February 5th National Shower With A Friend Day

Showering with a friend is a really good idea. You save a lot of water, have someone to wash your back and have someone to talk to instead of singing. If singing, you can do a duet! The idea of “Getting to know you” really applies and one can assume you will either really like each other, or hate each other afterwards. You may just want to make sure that the friend knows you are joining them otherwise things could turn out bad.

How to celebrate – Take a shower with a friend. Save water. Use two different bars of soap.

September 18th Wife Appreciation Day

While celebrated on September 18th officially, today really should be appreciated every day of the year. Wives make homes and families possible, no matter how much many men try to get the job done, they are not anywhere as capable as most women. While we have Mother’s Day not all wives are mothers, so we should celebrate them for who they are, not what they are. Even if they are mothers they still deserve the thanks and appreciation from their mates and families. Today is always celebrated on the third Sunday in September.

How to celebrate – Appreciate your wife. Take your wife to dinner, no kids, just her. Try and make your wife’s day as easy as you can.

September 9th Teddy Bear Day

Okay, so I’ve told the story about Teddy Roosevelt and the Teddy Bear so many times it bores even me but today is Teddy Bear Day and unless you talk about the newspaper that talked about Roosevelt sparing a bear cub there really isn’t much else to say. What does a Teddy Bear mean to you? A really good friend and someone to protect you at night? Something to share your joy with and your sorrow. When you think about today as you age don;t forget one of your best friends ever, your Teddy Bear who has been with you through so many experiences.

How to celebrate – Display your Teddy Bear for all to see. Put a Teddy Bear outside on furniture or in a garden. Give your Teddy Bear a proper name.

August 26th National Dog Day

So anybody that knows me knows I love dogs. They are truly our very special friends so long as we treat them at least half way decently. They seem to love us unconditionally, stay by our sides in good times and bad and always off a smile, handshake or just a hug when times are rough. Yes, I am well aware there are some bad dogs out here too but generally speaking, the only reason they are bad is because we abuse them or train them to hate instead of love. If you give a dog just a minute of your time, they will give you a lifetime of theirs

How to celebrate – Love your dog. Rescue a dog if you don’t already have one. Treat your dog well and they will treat you equally as well. (If not more so).

July 11th Cheer Up The Lonely Day

Today was created by Francis Pesek from Detroit, Michigan, on his birthday as he chose to try and help the lonely by making sure they were paid attention to and given the opportunity to enjoy others round them. A very worthwhile cause seeing as how you can actually make a difference in someones life just by caring for a few minutes of yours. If you can make the world better place, would you? Can you spare a little time for those who have no one else to care about them? And what happens if that is you some day that has no family or friends?

How to celebrate – Find someone who needs a friend. Treat others how you want to be treated yourself. Live and help live.

June 2nd National Bubba Day

Do you know a Bubba? I’ve known a few Bubbas in my day and they do kind of meet that expectation most of us have about Bubba. Of course, there are times we should all be called Bubba, when we often do something out of friendship rather than thinking it through. Being a Bubba isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually very friendly and not all that threatening. Sometimes we even call out pets Bubba, because while they often do things we don’t understand but with the best intentions at heart.

How to celebrate – How many Bubba’s have you known in your life? Who would you tag as a “Bubba”? Do you think you could be a Bubba or not?

July 10th Teddy Bear Picnic Day

No one seems to know where this day originated. It could have been from a television show back in the 1950’s called “Teddy Bear Picnic” but since no one seems to remember it or have any idea why it might be on July 10th it doesn’t really matter. Still, why not take your teddy bear on a picnic? It doesn’t argue with you, thinks you are the greatest thing in the world and is always there for you. So maybe it does deserve a picnic of it’s own… after-all, it doesn’t eat much!

How to celebrate – Take your teddy bear on a picnic. If you don’t have a teddy bear, buy one. Make sure you name your teddy bear something cool.

May 2nd Brother and Sister Day

I know not every brother and sister relationship is perfect but most come close and family is always family. I do not have any brothers but I have two sisters that I adore. They are always there for me and I try to be there for them as well. (Though I don’t always get there) We’ve had our moments too but we always seem to get over them and move on and there is no one I trust more. Love your family because some day they will be gone and you’ll never have that relationship again, at least here on earth.

How to celebrate – Spend time with your brother or sister or both. Plan a family reunion. Do something special for the special people in your life.

February 7th Send A Card To A Friend Day

You know we all enjoy getting mail. There is just something about that letter or card coming in the mail that makes us run to the mailbox hoping something will be there for us. Well, the best way to expect something is to send something. I mean, if you send a friend a card it is pretty likely that they will send one back to you. It’s sort of like that old saying that if you want a friend, you have to be a friend first. So find some reason to send out that card today… it can be for a birthday, a celebration of a promotions at work, or well… just because they are a friend.

How to celebrate – Make a list of friends you can send a card to. Make your own cards to show your talent. Be a friend.

February 5th National Shower With A Friend Day

Here’s an interesting day, and perhaps one that could be really, really fun too! Sure there are some very major benefits, saving water, less wear on the soap, someone who can reach those spots you normally can’t reach… It actually makes a lot of sense to shower with a friend, or take a bath because they are generally thought to serve the same purpose. I suppose they need to be a pretty good friend though, there won;t be much hidden after the shower. Or you could wear your clothes and wash them at the same time, after-all, my grandfather use to bath with his socks on so he could wash them at the same time.

How to celebrate – Find a friend that is willing to shower with you. Make sure you have enough hot water to get through the event. Buy a new bar of soap.