August 8th International Cat Day

Okay, so for all you cat lovers today is the day you can put them up on a pedestal for a reason, it’s International Cat Day. There are over 500 million domesticated cats in the world (most of which I think are in our home) with 71 breeds known to man, a probably a few that aren’t. The domesticated cat is still 96% tiger, which explains why they can turn on you in an instant and most are near sighted, which explains why they don’t know who you are from a distance. Today was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002. Cats can be cool, so long as humans are willing to give up their pride.

How to celebrate – Get a cat (if you don’t already have one). Learn about the 71 breeds. See is a tiger in the wild will play with your ball of yarn.

March 28th Respect Your Cat Day

March 28th Respect Your Cat Day

Here is a day you best observe, because if you don’t… you will regret it. Cats are not known for their sense of humor. They would just as soon rip you apart if they think you are laughing at them as with them. Cats will put up with a lot, but when they think they are being dis-respected they will rebel! So the next time you see them run into a glass door they think is open, or fall off a table they thought was longer than it was, don’t laugh out loud… they will come after you when you least expect it.

How to celebrate – Respect your cat. Give your cat a commanding spot to perch. Never, never, try to dress your cat up in some silly outfit.

August 10th World Lion Day

The King of the Beasts! This feline roams Africa and Asia with few animals that will challenge it for it’s title. It’s easy to see that a Lion’s Roar could scare most beasts in the animal kingdom. The day was created to bring awareness of the plight of the lion which is loosing it’s natural habitat due to man’s invasion of it’s native lands. As with all animals, their worst enemy is man, that’s sad. The day was created by the Big Cat Rescue, Dereck & Beverly Joubert.

How to celebrate – Go on a safari, with a camera. Help preserve all animals habitats. See how you can help the Big Cat Rescue.

June 4th Hug Your Cat Day

The main requirement for today is that you personally have a cat (I do not suggest trying to hug a neighbor’s cat, that probably won’t end well). It may not end well with your own cat either but at least they know you and the things you do. Most cats look to you for affection, they crave it just like a dog or a human being. They just require it on their terms. You might want to wait until they come to you rather than you go chasing after them. Oh, and if your cat is bigger than you are you might want to proceed with extreme caution. June is also Adopt a Cat month.

How to celebrate – Hug your cat. Adopt a cat if you don’t have one. Learn how your cat shows affection and accept it for what it is.

June 4th National Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th – National Hug Your Cat Day

We humans want to be pampered by soft, cuddly things in our lives.  That bathrobe that awaits us stepping out of the shower, those slippers that hug our feet after a long hard day, that kitty that is wrapping itself around our legs as we try to walk.  You pick it up, give it a gentle squeeze and then head to the bathroom to get band-aids and some antiseptic to ease those razor like scratches now running down your arm, face and anyplace else they may have penetrated.


There is no doubt that cats do like to cuddle, they even like the occasional hug, but make sure you do it on their terms, not yours.  Just remember that because they are purring one second does not mean they will not rip you apart the next! So we suggest that one term be added to this day for those who want to hug your cat, that term is “cautiously”.  Perhaps adding gloves, a helmet and full body armor to your wardrobe to cuddle with your kitty.

images (1)

How to celebrate – Hug a cat, just make sure they are yours or adopt one to hug. If your cat happens to be a Bengal Tiger I suggest just going back to bed. Remember part of the fun is catching your cat, not always the easiest trick in the book.

October 29th National Cat Day

Try to tell a cat owner that a dog is better than a cat. It’s not gonna happen. Yes, a dog can fetch, roll over and play dead. A cat could too but it just doesn’t want to. It knows it’s good and feels no need to prove it to anyone.

Take Diga who can perform 20 tricks in less than a minute!

Or Sophie Smith who is the cat with the longest fur.

And Ludo who is the world’s longest cat.

Well, you get the point. If you want to learn more Click Here!.

Cats are great in their own right, you just have to understand them (they do not have to understand you however). Just learn to play by their rules and you will do fine.

National Cat Day has it’s own website, and is supported by Petco and Blue Buffalo.

How to celebrate – Take your cat to lunch (it might be a bit messy but your cat will enjoy it). Dress up like a cat and see if they think you are a long lost relative (they still won’t care but you might get a nudge of recognition). Buy your cat a toy and watch them play with the box it came in (just like human kids).

October 16th Feral Cat Day

What if you were born in a world without love? A world where no one cared for you or wanted you? No one even knew you existed? That’s pretty much the life of a Feral Cat.

Cats have been domesticated for over 10,000 years. They have been pets to the royalty and poor alike. Though they often seem content to remain alone and distant, they are just like any other pet, with feelings and needs. Since it was we humans who bred the cat to be domesticated it is up to us to help them when they do stand alone against the world.


Cats that do not know humans care will run and hide, sometimes even attack when cornered, but it’s hard to blame them. After all, we are much bigger than them. They do not know when we are trying to help them and do not have the same powers of reason as humans do. Some do not want to be owned by anyone, they want to live free, to do as they please, when they please.


A new program was instituted to try and curb the Feral Cat population called “Trap – Neuter – Release”. The idea is to catch the cat, neuter or spay them so they cannot reproduce, and then return them to the world they know where they can live out their lives happily (or at least somewhat happily). The way you know this program has been used on a cat is the ear being clipped to identify them.


I can tell you from personal experience though, I think most cats do want a home, even if they do not know it. Over the years we befriended a cat, fed him and took care of his many wounds… always at a distance… until he began to trust us a little bit. Eventually he let us pet him and finally actually came into our house on his own. Now he has a warm, safe place to rest, get food, and relax before he goes back out on one of his many journeys. However, nearly every night he comes back, lays down next to us and goes to sleep letting us know he thanks us for being nice to him.


Cats are not all that different from people. A little love and kindness goes a long way. Letting them know they are wanted without forcing them to stay is important to them and very, very, rewarding when they come back on their own because they want to. Even if they do not come back, you know in your heart that you have done something nice for someone, some thing, other than yourself.

Feral Cat Day spun off of an organization called Alley Cat Allies, who celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2001. On October 16th, 2001 they started Feral Cat Day and have done a lot to bring a little happiness and kindness into the lives of the feline world.

How to celebrate – Give some food, and kindness to a scared, hungry kitty on on the street. Participate in the “Trap-Neuter-Return” program. Try and make a life long friend with a cat that does not have a home.