April 22 Earth Day (U.S.)

There is no question we have to do what we can to take care of our environment. Do we take it a little too far? Sometimes. It’s sort of like taking too much medicine, it may help you until it hurts you. Senator Gaylord Nelson introduced the idea or an Environmental Protection Agency back in 1962. Though John F. Kennedy supported the idea it was not until 1970, under a Republican President, that the EPA was actually formed. Respect the earth, treat it right and it will repay you many, many times over.

How to celebrate – Respect the environment. Clean up trash laying out in the open. Throw an Earth Day party.


November 15th America Recycles Day

November 15th America Recycles Day

Recycling really works when it’s done correctly, or at least the EPA says so and formed this day on November 15th, 2019. The problem with recycling is, there is so much stuff to recycle! There is no doubt that certain materials can be re-used in different forms and Mother nature really does benefit from the practice. The problem is, there is so much to recycle that many communities cannot keep up with the practice and the costs continue to rise every year. Still, we should all do our part after-all, it is our world too and better for us if we learn to protect what we have.

How to celebrate – Recycle. Find out if your community is truly recycling. Start a recycling club. In your neighborhood.

September 27th Crush A Can Day

SO, if you have finished with what’s inside that can, it’s the day to crush them! They are going to end up that way anyway so why not. They take up a lot less room, are easier to transport and it is more environmentally acceptable. Beyond that, and the demonstration of your superior strength, I can’t think of a single reason why you would want to crush a can. I also cannot think of a single reason we should celebrate this day other than the afore mentioned reasons. Ah well, mine is not to reason why…

How to celebrate – Duh, crush a can! Plan on crushing a lot of cans and take them to a recycling dump. Stop buying things in cans so you don’t have to crush them.

July 29th International Tiger Day

Like all animals that live in the wild, the Tiger is disappearing. There are estimated to be maybe 3,000 left in the wild, their population dropping 97%. In an effort to save the tigers a Tiger Summit was created in St. Petersburg, Russia and International Tiger Day, or Global Tiger, was created in 2010 to begin to make people aware of what they were doing to endanger the tiger, as well as most animals that live in the wild. It truly is sad that we are too busy being greedy to worry much about what we are doing to nature. Man is a tiger’s worst enemy.

How to celebrate – Take care about destroying the environment. Learn more about tigers. Live and let live.

June 22nd World Rainforest Day

Today we celebrate the rainforests of the world, begun by “The Rainforest Partnership” in Austin, Texas in 2017. Rainforest are important for all sorts of reasons. For humans it provides 20% of thew oxygen we breathe and gets ride of carbon dioxide as it stabilizes climates all over the face of the earth. It is home to half of the plant life found in the world and half of the animals on earth. While we think of rainforests as a tropical environment did you know that their are rainforest as far north as Alaska and Vancouver Island, Canada? In fact the photo in this blog is of Vancouver Island. We are losing our rainforests at an alarming rate to greed when is possible to get the wood we need from other sources and can build our homes in other places.

How to celebrate – Visit a rainforest. Help protect the rainforests. Live and let live.

June 3rd World Bicycle Day

If you want to get a little exercise and save the environment at the same time, start riding a bicycle! You can kill two birds with one stone, although that’s not real humane to be killing birds. Much of Europe rides bikes for every day travel. Of course, communities there are closer and tend to lend themselves more to bicycling. However America is starting to catch up by creating trails that can be used for work or leisure and even the bus system is allowing bikes to be carried on the front, or back, of the bus so that people can use modern transport for the longer distances. It does cause some issues in the rain and snow but a little preventive medicine can solve even those problems. Today was created by the UN in 2018.

How to Celebrate – Go for a bike ride. Make bicycling a regular part of your life. Look into racing bikes, you might be surprised how expensive they are.

May 23rd World Turtle Day

May 23rd World Turtle Day

Today was created by Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson to make people aware of the plight of the turtles and tortoises in our world. They formed the American Tortoise Rescue in 1990 to save these creatures from their worst enemies, man. We destroy their environment, disturb their nesting and confuse their young with lights and distractions. These gentle creatures help preserve our world and cause very little harm to anyone. It is normally our ignorance that causes harm.

How to celebrate – Learn what you can do to help turtles and tortoises thrive. Learn the different types of turtles and tortoises. Watch for turtle nesting areas.   

April 22nd Earth Day (U.S.)

Earth Day was created in the United States in 1962 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in order to bring awareness to our destruction of the environment we live in. President John F. Kennedy supported the idea and help spread the word through is administration. As the “Father of Earth Day”, Nelson did not stop with the U.S. however, introducing the “Protest” to the destruction of the environment to the world as “Earth Day” in 1970. As a direct result of the success of Earth Day the Environmental Protection Agency was formed as a governmental watchdog.

How to celebrate – Read about the history of Earth Day. Plant something on Earth Day. Get involved in trying to protect our environment.

February 3rd Feed The Birds Day

Over the winter months, birds tend to fly south because they are unable to find food under the thick blankets of snow found in the north. If you want the birds to stick around, no matter where you are, if you feed them they will visit you. Today was created by Bob Matthews in 2016 in order to promote helping our wildlife live. He operates Holiday Insights as well as The Gardner’s Network which work well together, at least in this case. Feed a bird today and maybe they’ll sing for you.

How to celebrate – Put out a feeder for birds in your backyard. Learn the different foods for different types of birds. Care about your environment.

July 28th World Nature Conservation Day

Today we recognize just how important our resources are here on Earth.  A report from the global conservation organization World Wildlife Foundation suggests that since 1970, the pressure that we exert on the planet has doubled and the resources upon which we depend have declined by 33 percent. We must learn how to protect them while we retain our style of living. Over the years it has become an environmental awareness day, trying to make people aware of what we’re doing to the earth through our actions and creating activities that help Mother Nature. While the ways to save nature are varied there is no doubt that we must take an active part in salvaging what we have left.

How to celebrate – See how you can help the environment and nature. Do something simple like recycling to do your part. Celebrate the earth and all it provides us.