November 18th Occult Day

Not sure this is the kind of day you really want to celebrate but… your choice. The occult in not always a bad thing, it simply means mysterious like Astronomy and Alchemy, but we have made it something evil. So in the world today we have to be very careful how we use the word and it is generally better just left that we don’t. Stay safe today, don’t venture much from the known and you will be fine.

How to celebrate – Take care today. Study the art of alchemy. Look to the stars for your future.

November 9th Chaos Never Dies Day

If there is one thing we all would like to get rid of it’s Chaos! However, it seems we never can eliminate it from our lives all together. Just the act of trying to eliminate chaos is an act of chaos. And so we live with realizing that normally, some form of chaos will come into the day, every day, at any moment. So really the best we can do is try to get ready for chaos, deal with it and then… move on until it comes head on yet again.

How to celebrate – Don’t celebrate chaos, that is an act of chaos in itself! Stay calm. Rank the chaos you deal with today.

November 18th Occult Day

I’m not sure this is a day you should actually celebrate, who knows what mischief you might find yourself in! That said, more people spend time in the occult than you might realize. If you read your horoscope every day you are actually participating in the occult. It’s not always as dark as it seems, but the intent is the same. The occult is the shadier side of life, predicting the future is included in that. Astrology studies the future, something no one can really predict and believing in it can cause you to be concerned about things you need not worry about or ignore things you should watch out for. It can be fun to pretend but don’t take it too seriously.

How to celebrate – Read your horoscope. Try a Ouija Board. Forget today exists!