June 26th Forgiveness Day

We have all been wronged by someone, we have all wronged someone. In order to receive forgiveness we need to forgive ourselves. Today is all about live and let live and forgiving someone for what they have done wrong, and maybe most important of all is that we learn how to forgive ourselves for the things we have knowing done wrong ourselves. If God can forgive us, then we should be able to forgive ourselves as well as others. Today was created by the Christian Embassy, Christ’s Ambassadors of Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada.

How to celebrate – Forgive those who have offended or upset you. Forgive yourself for things you have done wrong. Forgive government… for they know not what they do.

July 7th Global Forgiveness Day

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all forgive each other of the things we’ve done wrong? I mean, even countries can be forgiven simply because it’s the people in the country, not the country itself… and then far too often it’s one person in that country that starts everything the rest of the world hates. Today is known both as “Global Forgiveness Day” and “World Forgiveness Day” and it was started back in 1994 by the Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A world without hate, what a novel concept.

How to celebrate – Find something to like about every country instead of something to hate. Forgive what people have done in the past, they can’t change it and neither can you. Live and let live.

June 26th Forgiveness Day

People make mistakes. Sometimes they are huge mistakes, very difficult to recover from, some are just stupid things, easy to get over. But really, there is little we cannot be forgiven for and even less we cannot afford to forgive.

Robert Enright

Yes, someone may make you angry but what do you have to gain by being angry? High blood pressure, stress, and disappointment will follow. In the long run, it serves no purpose.


There are numerous forgiveness days (which we probably need). Today is actually on the National Level. (considered National Forgiveness Day). Global Forgiveness Day however, falls on August 27th, and Internationl Forgiveness Day is the first Sunday in August.


So if not today, pick one of any of those days and start forgiving those who you feel have wronged you. It will certainly help them but it may even help you even more. The grudge you hold is actually harder on you than it is for the person you are holding the grudge against.


How to celebrate – Remember you may need some forgiving one day so find someone that has wronged you and forgive them, making sure they know you have done so. Find someone you have wronged and ask forgiveness from them. Forgive yourself of things you know you have done wrong.