January 1st 2023 New Year’s Day

In case you missed it… today is the first day of a brand New Year! Yes, that means there are football games on, black eyed peas to be eaten and whatever other traditions you bring your new year in with but it is also a time to reflect on how you want the new year to go for you, and you family. In many ways, you can choose whether it will be a good year of bad year by how you view things, have a positive outlook and the days will come easier than if you start out every day with a negative reflection. No, it doesn’t always work but it does always help! Choose how you are going to see the New Year and stick to it!

How to celebrate – Welcome in the New Year. Celebrate whatever traditions your family celebrates with. Look forward to what is coming, never look backwards.


September 4th National Tailgating Day

Who doesn’t like to tailgate!?! In fact I know a number of people who tailgate at football games that do not even bother to go to the game in the stadium. The first actual tailgate to be recognized happen on Sept. 3rd at a Rutgers verses Princeton game in 1969. Since then, until the pandemic, it was a regular thing that even carried over to Halloween and other holiday events. Today was created by Luke Lorick, President of “Tailgating Challenge” in 2016.

How to celebrate – Pending on the laws in your location, go tailgating! Tailgate anywhere for any reason! Visit a food truck.

November 28th Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate all those things we are thankful for. Family, country, careers, friends… you name it, then be thankful for it. The first Thanksgiving was celebrate in 1621 and went on for three days. Of course, they didn’t have football games to watch back then or it might have lasted longer! It wasn’t until 1941 that Congress set the date for Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. In the past, it has been celebrate in September or October before finally ending up in November. If you think about it, there really is a lot to be thankful for. We eat, drink and watch out favorite movies (Or football) on Thanksgiving Day, all the company of our loved ones and friends which is what it really is all about. The food is nice, the entertainment good but having our friends and family with us is everything.

How to celebrate – Make this Thanksgiving a special day for all. Know what you are thankful for. Dress up like a Pilgrim, or a Native American, or even a turkey.

November 5th American Football Day

Nov. 5th American Football Day

Most of the world calls soccer football, makes sense since you can really only use your feet, and head, and body. But American Football is much different. In fact, you use your hands as much, or more, than anything else. Did you know professional football started in 1920? It started as the American Professional Football League but was changed in 1922 to the NFL (National Football League). This is truly an American sport, along with Baseball.  There are 32 professional teams and numerous semi-pro teams. College football has become as popular as profession football. Here in America it is bound to stay, in fact it’s starting to catch on around Europe as well. It does make me wonder what they will call it there.

How to celebrate – Go to a football game. Watch football on television. See how many football players you can list without looking them up.

November 22nd Thanksgiving

Today is one of America’s favorite days, Thanksgiving. We eat all kinds of food, watch football games and whatever feature movie is on television in the evening. We look forward to it every year, always say we will eat less and get along with all those relatives we don’t get along with the rest of the year.

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We do, tend to forget that is was a celebration for Europeans that came to America and were starving before the Native Americans came to their rescue. It was 1621 when the Pilgrims and the Native Americans sat down at the same table and shared their food, culture and concerns.

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Of course it didn’t last very long. Soon the Europeans would keep coming and driving the Native Americans further and further west until there was no place left to go. Part of the problem with allowing history to move forward is that we tend to forget why it moved forward. We find fault with each other instead of trying to understand something that we cannot go back and change anyway.

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Maybe things happen because they were supposed to happen. Blaming anyone and trying to make them pay for something they could not change is pointless, and dangerous. We are not the same people that lived back in the days when we were thankful, truly thankful, so we have to come up with our own reason for being thankful. Maybe we should be thankful that we have moved forward, that people have changed and recognize their errors and move on from there.


However… did you know the first Thanksgiving mashed potatoes were not served? That didn’t happen until the Irish came to America and brought potatoes with them! And what is Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes!?! There’s something to be thankful for!

How to celebrate – Do your best to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Give to the food banks to make sure others have a Happy Thanksgiving. Make a list of everything you have to be thankful for.

February 21st Read A Card Day

It seems a little odd that today is read a card day since there is no real holiday associated with it. However, it still can be a good day to read a card. Particularly to re-read a card that you have already received. Or to send one you meant to sent. I mean, how cool would it be to receive a card for no reason at all!?!


