July 6th National Fried Chicken Day

Colonel Sanders would be proud of today, not so much with the chickens of the world however. Americans do love their fried chicken, never mind that it is not as good for you as baked chicken. It seems the south has even a greater regard for fried chicken than other parts of the US. Cooked to a golden, crispy finish it is popular now for any meal including breakfast and it goes great at any picnic!

How to celebrate – Fry up some chicken today. Go on a picnic. Visit the Colonel.


March 19th National Poultry Day

Chicken has been served since man became a carnivore. Over the years we have learned to prepare it in different ways to make it more palatable. It is one of the healthier meats to eat, containing less fat that beef.

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Of course we figured out a way to make it less healthy, by frying it, a southern favorite. making it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside has only increased it’s appeal. Naturally it made it added fat from the grease so it’s not as healthy but I suppose it’s still better than fried beef.

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Baked is the best way to serve chicken. You can still add spices and flavorings to perk the flavor up without adding all that extra fat.


And if you want to get kids to eat just serve them chicken fingers. Chickens don’t really have fingers. it’s normally breast meat cut into strips and fried. There you go, unhealthy yet again… but if you can get generally picky kids to eat it might be worth it.


And then there’s this… whatever it is. Well they make Peeps Oreo’s and Watermelon Oreo’s so why not fried chicken Oreo’s? It’s sort of like eating your meal and dessert at the same time! Since Oreo’s are now made in Mexico maybe this bag of Fried Chicken Oreo’s can be used to make tacos! (This isn’t really a product, Oreo’s do not make Fried Chicken Oreo’s, it’s just someone’s warped sense of humor. Though now that I think of it…)

How to celebrate – Have a chicken sandwich for lunch today. Have some baked chicken for supper. Thank any chicken you see today for it’s sacrifice.