May 28th National Hamburger Day

🍔 Happy National Hamburger Day! 🍔

Who would’ve thought that ground beef sandwiched between two pieces of bread could become such an iconic American delight? Though the origins of the hamburger may be shrouded in mystery, let’s give the good ol’ USA a nod for popularizing this juicy creation. Maybe someone somewhere else thought of it first, but they didn’t leave a mark in the history books like America did!

Now, let’s talk about the genius who had the audacity to put a salad on top of a hamburger. Seriously, who came up with that brilliant idea? Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle team up to create a medley of flavors that make your taste buds sing. It’s like having a well-rounded meal all neatly nestled between two heavenly slices of bread. Of course, feel free to customize your burger to your heart’s content—add more toppings, ditch the ones you’re not a fan of, because no matter what, it’s still a scrumptious, classic hamburger.

So, how can we make this National Hamburger Day celebration even more epic? Simple! Indulge in the joy of sinking your teeth into a delicious, perfectly grilled hamburger. Sink your teeth into that juicy patty, and let the flavors explode in your mouth. But hold on, don’t forget the golden companions of every burger—the crispy, golden French fries! They’re the quintessential sidekick, the partner-in-crime to your burger adventure. And if you really want to go all out, make it an All-American meal by adding a side of coleslaw, baked beans, or even a slice of good ol’ apple pie!

Today, let’s honor the hamburger in all its glory. Raise your buns to this culinary masterpiece, whether you’re firing up the grill at home or indulging in a mouthwatering burger at your favorite joint. Celebrate the flavors, the history, and the mouthwatering magic that is the hamburger. After all, it’s not just a meal—it’s a symbol of American ingenuity and culinary pleasure that brings us all together!

Happy National Hamburger Day, and bon appétit! 🍔🍟


May 25th National Brown Bag It Day

Use to be that brown bagging it was so common you found those brown bags everywhere. Naturally finding them meant someone had forgotten their lunch somewhere and would be scrounging for something to eat come noon time. Brown bag lunches were generally better than anything you could find and buy for lunch during the day that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. When a brown bag was found it was hard to resist opening it to see what someone was missing but good manners generally meant not opening it. That could lead to problems as the days went by when the food inside was starting to rot and smell.

How to celebrate – Start fixing your own lunch to take with you to work or school. Get fancy and buy white bags instead of brown. Make sure to write your name on the bag so you know which one is yours.

May 19th World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

There is nothing like the joy of gathering in your first vegetable you planted and serving it for dinner, or as a snack. The idea that you grew it, raised it and helped it grow into something useful for you and your family is something extremely rewarding. Now multiply that by growing an entire garden filled with every type of vegetable you like, and maybe even a few you don’t care for. The reward is high. Today was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2019.

How to celebrate – Plant your own vegetable garden. Learn when you harvest your vegetables. Start a vegetable growing garden club.

March 28th Something On A Stick Day

This is a simple day. It normally refers to something you eat being placed on a stick, supposedly so you can walk around eating it at a fair or a picnic or, well, where ever you find yourself walking around and eating something. It seems to best apply to meats, or ice cream, it is, after-all, a bit hard to put creamed corn on a stick (But you could if you froze it first.) Food just seems like something so much more fun to eat if it is on a stick.

How to celebrate – Eat something served on a stick. Come up with something new that you can serve on a stick. Remember a toothpick is considered a stick.

March 4th National Snack Day

So, who doesn’t like to snack!?! Snacks can be practically anything you eat in-between meals. They can be sweet, salty, even meat, cheese and veggies, the only important part of it is, you eat it between meals! Sometimes it helps re-energize you at work, or if you are running a race or if you just simply wear out during a long day. A snack can refresh you and get you back on your feet again! It can also be very, very bad for you if you eat the wrong things. Try and snack healthy, like fruits or vegetables, you’ll feel better and stay slimmer.

How to celebrate – Make up a list of your favorite snacks. Get snacks that are good for you, not fattening. Carry a snack with you if you run out of energy in the middle of the day.

February 9th National Pizza Day

There is little doubt that pizza is an American favorite, it’s a world favorite as well! It is said that the first pizza may have come from the Greeks under Alexander the Great as they cooked their bread of their shields while on the march adding spices and herbs to the bread to make in tasty. This may be true, or may not be, there does appear top be record of it but we do know that the first pizza was sold in Naples, Italy in 1738 leading to a market today that averages over 3 billion pizzas sold a year. That’s a lot of pizza!

How to celebrate – Have some pizza. Make your own pizza, Try a pizza topped with fruit!

February 3rd Feed The Birds Day

Since we are deep intro winter and in many parts of the world the ground is covered in snow, birds need out help getting enough to eat. In the southern areas it’s not as hard, though still surprisingly a little difficult, but up north birds can easily starve to death if not for human help. I am not sure what happened to flying south for the winter but I suppose that doesn’t really matter. Good for Bob Matthews of New York for thinking this one up in 2016. (Along with many others) All sorts of animals need our help, please don’t forget them.

How to celebrate – Help any starving animal. Enjoy birds if you have them in your area for February no matter where you are. Be kind.

January 1st 2023 New Year’s Day

In case you missed it… today is the first day of a brand New Year! Yes, that means there are football games on, black eyed peas to be eaten and whatever other traditions you bring your new year in with but it is also a time to reflect on how you want the new year to go for you, and you family. In many ways, you can choose whether it will be a good year of bad year by how you view things, have a positive outlook and the days will come easier than if you start out every day with a negative reflection. No, it doesn’t always work but it does always help! Choose how you are going to see the New Year and stick to it!

How to celebrate – Welcome in the New Year. Celebrate whatever traditions your family celebrates with. Look forward to what is coming, never look backwards.

November 12th National French Dip Day

Okay, so the French Dip apparently isn’t French! It seems it was invented in the US at one of two restaurants, both built in the 1890’s. Since Cole’s Restaurant in LA, California created the day in 2018, apparently they win… having created the sandwich on November 12th, 1908. While I give them credit I do find it hard to believe that no one before that thought about dipping their sandwich in the broth they cooked the meat in before that.

How to celebrate – Have a French Dip sandwich. Visit Cole’s in California. Invent your own new sandwich


October 26th National Mincemeat Day

Here’s a day to really be scared of with Halloween rapidly coming. It’s Mincemeat Day, normally served like a pie but as a meal. It was created during the Middle Ages as a way to preserve meat, and other things, by mixing meat, suet and fruit together. It was fairly sweet, sometimes too sweet but it was enjoyed during the Middle Ages maybe because they rarely ate sweets… I don’t know. Like many foods the art of preserving them didn’t make them any better it just made them last longer before they’d kill you because you ate them. But I suppose you can develop a taste for just about anything.

How to celebrate – Make some Mincemeat. Add your favorite fruit to hamburger and see how it tastes. Pretend you are having a Middle Ages festival and serve Mincemeat.