important, I don’t care either!


There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Emojis. There are supposed to be Emojis for every human emotion and feeling ever felt! And every day there seems to be another one or two of them, which means our emotions must be growing!

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They were first created in Japan during the 1990’s, mostly for cell phone use. They are based on Harvey Ball’s smiley face created in 1963 and placed on t-shirts. (No, sorry, for those that thought it was Forrest  Gump.) Jeremy Burge invented the Emojipedia in 2013 and World Emoji Day in 2014.


They have become almost as real as people themselves. (Many are much cuter than we are) If you have ever had a friend that sends you emails or text messages that always include Emojis and then suddenly you get one with out and Emoji you wonder what is wrong.


There may even become a day when all we use are Emojis for communication. Why use words when you can use pictures!?! After all, isn’t that what cave man did so long ago?

How to celebrate – Use an Emoji. Create your own Emoji. Become cave man (Or is that cave person?).