June 14th Flag Day

A flag is a symbol, the American flag symbolizes freedom of the original 13 colonies and the 50 united states that form that union. Our flag really is a beautiful display and it should be treated in the right way. It should fly from sunrise to sunset, be raised quickly in the morning, and lowered slowly at night. It should not be flown at night unless it has a light on it, and it is not flown in bad weather. It is flown at half staff on land, and half mast if at sea, in the case of tragedy or to honor a public figure’s death. If you chose to fly your state flag as well, it goes below the American flag. The flag should never touch the ground and if it does, it should be burned, and when you put up your flag it should be properly folded and put in a drawer.

How to celebrate – Fly your flag proudly. Learn all the rules concerning treatment of the flag. Make sure you own a flag.

January 2nd Run Up The Flagpole And See If Anyone Salutes Day

The idea of the day is to put your thoughts and ideas out in front of people and see if they agree or disagree. It’s a great way of testing your theories, though you do have to expect to get negatives as well as positives. The idea of putting it on a flagpole is setting it before the largest number of people you can reach. Most television companies use test audiences to see how they respond to a new show pilot. If a large number like it, the show goes on, if they don’t, we will never see it. The flag is your idea, the pole is the number of people you can reach, so make sure you want your ideas open to the public before you go raising your flag.

How to celebrate – Put up a flagpole in your front yard (you may need to get a permit first). Print up your ideas large enough they could be a flag. Make sure your flag is not offensive to anyone.

June 14th Flag Day

Today is Flag Day in the United States. It is used to remember what our nation stands for by the symbol it proudly waves. Of course it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Created, we think, by Betsy Ross in June of 1776 and celebrated by Francis Scott Key as it flew over Fort McHenry in the War of 1812 it has become the red, white and blue of our hearts and minds. Many have given their all to keep that flag flying.

How to celebrate – Put your flag up today. Be proud of your country. Learn the proper treatment of the flag.

June 14th Flag Day

It has become popular not to honor the American Flag anymore. I don’t know when that started and I have no idea when it will end but I know it’s wrong.  The flag represents everything good about America, not the bad, but I guess it’s all about how you look at life. If you can’t be proud of yourself, you can’t be proud of a flag.

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Yet, it seems to be okay for other countries to honor their flags. Just not us. Maybe if one saw it tattered and filled with bullet holes they might consider it a little more. It represents a people, a nation and all the ideals ever created for it and those that live under it.


There are certain rules for handling the flag. It is to be flown from sunrise to sunset, never at night without a light on it. You raise it quickly in the morning and lower it slowly at dusk. You do not let it fly in rain or any bad weather and should be flown at half-staff when you, or the country, are in mourning. Half-staff remains for 30 days, no more, no less. The flag should never touch the ground and you fly no flag over your countries flag. And when it gets too tattered and worn to fly anymore it should be buried or burned, don’t just wad it up and throw it away.


It’s not the cloth itself, nor the pretty colors, it is the symbol of what it stands for. Of course, there are those who stand for nothing and believe in nothing. Those millionaires who kneel when all those who ensure their expense accounts are met are standing. And when they say it’s not the flag they are against, it’s the government or elected officials, the past and their own personal observations, they are just telling you about themselves. That they are more important than anyone, or anything around them.


So I say, grow up… the reason no one cares about your woes is because you don’t really care about theirs. A flag represents a nation. Can that nation be better? Yes! But nothing ever gets better by tearing it down first.

How to celebrate- Learn what a flag is all about. Fly a flag today. (An American flag, not a Disney World flag, not  rainbow flag, not a football flag.) If you want your views to be  taken seriously, take the views of others in to consideration as well.

December 28th Pledge of Allegiance Day

December 28th is the Pledge of Allegiance Day for the United States. It’s designed to demonstrate our commitment to our country like saluting the flag. No, it doesn’t seem all that popular anymore and it seems some people constantly complain about our country, but most Americans still have Pride for America.


It is believed that the pledge was written by Francis Bellamy for the Youth Companion sometime in 1892.  Adjustments were made to it in 1923 on National Flag Day and again in 1924. The changes were minor.


Surprisingly, at least to me, it was not adopted until December 28th, 1945. I had always assumed it was much older than that! The term, Under God, was added in 1954 on June 14th. Now of course many are trying to get that removed. Others are trying to get the entire pledge removed.


Maybe it should be voluntary. Maybe it can show us who loves this country and who doesn’t. I frankly don’t know why anyone who doesn’t love this country would even want to stay here. I mean, the only way to know you don’t love something is to find something you do love. So if it’s such a bad place, go where ever you think the world is better….By no means is it perfect. Our kids aren’t perfect, our mate isn’t perfect, we aren’t perfect… so to expect a country to be perfect is a little beyond reason. And if you so chose to leave God out of it, that’s fine, you havevthat right. Remember, you live in America where our country gives you the freedom to think what you want, you can even say what you want, but you can’t make me believe it just because you said it.


So celebrate it by saying the pledge, or any portion of it you deem acceptable. Respect it for what it stands for, not what might be in practice in your part of the country, and take a little pride in being an American. I do not see how any of that is going to spoil your day.

March 25, 2016 National Medal of Honor Day

It is National Medal of Honor Day. A medal created for “personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty.” Created in 1861 for the Navy, the Army soon followed with its version in 1862.  An Air Force Medal of Honor was created during World War I.  To date, over 3,500 Medal of Honors have been awarded to military men serving their country’s needs.

There were few medals offered prior to the American Civil War.  In 1780, the Fidelity Medallion was offered to veterans of the Revolution.  For those who went above the call of duty another medal was awarded in 1782, called the Badge of Military Merit.  In 1847, a Certificate of Merit was awarded veterans of the Mexican-American War.

This is truly a holiday that does not get the recognition in the mainstream that it deserves. Congress declared this day a National Holiday in 1863 when the first Medal of Honor was awarded for Jacob Parrott’s actions during the Andrews Raid. Of the 24 Raiders only 6 members received this honorable distinction for their role in the “Great Locomotive Chase“. Oddly, Andrews could not receive the award since he was a civilian and the award was distinctly meant to be offered only to military personnel. Eventually the The Medal of Valor was created for civilians.

Other Medals of Honor were given out to civilians by mistake.  Buffalo Bill received one that was later taken back, as well as Mary Edwards Walker, though hers was restored by Jimmy Carter in 1971.

The most recent Medal of Honor awarded was on February 29. 2016 to Edward C. Byers Jr., U.S. Navy Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator for his role in the US Navy SEAL operation ENDURING FREEDOM, freeing American hostage Dr. Dilip Joseph.


Above is the Medal of Honor flag awarded with the Medal of Honor


So in honor of this day:

Fly your American flag proudly


Visit the Great Locomotive Chase Andrew’s Raiders Monuments and Markers in person or virtually


Thank a service member or vet for all that they do or write a Thank You Letter to a Medal of Honor Recipient


Watch the Walt Disney Film the Great Locomotive Chase