November 24th Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate all those things we are thankful for, though we often seem to forget them during the course of the day. The first Thanksgiving came in 1621 but it was all but forgotten until 1789 when George Washington proclaimed it as a holiday. The original Thanksgiving lasted 3 days, Washington’s was 1. Abraham Lincoln made the last Thursday in November the constant date to celebrate Thanksgiving and FDR made it a National Holidays. So Thanksgiving has moved around, been forgotten and adjusted to meet Federal Holidays but is is still around, still a holiday and still a reason to give thanks for all we have.

How to celebrate – Enjoy your family on Thanksgiving.Invite good friends for your feast. Remember to always be thankful for all you receive.

April 7th National Beer Day

Beer has been a staple world wide for as long as there has been written history.  But there was a time in America where beer was outlawed and it was forbidden to sell it, make it or drink it.  Now we really don’t think that stopped too many people but Prohibition did put a dent in operations.  Before Prohibition there were over 700 breweries in the US, after the repeal only 300 existed.

The Cullen-Harrison Act ended prohibition on April 7th, 1933 under direction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Of course America was in a great depression and beer seemed to help ease the pain a little.  April 6th became New Beer’s Eve, and April 7th New Beer Day.

By 1982 there were only 50 beer companies left in America.  Since then Anheuser Busch, Miller-Coors, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Schiltz and Colt 45 have become foreign owned companies leaving only the Craft Beer industry  operating in the United States.

They are, starting with number 10 in the top ten, the Harpoon Brewery, Stone Brewing Co., Brooklyn Brewery, Bell’s Brewery Inc., Deschutes Brewery, Lagunitas Brewing Co., New Belgium Brewing Co., Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and the two largest…


D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc (Founded in 1829 and the oldest American Brewing Company in the US) and The Boston Beer Company (The makers of Samuel Adams).

To celebrate New Beer Day, have yourself a cold one (Make sure it’s American unless you are from a different country and then be equally as proudly of your heritage beers.)  Write a thank you letter to FDR.  (Don’t expect him to respond).  Start your own brewing company.  (Seems like nearly everybody else is so, why not!)