April 2nd Reconciliation Day

Well, we all have people we have been at odds with one way or another. In some cases, you may not have made up for years but today is the day to bite the bullet and do it! (particularly if you had too much fun at yesterdays International Fun at Work Day!) In most cases the people we need to make up with are those that have at one time or the other been very important to us. After all, you can get mad at a stranger but generally you are over it in a few hours at most. It’s the people that you need to make up with most that meant the most to you. This works for countries as well. Find the good in people today and let the past go. Reconcile and you, and they, will feel all that much better for it. Today was created by Ann Landers in 1989.

How to celebrate – Call or write someone you haven’t spoken to in years. Write down the things that made you mad at someone and realize just how stupid they are. You can’t ask for forgiveness until you offer forgiveness.

September 8th Pardon Day

Today is Pardon Day, the day we need to forgive and forget. September 8th was selected because it was the day that Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for his crimes (Real or imagined). His crimes seem very minor compared to what has followed, but then… they weren’t any better before him either. It seems like all we ever do is pardon those who lead us as a nation.


However, if you really look at it closely, we all have something to be forgiven of. Some, naturally, worse than others but none of us can escape blame for something. And then we all know people that have done something to us that we find hard to forgive. We should though, because hanging on to that anger and rage does no one any good.

Forgive and you are forgiven - Yom Kippur 2013

Most of us realize that the only one who can truly forgive us is God. If you don’t believe in God then you really have no one to answer to. For some, that may be a good thing but for most of us, it keeps us in check and causes us to forgive as well. Remember, to forgive is divine.


We pardon that mess in a grocery store, we pardon our pets (hopefully) for the accidents our pets have so why do we find it so hard to pardon each other? Maybe it’s because we should know better but we don’t. Anyone can make a mistake, sometimes big mistakes, but the sooner we get over them the sooner they can get over them.

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So pardon all those who have wronged you, or you believe have wronged you. It does no good to hold that grudge. It only makes you feel worse, and the person you view as an enemy.

How to celebrate – Call someone you have been mad at for a long time and begin to make amends. Think up all those you have committed some offense to and ask for their forgiveness. See if you can find any reason to agree with someone who holds a different opinion than you.

June 26th Forgiveness Day

People make mistakes. Sometimes they are huge mistakes, very difficult to recover from, some are just stupid things, easy to get over. But really, there is little we cannot be forgiven for and even less we cannot afford to forgive.

Robert Enright

Yes, someone may make you angry but what do you have to gain by being angry? High blood pressure, stress, and disappointment will follow. In the long run, it serves no purpose.


There are numerous forgiveness days (which we probably need). Today is actually on the National Level. (considered National Forgiveness Day). Global Forgiveness Day however, falls on August 27th, and Internationl Forgiveness Day is the first Sunday in August.


So if not today, pick one of any of those days and start forgiving those who you feel have wronged you. It will certainly help them but it may even help you even more. The grudge you hold is actually harder on you than it is for the person you are holding the grudge against.


How to celebrate – Remember you may need some forgiving one day so find someone that has wronged you and forgive them, making sure they know you have done so. Find someone you have wronged and ask forgiveness from them. Forgive yourself of things you know you have done wrong.