Or how about leaving one to a co-worker, of course unsigned. They’ll be wondering all day who gave them the card. Although, in the world today maybe that’s not such a good idea. Sad, you can’t really be nice to anyone anymore.

lhs valentines gifts 07
And Heaven forbid anyone give out Valentine Day Cards anymore. After-all, that means someone may like you… we can’t have that anymore now can we!?!

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I think it’s still safe to read a baseball card. It’s pretty cool, it has all kinds of information on the back of the card. Of course it depends on whether they are a pitcher or a position player. And then you have to read all those years where they were getting started (Normally not so good) but then as they rose through the ranks it gets pretty interesting. I always find it a little interesting that when a player can hit safely 3 times out of 10 they are considered a really good hitter and get paid millions of dollars. I couldn’t, but then I am not earning millions of dollars for doing it either.


So if baseball isn’t your sport you can always get football cards, or basketball cards, or… well, if anything is popular you can get a card of someone that plays, acts or is a star of some kind. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had cards like those for the everyday worker. The back of the card could be like hobbies, interests and jail records!

How to celebrate – Enjoy getting a card while you still can. Enjoy giving a card while you still can. Make up cards for people where you work, it should get a few laughs!

February 4th Super Bowl Sunday

Just in case you have been living in a cave somewhere, today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is the 52nd Super Bowl, which means it has been occurring for 52 years. Can you believe it? This year is predicted to the coldest Super Bowl ever in Minneapolis, Minnesota although, it will be under a dome so the weather shouldn’t really effect the game.


This year it is between the Philadelphia Eagles and (Surprise, surprise) the New England Patriots. I think we are all a little tired of New England always being there over the last few years but you have to admire their ability and wining attitude. (Something we all should aspire to)


Many of us remember the exciting 1973 Super Bowl VII when the Miami Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins! Well, it really wasn’t all that exciting, it fact if not for Garo Yepremian it might have been one of the more boring Super Bowls (Look him up!) but it did conclude the undefeated season for Miami. The only time in NFL history!


Since then, the Super Bowl has become more about commercials as companies reveal their newest award winning campaigns to get us to buy their products. In fact, nearly half of those watching will just be doing so for the commercials. And I doubt the commercials will take a knee. (But that’s an entirely different subject)


And if its not the commercials, then half-time draws nearly half the audience. (If you combine the commercials and half-time it makes me wonder who is left to watch the game itself!) Since Nipplegate, the whole world is watching! And guess what! Justin Timberlake is back!

How to celebrate – Watch the Super Bowl! Throw a Super Bowl Party! Enjoy the warmth where ever you are because its probably warmer than Minnesota!

February 5th Super Bowl Sunday

Well who doesn’t know this is Super Bowl Sunday, #51!?! When you are an Atlanta Falcon fan or a New England Patriot fan or just a football fan there is something for everyone today. We can only hope it will be a good game, but there is nothing to guarantee that. Millions will tune in, some just to see the new commercials that always air during the game; some to see the halftime entertainment; others just to have the noise in the background; and for most, it’s just to have a reason to have a party and celebrate friends, family, and fun!


It seems like the New England Patriots have been in the Super Bowl every year since football began. There is a reason for this… they are good. You want to hate them, you want to say they are no good but you just can’t. From the players to the coaches there are few teams that can compete with them.


For the sake of those Atlanta fans, lets hope that one of the surprise teams of the year can stand up to the Patriots at least to make a game of it. Nothing against the Falcons but they do not have the history that the Patriots do. Still, they are a good team too so who knows, anything can happen!


Churches generally get involved with Souper Bowl Sundays, collecting soup for those in need across America. It is a really good way to give back to the community without spending a lot.


One of the more exciting Super Bowl games was in 1973 when the Miami Dolphins beat the Minnesota Vikings. The game itself wasn’t all that good but it was the crowning glory of the only team ever to go undefeated in a season.

How to celebrate – Whatever reason you choose, celebrate the Super Bowl. It may be for the game, the teams playing, the friendship while gathered to watch the game, the snacks and treats, the half time show, the commercials, the soup or just because traffic is lighter on the roads… enjoy. It’s Super Bowl Sunday!