October 1st International Frugal Fun Day

Though most things we do to entertain ourselves and our families costs a lot, try being a family of four going to a theme park, not everything has to break the bank. You can still go to free parks, take a walk along the beach, count stars, read a library book, there are still things that you can do frugally. That is according to Shel Horowitz, the author of “The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How To Live Like Royalty With A Peasant’s Pocketbook”.

How to celebrate – You could buy Shel Horowitz book but then you would have to spend money to get it. Write up your own money saving forms of entertainment. Find all the free things to visit near where you live.

September 21st Miniature Golf Day

The first known miniature golf course apparently was built in Pinehurst, North Carolina in 1918 by Steamship magnate James Barber, although St. Augustine claims have the oldest still existing golf course in the United States. Who knows and really, who cares!?! The idea is to have fun, get a little exercise and see just how well you can handle all the trick shots required to play the game. There are even National Miniature Golf contests just like the PGA tours. (Well, maybe not just like) So whoever was the first and whoever is the oldest is all great, just get out and have some fun before the weather covers them up with snow!

How to celebrate – Go play Miniature Golf. Make your own miniature golf course in your back yard. (We did and boy does it require a lot of upkeep) Take the family out to have some fun today.

September 15th Make A Hat Day

When you woke up this morning didn’t you feel the urge to make a hat!?! Something that might show off your personality or heritage or maybe both? I know I wake up most mornings thinking it’s a great day to make as hat but am disappointed that I will be the only one on that day making a hat. So it’s particularly special to me that today is Make A Hat Day so that I know I am not the only one, along with that guy from Alice In Wonderland, that will be making one. Remember the mercury!

How to celebrate – Make a hat. Figure out what materials you want to make a hat out of. Give your hat some purpose or reason for brightening up your day!

August 27th Just Because Day

If you have ever wanted to do something “Just Because” today is that day to do it. So often we wait for a reason to do something or look for a cause to champion but why not just do it because you can? You don’t need to wait for anybody else, for the weather to be good or because it might conflict with some other date, time or place. So get out there and do something just because you want to, make sure it’s legal first, and then add it to the list of things you have accomplished on your bucket list.

How to celebrate – Do something “Just Because”. Do something you have never done before. Look at life in a new way today.

April 3rd Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day

Wow, don’t we all wish our work was fun!?! A lot of us work at jobs we don’t really like doing but it pays the bills so we keep on doing it. The idea of not going to work unless it is fun is an interesting concept few of us can afford. Some days are better than others, and even at jobs we hate, there can be rewards we enjoy. And maybe some of that has to do with us ourselves. We generally make something bad, worse by adding our attitude to it. Even if you can’t make work a fun place you probably can make it less horrible.

How to celebrate – Make work fun. Go to work with a great attitude. Throw a party at work.

March 22nd National Goof Off Day

Today was created by Monica “Moeller” DuFour of Davidson, MI, who heard of the day first from her Grandfather in 1976. We all sort of need a day where we can goof off. Not tied down to a job, or weekend busy work or doing anything important at all, we just goof off. It’s good for our souls, our mental outlook and may actually help us to focus more when we do the other things that are important. So take off a day and “Goof Off” and don’t feel guilty about it.

How to celebrate – Figure out what you want to do while goofing off so you don’t have to plan it today. Determine what is goofing off to you. Don;t get mad when you see someone else goofing off, if you have the right.. so do they.

March 19th Let’s Laugh Day

One of the greatest joys in life is laughter, whether you are on the giving side, or the receiving side it is true joy to listen to someone laugh. It’s almost impossible to hear laughter without at least smiling yourself, meaning that laughter is spreading joy to all those around you, even if just for the moment. Just remember to laugh with people, and animals, not at them. Keep the spirit, enjoy life and give as much as you receive.

How to celebrate – Learn some new jokes. Laugh with people when you can. Always find something to laugh about.

December 27th Make A Cut Out Snowflake Day

Snowflakes, no two are alike… unless you cut them out of paper and make them yourself! When I worked for a school this use to be a favorite activity to keep kids quiet but as we never had kids on December 27th, we never celebrated this day. So maybe this is a day for parents to find something to do with their kids after the newness has worn off the gifts they got for Christmas. In the south they can remind us of what snow looks like and in the north… well, they may not need any more snowflakes but who cares, it keeps the kids busy! If you didn’t get snow for Christmas this year maybe you can cover your yard in these kinds of snowflakes! Probably not a real good idea.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Figure out what you are going to do with all those snowflakes. Come up with other winter symbols you can cut out just for something different.

July 8th Video Game Day

Today is National Video Game Day, not to be confused with September 12th National Video Games Day. There are enough video games out there that more than one day to celebrate is probably good. I remember when video games first came out, they were simple and not very exciting, except that it was something new. Over the years, games have gotten more and more complex and even addicting. I must admit, I am a video game freak. I love the challenge until it gets way too hard and then frustration sets in. I absolutely love Red Dead by Rock Star games and then there is the classic Pac-Man that I still adore today. It is amazing. Whether you like video games or not you have to admire the work done by some very smart people.

How to celebrate – Try a video game out. Look through all the choices, there has to be something there to interest you especially now that we have game apps on our phones. Don’t get hooked, it’s easy to do.

January 29th National Puzzle Day

Puzzle are apart of our everyday life. Some are simple to solve, others more difficult. making lunch is a puzzle if you haven’t got any idea what to make. of course there are math puzzles and word puzzles but probably the most popular is the Jigsaw Puzzle. I remember spending hours working on puzzles as a kid. It was always more fun to do it with friends or family, actually it was probably more fun spending time with them than doing the puzzle. I do wish I had saved some of those puzzles now as pleasant memories spent with good people.

How to celebrate – Get together with the family and put a puzzle together. Think about all the puzzles in life. Do a family puzzle.