August 24th Iconic American Restaurants Day

There have been numerous restaurants that were the favorite places for people to gather to east in American History which have failed at one time or another. Places like the Harvey House use to dot the country at train stations as people needed to eat after traveling for long hours on a train. Or like Howard Johnson that also served the traveling public on the road but has disappeared off the map, except for the last one standing in Lake George, NY that Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY sites for Holiday Insights in 2020. There will come as time when even McDonald’s begin to go extinct.

How to celebrate – Go to your favorite restaurant before it disappears. Try to remember restaurants in your area that have already gone out of business. Take pictures of your restaurant before it disappears.

March 21st Fragrance Day

Wake up today and smell the flowers, put on some perfume and smell the coffee brewing. Our lives are filled with different smells and scents, some are wonderful, some… not so much so. The fragrance something gives off can instantly identify itself to us, or remind us of some time we were surrounded by that scent. The perfume industry spends millions of dollars trying to figure out what we will like most, we, in turn, spend billions proving them right… or wrong. And remember a rose by any other name is still a rose.

How to celebrate – Have a scent contest in your house tonight. Buy some of your favorite perfume or cologne. Take a walk and smell as many scents as you can.

March 7th National Cereal Day

Cereal came about because by the mid-1800’s people began to realize that eating meat, drinking alcohol and washing it all down with coffee may not be the healthiest way to eat. They, of course, were right. However some, like John Harvey Kellogg, had the right idea they too went a little too far to the extreme insisting that daily enemas and harsher treatments were required to keep one healthy. Will, his brother, promoted Kellogg’s in a lighter mode and made the business what it is today. National Cereal Day has been celebrated since 2005.

How to celebrate – Have a bowl of cereal. See how many types or brands of cereal you can name. Make your own new cereal.

February 9th National Pizza Day

So we all know pizza is one of the world’s favorite foods. We know that the best selling is pepperoni. We know we all eat a lot more of it than we should. But did you know, as far as my research has gone, that pizza actually started with the Greeks, not the Italians! As the story goes, and I could be wrong, the idea of the pizza came from Alexander the Great’s troops as they put flat bread on top of shields and covered it with herbs and spices, and maybe a little protein, and ate it on the march. Maybe true, maybe not, but it sounds interesting.

How to celebrate – Support small and local businesses and order a piazza from a mom and pop. Make your own pizza. Have a pizza party.

December 30th Bacon Day

Nearly everyone I know loves bacon. Not the vegetarians of course, but nearly everyone else. There is something about the crispy, salty flavor that accents nearly every food with some favorable outcome. Potatoes are better with bacon, eggs are better with bacon, salads are better with bacon… even bacon is better with bacon! Most vegetarians even remember the taste of bacon enough that they remember loving it too so much that they made their own veggie bacon… better than nothing I guess. So today is your day to enjoy bacon in whatever you like to eat… even if it’s just a slice of bacon by itself.

How to celebrate – Make some bacon. Test putting bacon in something you have never had it in before. Thank a pig.

December 17th National Maple Syrup Day

Which came first, Pancakes or Maple Syrup? Seems like they should have been created at the same time. Of course today we use Maple Syrup in many different forms, cookies, coffee, ice cream… you name it and maple syrup can be used to flavor it. I do have to wonder, with many different items, who went up to a maple tree and tastes the goo coming out of it to figure out how good it was? And then how to process it to make it better? But we are glad someone did because we can all use it now to enhance our meals, drinks and desserts.

How to celebrate – Make pancakes today so you can use your maple syrup. Learn about all the different types of maple syrup there are. Try using maple syrup to sweeten your cereal.

December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Today we celebrate covering everything and anything in chocolate! And why not, it makes nearly everything it covers better than it was in the first place. Naturally, its not so good for you and it might make you a whole lot fatter than you are now but then thing of the rewards in the way of flavor! Or maybe not. You can have chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate… did you know the original chocolate was very bitter? It was an American product that Columbus discovered and sent back to Europe where they almost immediately added sugar to it!

How to celebrate – Cover anything you have in chocolate. (By the way, no said it had to be food) Pick you favorite type of chocolate. Try some unsweetened chocolate.

December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

Here’s a day you have to remember, it’s national so it must be important! National Noodle Ring Day. How could we go on without having noodle rings in our lives? The idea just terrorizes me and is even scarier than Halloween. It’s a good thing someone, we don’t know who, created today because we might forget the noodle ring if not reminded of it’s importance! I’m sort of like Forest Gump on the subject… “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

How to celebrate – Make a noodle ring. Shop for a noodle ring. Visit China.

December 2nd National Fritters Day

Today we eat fritters or we don’t eat at all! And if you do eat fritters you can eat a lot of them and just fritter the day away! Friiters are nothi more than dough or a cake like substance that can hold either meat or fruit inside making a tasty meal or dessert. They are generally deep fried, which means they aren’t all that healthy but boy do they taste good! Maybe you can make some turkey fritters to use up any of that left over Thanksgiving meal you might haver left. You can even make veggie fritters, I suppose, if you have a mind to! And you need not fritter about what to eat tomorrow because what fritters you don’t eat today youy can probably have tomorrow!

How to celebrate – Make some fritters! Get a deep fryer. Create a new fritter dessert for the holidays.

December 1st Eat A Red Apple Day

For years and years we have been told “eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away”. While for most of us that may be true, to my surprise I have recently found out there are people who are allergic to apples! Still, it is a healthy food to eat and I suppose, the red ones are the best. Naturally there are yellow apples and green apples and probably even blue apples somewhere but the red ones catch our eye first. Or at least they caught Eve’s eye first when she gave it to Adam and well…. we won’t go there. Make an apple a part of every day, breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack… it’s good for you!

How to celebrate – Have a red apple. Grow an apple tree in your backyard. Read about Johnny Appleseed.