May 11th Twilight Zone Day

The Twilight Zone has been one of the most widely known mystery shows of all time. It began in 1959 with Rod Serling as host and ran until 1964. Those 5 years though seem to have created a following that lasts even well into the 2020’s now. It is not without its problems though as the movie in 1983 met with disaster and death while filming. Today is the day we remember the Zone, but apparently no one claims to have created the day. Huh, maybe we are all in the Twilight Zone and just don’t know it.

How to celebrate – Watch reruns of “The Twilight Zone”. Take a look at all the stars that were featured in the “Twilight Zone”. Read the “Twilight Zone” books.

May 5th National Cartoonists Day

May 5th, 1895 “Yellow Kid” appeared in Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World as the first cartoon in a newspaper. It was created by Richard F. Outcault who continued the cartoon strip from 1895 to 1898. It then appeared in William Randolph Heast’s New York Journal. This is the first recognized cartoon in print form. The first moving cartoon was created by Emile Cohl in France in 1908. The day was created by the National Cartoonist Society with Ken Alvine leadership in 1999.

How to celebrate – Look for the funnies in your local newspaper. Watch cartoons on television, usually early morning. Watch for “shorts” at the movies.

April 15th World Art Day

It seems a little odd that World Art Day would fall on the day our taxes are due but it does. I guess you could say that Art waits for no one. Oh, and it’s Leonardo DaVinci’s birthday too! The day is sponsored by the International Association of Arts (IAA) and was created in 2011 by the General Assembly in Turkey. Art is in the eye of the beholder, some like the Mona Lisa and others those black light Elvis Presley towels. It doesn’t matter, art is art and whatever pleases us best is serving it’s purpose. It might be hanging in a museum or gallery somewhere or it might be right outside your front door.

How to celebrate – Figure out witch art, or arts, mean the most to you. Visit an Art Gallery. Listen to music, watch a movie or hang your favorite piece of art on your refrigerator.

May 4th Star Wars Day

May 4th Star Wars Day

We all know Star Wars; Han Solo, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Jedi warriors, etc., etc, etc. But did you know today became a holiday by mistake? The famous line, “May the fourth be with you” came from a post by the Conserbative Party when Margaret Thatcher won the Prime Minister seat. But now Star Wars fans all over have adopted it as a holiday!

How to celebrate – Watch any of the 200 or so Star Wars movies today. Dress up like your favorite character from the series. Visit a Star Wars museum.

March 4th Oscar Night

Tonight we find out who the best of the best are in film. Well, it may not be exactly who we would choose, it’s sort of up to the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, and Sciences. We, the public, really have nothing to say about it.


The first Oscar was given out in 1929, created by George Stanley.


Emil Janning, was the first male to receive the honor.


Janet Gaynor followed as the first female to win for her performances in three films.


How to celebrate – Watch the Oscars. Create your own Oscars for people you know. Throw an Oscar party.

June 29th National Camera Day

In the late 1700s, Thomas Wedgwood created shadow image photograms making him the first photographer in history. In 1822, Nicephore Niepce, took the first picture that could be recognized but his process was not fast or easy – the subject was required to remain still for several hours while the picture “took”. Unfortunately he broke the plate while trying to make copies and literally destroyed his work.


Niepce joined with Louis Daguerre who began work more as a chemist than a photographer. With Nicephore’s process the image was required to remain still for several hours while the picture “took”.  When Nicephore died in 1833, Daguerre was forced to move on by himself. In 1838, he took a picture that required the image remaining still for only 10 minutes and the art of modern photography had begun.


Many others helped bring the art up to the standards it is today. Hercules Florence, John Herschel, Frederick Scott Archer, and Gabriel Lippman are among a few of those names.

Anthony-Phantom-CameraProbably the most recognized is George Eastman. He invented the use of modern ‘film’ in 1885.

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How to celebrate: Go out and take some pictures, Buy a new camera, Find a place where you can get an old-time photo made, Make “sunprints”.