January 23rd Measure Your Feet Day

I suppose there is a good reason for today, particularly if you are about to buy a pair of shoes or something. It’s always good to know just what size your feet are and if they may have grown more since you last measured them. (I seriously doubt they’ve shrunk but maybe…) So assuming you have little else to do today, get a yardstick out and see just how big your feet are, they may surprise you!

How to celebrate – Measure your feet. Measure your friends feet. Measure you pets feet.

December 6th Put On Your Own Shoes Day

So, this day makes you think that people have been either having someone else put their shoes on them or, perhaps, that people are wearing someone else’s shoes. Either way, I am not sure this is a day that requires a lot of consideration. If you are wearing someone else’s shoes, give them back! And if you have hired someone to put your shoes on you then there had better be a good reason! When so many of us can’t even see our shoes anymore because of our belly that still does not give you the excuse of being that lazy! If you can’t physically put them on, okay but otherwise… do it yourself! And if you are wearing someone else’s shoes… well that’s an entirely different matter.

How to celebrate – Put your shoes on. Label your shoes so everyone knows they are yours. Go barefoot.

August 6th Wiggle Your Toes Day

I think most of us take wiggling our toes for granted, but if you are one of those that can no longer do that, you know what that loss means. Toes are often underrated in society. We paint the nails on our toes if wearing sandals or don’t bother if wearing tennis shoes. (Not meaning that we all paint our toes) We forget that if not for our toes it would be difficult to walk and impossible to play “This little piggy”. No, they aren’t the prettiest part of the human body but they do have a function and purpose. Take care of your toes!

How to celebrate – Wiggle your toes. Paint your toe nails. Go barefoot and let your toes breath!

May 8th No Socks Day

I am probably the worst person I know about wearing socks. I must own 30 pairs of socks and they last forever because, I never wear them! Now I live in a state where socks are optional, but then so are shoes. Flip-flops, sandals, and going barefoot are the norm. I guess if I lived in the north I would wear socks more often, so to me, no socks day is nearly every day. If you do wear socks everyday, set your feet free today and let the breeze blow through your toes. Your feet will thank you! The day was created by wellcat.com

How to celebrate – Take your socks off. Buy some sandals or flip-flops. Set your toes free.

August 6th National Wiggle Your Toes Day

Well nobody seems to claim having created today but why not celebrate it for all it means, lets those toes out of your shoes and wiggle them. Your toes are really important and not just because they bring your foot to a logical conclusion. They help us keep our balance, they help us dance and they give parents of babies something to play with! They are the fingers of your foot and some people become very adapt at using them. They help us feel cushy things and keep our sandals from falling off our feet. So give them a break and set them free today! Wiggle them like you just don’t care!

How to celebrate – Take your shoes and socks off. Paint your toe nails (It makes them feel good about themselves). Use your feet to wave at people today instead of your hands.

May 8th No Socks Day

With summer approaching it’s time to air out your feet and let them get a little sunshine as we ban socks for the day and set our feet free! Personally, I have never liked socks much. Oh sure, they are great in freezing weather but I live in a warm climate so that’s not a lot of concern for me. They always make my feet hot and my shoes tighter. I even go so far as on special occasions making sure my pants reach my shoes at such a level that no one can tell I am not wearing socks. All that bending over to put them on as well has never been a favorite of mine. And my toes always seem to get caught in the socks and make them uncomfortable. However, you must remember that today is copyrighted and you must get special permission from WELLCAT in order to remove your socks. I am sure they will be watching and charge you for not wearing socks today!

How to celebrate – Take your socks off! Buy a pair of sandals. Set your feet free!

December 6th Put On Your Own Shoes Day

Dec. 6th – Put On Your Own Shoes Day

images (1)

It is believed that shoes came about during the middle Paleolithic age. Probably because they had to run from all those dinosaurs chasing after them. What we would call shoes probably came about 40,000 years ago.


Sandals came along in ancient Rome. My question is, if you aren’t putting your own shoes on, whose shoes are you putting on? And if someone else is putting them on your feet, well… that’s just wrong.


How to celebrate – Put on your own shoes. Determine which your favorite type of shoe is. If the shoe doesn’t fit, it’s probably not yours.

August 6th Wiggle Your Toes Day

Now here’s a really useful day, Wiggle Your Toes Day. However, that said, they do need exercise too! There is nothing like having fat toes! If they get too fat, they won’t fit in your shoes!

download (1)

OF course toes nails are fun to paint, and do the “Go to the market” thing. They have a perfectly good function, they help us keep our balance! We generally treat them shamefully, not letting them even see the light of day. It’s like being in prison for you feet!


Occasionally we stub them, even break them if we hit them hard enough and curse them when they hurt but where would we be without them!?! We couldn’t get a toehold on anything, our sandals would fall off and we couldn’t toe the line.


Okay, well… I just about exhausted everything I can think of for Wiggle Your Toes Day. Take care of your toes so they can take care of you! And remember odor eaters work well for a day like today (But you need to use them before you set those puppies free.


How to celebrate – Have a toetally great day! Go shoe-less where possible. Take your toes to the market.

January 23rd Measure Your Feet Day

For some reason, today is Measure Your Feet Day. It is important to know the size of your feet so that you know what shoes to buy, rent when bowling, or flippers to get when swimming. Why we need a holiday to celebrate this is somewhat in question.


Probably the most famous foot belongs to Cinderella. Her foot had to fit into that glass slipper. As the original fairy tale goes, one of her step sisters actually cut off her toes to try and force the slipper to fit. It didn’t work. I suppose, since it was a fairy tale she was later able to re-attach them.


And apparently it is not just the length that needs to be measured but the height, width, and even which way your toes bend. It also depends on your arches, and any toes you may have that are longer than others. There is supposed to be some equation about intelligence levels as marked by the length of certain toes.


And did you know that both feet are rarely the exact same size!?! I have no idea what that means other than you might have to buy two pairs of shoes and make one set out of them.


So I doubt this day will rank high on your list unless you have a foot fetish. Take care of your feet though, as they are one of the most abused parts of your body.

How to celebrate – Go ahead and measure your feet just for the fun of it. Measure your feet over several days and see if they change daily. Compare your feet today against those of the booties you wore as a baby.

August 17th National I Love My Feet Day

How often do you think about your feet? Are you even able to see them anymore? If not, they probably hurt, a lot.


Even if you can see them, they probably still hurt. In fact, 75% of adults have some sort of foot problem. Your toes, your heels, your arches and your ankles… though I guess your ankles aren’t officially a part of your foot. Most of all, our feet get tired, they burn, and get stressed out.


We have invented epsom salt, foot massagers, and can soak them in hot, or cold, water… but the relief is generally short lived and considering all they do for us they deserve better. They let us stand on them for hours, take walks, swim, run, play sports, jog, skip, dance and even walk a tightrope or stroll across hot coals (why you would want to do either is beyond me). In many ways they are your best friend.

images (3)

And we treat them badly. We shove them into shoes that are too small, or too big, we walk in high heels, or go barefoot across fields of stickers. We drop things on them and stub them. We jump up and down on them, burn them in the sun, and soak them in water during rain storms. They swell, smell, and look like hell, but they keep going, even when we don’t think they will.


So give your feet a break and treat them nicely.

How to celebrate – Buy yourself a proper fitting pair of shoes. Wear socks! Get a pedicure.