March 2nd National Banana Cream Pie Day

Cream pies are one of the world’s most favorite desserts. They are sweet, creamy and generally filled with some sort of fruit flavoring. Among the top flavors is the Banana Cream Pie sort of like having a piece of pie filled with banana pudding. Cream pies came from French tarts, sweetened for those in the upper crust of society as sugar was very, very expensive. In fact, nearly any kind of fruit can be used to make a cream pie with banana ranking in the top 5.

How to celebrate – Make a banana cream pie. Buy a banana cream pie. Have a cream pie party.


December 2nd National Fritter Day

Fritters are fried cakes or dough general served with either fruit or meat inside of them making them, sort of a hot sandwich. They can also have vegetables, though a little less common, and were a common meal in the old west when cowboys use to throw the batter and meat into the frying pan and make breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was quick and easy and generally pretty tasty.

How to celebrate – Fry up some fritters. Use whatever grain you prefer to make your dough. Go camping and make some fritters in the wild!

November 25th National Parfait Day

Here’s a fun day, it’s a day to celebrate having ice cream, layered with whipped Cream and fruit or at least fruit syrup. (Some people use nuts or oats to layer into the mixture but that seems kinda healthy). You can even mix the fruits as well so you don’t have to use just one! You can also use yogurt in place of the ice cream but if you are thinking it’s going to lower the calories you will probably be disappointed. It’s a great way to cool down and enjoy both your parfait and the day.

How to celebrate – Have a parfait. Make your own new kind of parfait, maybe use vegetables. (Eech!) Most people use vanilla ice cream but try something different!

October 26th National Mincemeat Day

Here’s a day to really be scared of with Halloween rapidly coming. It’s Mincemeat Day, normally served like a pie but as a meal. It was created during the Middle Ages as a way to preserve meat, and other things, by mixing meat, suet and fruit together. It was fairly sweet, sometimes too sweet but it was enjoyed during the Middle Ages maybe because they rarely ate sweets… I don’t know. Like many foods the art of preserving them didn’t make them any better it just made them last longer before they’d kill you because you ate them. But I suppose you can develop a taste for just about anything.

How to celebrate – Make some Mincemeat. Add your favorite fruit to hamburger and see how it tastes. Pretend you are having a Middle Ages festival and serve Mincemeat.

August 3rd Grab Some Nuts Day

Okay, so when you get done laughing about something today has nothing to do with, you will need to learn what a nut is, and what it isn’t. Of course, we all know that peanuts are legumes, not nuts but did you know that almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts are not really nuts either! A botanical nut is a fruit such as Hazelnuts, Brazil Nuts and Chestnuts with generally extremely hard-shell casings. I am sure there are better explanations of what a nut is beyond that, but for me, that will do. Naturally, I am still going to call cashews, almonds, pistachios and walnuts Nuts… it just easier.

How to celebrate – Go nuts today. Learn what are nuts and what aren’t nuts. Snack on nuts, they are so much better for you than most other treats.

July 19th National Raspberry Cake Day

Welcome to National Raspberry Cake Day! Why is it National Raspberry Cake Day? I couldn’t begin to tell you but then, why not either! Most fruit thrives during the summer months so that may be one reason for the holiday, though the raspberry is harvested as late as October. All things considered though, I love this holiday because I love raspberries! In case you don’t know how to make a raspberry cake, here is a recipe. Serve your cake with some raspberry sherbet and make some raspberry flavored coffee for a full raspberry experience!

How to celebrate – Make a raspberry cake. Go out and pick some raspberries. Grow your own raspberries.

June 12th Ros`e Day

June 12th Ros`e Day

The Swedish Ros`e House Bodvar` created this day, probably after whining about it for a while! Get it, whine! It celebrates red wine and white wine, the summer wine, sort of mixed together. I’m not sure I got this right but, I think it is white wine blended with different types of fruit. I understand how strawberries and cherries can add thew reddish color but I’m not convinced that it. Anyway, if you enjoy wine I’ll bet you’ve at least had a Ros`e wine before.

How to celebrate – Have some wine. Learn how to make your own wine. Try making a new type of wine with things like, vegetables.

March 25th Pecan Day

Pecans are celebrated today because, supposedly, it was March 25th, 1775 that George Washington first planted a pecan tree at Mount Vernon. Of course Native Americans had been eating them for a thousand years or more before that. The pecan is in the hickory family and there are over 1,000 different varieties of them. They are actually a fruit, not a nut and some 90% of those grown in the world come from the United States. They can be used in several different types of dishes but my favorite is a pecan pie. Who knew it was really a fruit!?!

How to celebrate – Find out the uses for pecans in recipes. Find out what makes 1,000 varieties of pecans. Visit Mount Vernon.

February 15th National Gum Drop Day

It is believed that gum drops have been around in the United States since somewhere around 1801. They have appeared in many different forms, starting out as a hard candy and now being most popular as Gummis. Some actually have fruit flavorings but most are really little more than sugar on top of… sugar. But we all have our favorite, mine is the red which sometimes taste like cherries. They are fun to eat, certainly sweet and although they contain some sort of fruit they are not all that good for us.

How to celebrate – Decide which color of gum drop is your favorite. Learn how to make your own gum drops. Invent a new type of candy.

January 3rd Fruitcake Toss Day

Still got some of that fruitcake left over from the holidays? Well today is the day you can rid yourself of it instead of adding a little brandy and using it all over again next year! It’s Fruitcake Toss Day, the day you heave that fruitcake just as far as you can away from where you live. This cay was created in 1995 in Manitou Springs, Colorado where heaving anything generally means throwing it off a mountain! We have no idea what prompted them choose the 3rd of January but we certainly know the why!

How to celebrate- Create a fruitcake tossing contest. Learn how to make fruitcake. Add brandy to anything to make it better.