June 5th National Trails Day

There was a time when trails were like the major highways we travel on today. They got wider and wider as time went on and eventually became roads and highways. Probably the most famous here in America was the Oregon Trail, it was so famous they even made a video game out of it. Today trails are more for our leisure. We travel them when we want to explore nature or get some exercise. This holiday always falls on the first Saturday of June when thew weather is warmer and the sun is, generally, shining. Enjoy the trails and imagine you are a settler traveling over these paths for the first time ever.

How to celebrate – Plan a trip on a trail. Explore different trails in your area. Create new trails for other to explore.

July 20th Moon Day

“The Eagle has landed”, in 1969, and the now famous line was coined – “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind!” (Armstrong has said in interviews he was misquoted and did say the “a”). It seems we got to the moon and lost our way, like the challenge of space was over, instead of just beginning. After taking an extended break we seem to be back at it again. There are those that feel the rewards are not worth the cost and effort, maybe that’s true… but what if it isn’t? Those doubters once thought that the world was flat and that they would find nothing by sailing the seas, that sailors would just fall off the edge eventually and drift off into a sky filled with nothing. Those doubters were wrong. So what might we discover in space? Who knows but if we can figure out a way to get there, we should at least try.

How to celebrate – Read about what space exploration has already taken place. Watch all the new space launches. Become an astronaut.

November 4th King Tut Day

King Tut is one of the most famed figures in history. The fact that we don’t really know much about him isn’t important. He was the “Child King”, becoming King at 9 years old and reigning until he was 19. His real name was Tutankhamen which is probably why we call him Tut.


His tomb was found in the “Valley of King’s” in Egypt on November 4th, 1922. It was filled with a world of gold, jewels and other valuable items as most of the ancient Kings of Egypt were buried. They believed you could take it with you. No one knows exactly what killed him. Many of the rulers back in his time were sickly (Being born by generations of families that married aunts, uncles and the occasional brother or sister).


He may have been murdered , with a lot of relatives looking to become King it’s not hard to understand why. It could also have been an accident. The fact that no one knows seems to make the mystery even more appealing. If you study the Egyptian kings of that era, you will find a lot of them died young. Of course, so did a lot of their people.


And there is the Curse of King Tut. It is true that a lot of people died that were a part of the team that discovered King Tut’s tomb. The fact that they died 50 years later of natural causes does not seem to have effected the myth. Yes, Herbert died of blood poisoning but in fact it has been found out that it had nothing to do with King Tut.


Was King Tut so loved that they people created such a shrine to him? Was it because he was so rich? Was it because he was King? Maybe, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that he died.

How to celebrate – Read about King Tut. Visit one of the many museums than house treasures from King Tut’s tomb. Plan your own pyramid.

October 8th Columbus Day – Discover’s Day

Ya, ya, ya… we all know Christopher Columbus did not discover mainland America in 1492 as the history books use to say. And we know he was looking for something else when he landed on San Salvador and thought it was India. However, he was an explorer, did find land that no other European had been to and satisfied some of what he had been after for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.


He sailed he Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, all three of which were very small by consideration today. It was by all accounts a test of bravery with many of his crew turning against him before they did reach land. And good, or bad, it did lead to exploration by others who did discover the mainland and what is today North and South America.


He would return to Spain, offer what he had found (Which did not impress the King) and made several journeys back. Over all, history tells us he was not a very nice person and died unheralded by fellow Europeans.


Native Americans have found fault with Columbus. He did enslave many of the natives he came upon and subjected them to European deceases that they were unable to over  come. But we have to remember the way life was back in 1492 and I do not think his actions were by intent. He had dreams he followed, often at the expense of others.


So in many ways Columbus was a failure, at least in his own time and in the views of many today. But if it hadn’t been Columbus it would have been someone else as it was bound to happen, otherwise we might think the world is still flat.

How to celebrate – Study Columbus’ life. Visit San Salvador where Columbus landed. Learn about what Columbus brought to, and took from, the new world.