June 12th Ros`e Day

June 12th Ros`e Day

The Swedish Ros`e House Bodvar` created this day, probably after whining about it for a while! Get it, whine! It celebrates red wine and white wine, the summer wine, sort of mixed together. I’m not sure I got this right but, I think it is white wine blended with different types of fruit. I understand how strawberries and cherries can add thew reddish color but I’m not convinced that it. Anyway, if you enjoy wine I’ll bet you’ve at least had a Ros`e wine before.

How to celebrate – Have some wine. Learn how to make your own wine. Try making a new type of wine with things like, vegetables.

March 25th Pecan Day

Pecans are celebrated today because, supposedly, it was March 25th, 1775 that George Washington first planted a pecan tree at Mount Vernon. Of course Native Americans had been eating them for a thousand years or more before that. The pecan is in the hickory family and there are over 1,000 different varieties of them. They are actually a fruit, not a nut and some 90% of those grown in the world come from the United States. They can be used in several different types of dishes but my favorite is a pecan pie. Who knew it was really a fruit!?!

How to celebrate – Find out the uses for pecans in recipes. Find out what makes 1,000 varieties of pecans. Visit Mount Vernon.

February 15th National Gum Drop Day

It is believed that gum drops have been around in the United States since somewhere around 1801. They have appeared in many different forms, starting out as a hard candy and now being most popular as Gummis. Some actually have fruit flavorings but most are really little more than sugar on top of… sugar. But we all have our favorite, mine is the red which sometimes taste like cherries. They are fun to eat, certainly sweet and although they contain some sort of fruit they are not all that good for us.

How to celebrate – Decide which color of gum drop is your favorite. Learn how to make your own gum drops. Invent a new type of candy.

January 3rd Fruitcake Toss Day

Still got some of that fruitcake left over from the holidays? Well today is the day you can rid yourself of it instead of adding a little brandy and using it all over again next year! It’s Fruitcake Toss Day, the day you heave that fruitcake just as far as you can away from where you live. This cay was created in 1995 in Manitou Springs, Colorado where heaving anything generally means throwing it off a mountain! We have no idea what prompted them choose the 3rd of January but we certainly know the why!

How to celebrate- Create a fruitcake tossing contest. Learn how to make fruitcake. Add brandy to anything to make it better.

December 1st Eat A Red Apple Day

For years and years we have been told “eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away”. While for most of us that may be true, to my surprise I have recently found out there are people who are allergic to apples! Still, it is a healthy food to eat and I suppose, the red ones are the best. Naturally there are yellow apples and green apples and probably even blue apples somewhere but the red ones catch our eye first. Or at least they caught Eve’s eye first when she gave it to Adam and well…. we won’t go there. Make an apple a part of every day, breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack… it’s good for you!

How to celebrate – Have a red apple. Grow an apple tree in your backyard. Read about Johnny Appleseed.

October 26th National Mincemeat Day

Have you ever had a piece of mincemeat pie? Do you even know what that is? It’s fallen out of popularity but before the mid-1900’s it was a fairly common dish. It was probably most popular during the Middle Ages when it was an easy dish to prepare and less costly than many other options. Mincemeat is simply a sweet flavored meat dish. It is made out of whatever meat you choose, normally beef but it can be chicken or pork as well. (I doubt fish would work well but it might) It contains fruit of your choosing and suet. Suet is hard white fat from an animal and before you get all grossed out, most puddings contain suet.

How to celebrate – Try making some mincemeat, or mincemeat pie. Picadillo, a Cuban food, is close to mincemeat. Serve it up with some Figgy Pudding.

October 20th Brandied Fruit Day

Now we’re back to normal after that scary Evaluate Your Life Day, something we can handle! Brandied Fruit Day! Well it sort of makes sense when you think of the upcoming holidays and fruitcake. It’s time to soak it in brandy so you can make those fruitcakes for the holidays and to send to enemies, er… I mean friends. I actually do like fruit cake and it’s probably because of the brandy. Now I find it hard to get past two bites but who needs to if there has been enough brandy used! This process also makes your fruit last for next to forever! (Just like that fruit cake!) And all you really need is some very sweet syrup, brandy and your fruit of choice.

How to celebrate – Brandy some fruit, of your choice of course. Make a fruit cake. Just drink the brandy and forget the rest of the effort required.

August 3rd National Watermelon Day

It’s summer! What’s better than summer? Summer and watermelon day! July and August are the months Watermelon is generally harvested so it only seems natural to have Watermelon Day in August. There is nothing like cooling down and relaxing with a slice of watermelon on a hot day. Watermelons can grow to a hundred pound or more, the largest recorded to date is 350 pounds found by Chris Kent on October 4th, 2013. That’s almost enough to feed a family of four! (Just kidding)

How to celebrate – Go to watermelon farm and pick your own watermelon. Have a seed spitting contest! Grow your own watermelon in the backyard but be careful, the vines go everywhere and climb anywhere!

December 1st Eat A Red Apple Day

There are green apples, yellow apples and probably more colors out there but the most popular is the red apple. It’s also the most notorious as the apple in the Garden of Eden. Now that old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” probably isn’t true but then… it doesn’t hurt either! You can eat them as they are, bake them or put them in a pie of salad, they are good anyway you prepare them. It is also most likely the most American fruit there is. Make Johnny Appleseed proud and have an apple or two today, and share them.

How to celebrate – Eat a red apple today. Make an apple pie. (Make sure to use red apples) Dress up like Johnny Appleseed and spread apples about your neighborhood.

October 21st Apple Day

October 21st Apple Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, not really but eating apples is healthy! There are dozens of different types of apples. They change in size, flavor and even color. When you go to a grocery store you generally get a very small sampling of apples, the most popular and the most requested. October is always a month filled with celebrating the apple. They are ripe now and time to be picked. Remember, twist them, do not pull them off the tree. Today was founded in 1990 at Covent Garden but the apple has been celebrated for centuries. Most orchards celebrate by having rides and a festival so if you are lucky enough to be near one, you can enjoy the apple in more ways than one.

How to celebrate – Learn the different types of apples. Visit an Apple Orchard. Have your own festival to celebrate the apple at your house.