May 24th National Escargot Day

Eating snails maybe a real treat, I will never know. The idea of eating something that crawls along the ground has never appealed to me. To others though, snails are a delight. I believe the French, who were among the first to see this creature crawling on the ground and said, to themselves, “Yum”. However, leaving them entitled “Snails” may have turned others off so they named them Escargot instead. (That’s probably not true but I don’t really want to find out) If you eat snails remember to extend your little finger so people know you have class cause otherwise they might just think you are weird.

How to celebrate – Have some escargot. Go out and see if your supper is climbing your walls. Visit France.

May 24th National Escargot Day

Here’s another one of those days I just don’t understand, National Escargot Day. For those who like Escargot I guess it makes perfect sense and is a wonderful day to enjoy one of their favorite foods. But who discovered it as food?

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I mean, look at it. Who is going to reach down on the ground and pick up a snail and go, “Yum, that looks good enough to eat”!?! My thoughts are, someone pretty darn hungry.  Did they see animals eating them? Did they watched what the snails ate and decide that made them taste good. I would say apparently not because  there has been a lot of experimentation on how to prepare them to taste their best.

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I guess the butter, garlic, parsley and pepper cover up the actual taste of the snail. You still have to look at it, unless you close your eyes. I have never personally found something crawling on the ground something I wanted to put in my mouth. For those of you that love it, wonderful I think it is probably more the though of eating it to me than the taste.

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But if you like Escargot, this is your day! You can order without thought of what others think and enough it down to the very… very… shell of it. My guess is that you have to eat a lot of them to fill up, they aren’t very big.


But make sure it is well done, or your dinner might leave the table on it’s own.

How to celebrate – Have a snail for dinner tonight. Go snail hunting. Try a slug instead of a snail.

May 24th National Escargot Day

You know, sometimes ya just got to wonder who looked at something like a snail and said to themselves… “That looks like good eating!” Something crawling through the slime and the mud on the ground or in a pool of stagnant water, oh yum!


I mean, I don’t really even want to touch them let alone put them in my mouth. Now I am sure that prepared right they probably taste pretty good. Oh, who’s kidding who, they taste like… like… like… snails!


Besides, with those long… ah, ears(?) they are sort of cute. They carry their home around on their backs and don’t bother anybody! It’s not like you have to hunt them or chase them down when they try to get away. So where’s the sport?


Of course, I guess when we die and are rotting they feed on us so turn about is fair play. And how many do you need to eat to get filled up? Do they pop when you bite into them? Do they slide down your throat like oysters? And once they get in your stomach do they start to make their way back up?


How to celebrate – Well, if you like Escargot, this is your day, go ahead and have a plate full, in fact you can have mine too! I wonder if it makes a good breakfast like left-over pizza? If you start searching early in the morning you mind find enough snails for supper tonight!