January 11th National Take The Stairs Day

Nearly every day we have to make our way up, or down, stairs, or both, sometimes choosing to use an elevator instead to save the wear and tear on our legs. However, that said, walking up and down those stairs is so much better of an option for us. It burns calories, 3 minutes equal 30 calories burned, going up that is) and it does build up muscle and tones us where as the elevator offers little more than a quiet conversation of some “elevator” music! Today always falls on the second Weds. of January so find some stairs and start climbing!

How to celebrate – Ah, find some stairs and start climbing! Make a regular routine out of climbing stairs. You can call this your “Step” program!

November 29 Square Dance Day

Though thought of as a country dance, Square Dancing probably comes from England with a few American adjustments, of course. Now you do have to listen closely to what the caller is shouting out and it helps to understand the terms they using but even if you don’t, it can still be fun, particular for those watching! It’s also great exercise, whether you know what you are doing or not. But don’t think because it’s thought to be country it’s easy, nothing ever is. You also need to get in shape so you can handle all your are require to do!

How to celebrate – Learn how to square dance. Watch some square dancing on you tube. Learn how to be a caller for the dance.

September 21st Miniature Golf Day

The first known miniature golf course apparently was built in Pinehurst, North Carolina in 1918 by Steamship magnate James Barber, although St. Augustine claims have the oldest still existing golf course in the United States. Who knows and really, who cares!?! The idea is to have fun, get a little exercise and see just how well you can handle all the trick shots required to play the game. There are even National Miniature Golf contests just like the PGA tours. (Well, maybe not just like) So whoever was the first and whoever is the oldest is all great, just get out and have some fun before the weather covers them up with snow!

How to celebrate – Go play Miniature Golf. Make your own miniature golf course in your back yard. (We did and boy does it require a lot of upkeep) Take the family out to have some fun today.

September 19th National Dance Day

There are few things you can do to get better health results than dancing. It’s fun, gets one up and moving and even helps with mental outlook. The problem for me is, I use to be in bands that played at clubs and watched people dance, realizing just how bad they could be… I made up my mind not to look the fool. (Though I do anyway) Today was created by Nigel Lythgoe of the American Dance Movement in 2010. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes sponsored a Congressional Resolution in support of the health benefits. It use to come at the end of July but was moved to September at the request of the American Heart Association to promote the Kid’s Heart Challenge I am guessing through the school system.

How to celebrate – Get out there and dance. Take dance lessons. Create your own dance steps.

August 1st National Mountain Climbing Day

Since it is the middle of summer and you are probably bored and looking for something to do why not go mountain climbing!?! That’s sort of what Bobby Matthews and Josh Madigan did in 2016 by completing the 46 High Peaks in New York. Bobby is the son of the creator of HolidayInsights.com. It is an accomplishment to be proud of. I have a hard time climbing the hill in front of my house and I live in Florida where there are no real hills anyway. It is a great way to keep fit, or get fit, because you can choose the difficulty you want and see some great scenery along the way.

How to celebrate – Go climb a mountain! (Or a hill if you are like me). Form a mountain climbing club in your neighborhood. Create your own Von Trapp Family singers.

July 27th Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day

So since you’ve got nothing else to do today, take your houseplant for a walk today. You might tell them a story along the way to help entertain them, stop at bigger plants and encourage them to grow and make sure they get plenty of sunlight! Actually if you can arrange to have the sun out and a light sprinkle at the same time, like we get here in Florida all the time, all the better, they are getting sun and water at the same time. If you own a larger houseplant you can put then in you little red wagon and pull them along behind you! Today was created by Wellcat.com.

How to celebrate – Take your houseplants for a walk. If you are too busy hire a professional plant walker. Make sure to record yourself on a phone so when your plant complains later you never do anything with them you’ll have proof that you did.

November 17th Take A Hike Day

There are several meanings to “Take a Hike” but we will stick with the most obvious and literal, take a walk! It is a simple form of exercise that practically anyone can do. It gets you out in nature, enjoying the sights and sounds the world has to offer and you get to see things that change daily, albeit they may be very small changes. You can hike alone, or in a group, although it is always better to hike with at least one partner. You can make new friends, maybe even find other related hobbies and if nothing else, feel better about yourself for doing it.

How to celebrate – Go for a walk. Join a hiking group. Create some new trails for yourself.

April 7th National Walking Day

There is no doubt that walking is good for us. Most of us do not do enough walking, just like most of us do not drink enough water. You can complain about how you feel, how you look or your lack of energy but are you doing the things that will restore all of those things to you? The American Heart Association created today in 2007, suggesting that we walk at least a half hour a day. That’s really not too much to ask and it is a really good idea. That exercise can add years to your life, quality years and it costs you so very little!

How to celebrate – Get a dog and take them for a walk. Start a walk group in your neighborhood. Get out and allow yourself to think about things other than immediate issues by enjoying nature.

August 31st National Trail Mix Day

Cereal, nuts, m&ms, raisins, dried fruit, pretzels, dried vegetables… in fact nearly anything you can think of can be included in your own personal trail mix! The idea behind trail mix is pretty obvious, to provide you with energy as you walk along the great trails of the world. We need to replace some of the calories we burn when we do extended exercise. Since the idea of being on the trail is longer than say even a football game, we need something to sustain us and it has to be easy to carry, easy to eat and quick reacting. It helps if it tastes good too! And to be honest, you don’t have to be on a trail to eat… though that’s good for you too! (Though it might be tough to eat your trail mix through a mask.)

How to celebrate – Buy some trail mix. Make your own trail mix. Go for a walk.

June 6th National Gardening Exercise Day

June 6th National Gardening Exercise Day

Gardening is fun. It is also therapeutic, builds muscles, and helps burn calories. There are number of different gardens you can tend to… vegetable, flower, herb… and even rocks. You will need to plant your garden, weed it, water it, and enjoy it. It may help to talk or sing to your garden as well, although I am not sure it does a rock garden much good. You will need to determine what type of garden you want, and where you will want to place it. Besides plants, you will also need tools, clothing, hats, and water pails or hoses.

How to celebrate – Choose where you want your garden to go. Choose what type of garden you want. Plant your garden.