April 22 Earth Day (U.S.)

There is no question we have to do what we can to take care of our environment. Do we take it a little too far? Sometimes. It’s sort of like taking too much medicine, it may help you until it hurts you. Senator Gaylord Nelson introduced the idea or an Environmental Protection Agency back in 1962. Though John F. Kennedy supported the idea it was not until 1970, under a Republican President, that the EPA was actually formed. Respect the earth, treat it right and it will repay you many, many times over.

How to celebrate – Respect the environment. Clean up trash laying out in the open. Throw an Earth Day party.


November 15th America Recycles Day

November 15th America Recycles Day

Recycling really works when it’s done correctly, or at least the EPA says so and formed this day on November 15th, 2019. The problem with recycling is, there is so much stuff to recycle! There is no doubt that certain materials can be re-used in different forms and Mother nature really does benefit from the practice. The problem is, there is so much to recycle that many communities cannot keep up with the practice and the costs continue to rise every year. Still, we should all do our part after-all, it is our world too and better for us if we learn to protect what we have.

How to celebrate – Recycle. Find out if your community is truly recycling. Start a recycling club. In your neighborhood.