July 8th Video Game Day

This is not National Video Games Day, celebrated in September, this is just Video Game Day. What’s the difference… who knows but if nothing else it gives us another day to celebrate one of the world’s most popular entertainment forms ever. Companies like Atari, Nintendo and X-Box certainly support the idea of video game day, they’ve made billions of dollars providing you with a source to spend your money on and now with the world of VR and AR coming into play, you can spend even more! I have to admit, there are certain video games I love, others I absolutely hate, just going to show you… there is something for everybody!

How to celebrate – Play a video game. Check out all the stuff available in VR and AR. Become a nerd so you can play these games!

April 3rd Pac Man Day

April 3rd Pac Man Day

If you’ve ever played video game you must have played Pac Man at least once. Chasing after those pieces of fruit while trying to avoid those nasty little creatures that are trying to ruin your day. It gets addicting trying to win, and of course you rarely win because there is level after level to stop you! Atari created Pac Man and released in in 1982, that’s like 40 years ago! Amazing what happens when you are having fun!

How to celebrate – Play Pac Man! Buy a Pac Man video game, they are pretty cheap these days. Get the high score at all costs.

January 29th National Puzzle Day

Puzzles can be fun. Whether they are literally the jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, math puzzles or whatever, they pass time when we are board, sharpen our wit and probably help with the reduction of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Of course some can be confusing as well but if they are just keep search until you find some sort of puzzle you enjoy. Most puzzles can be done alone, or with a friend, or even with a group of friends. Keep your brain active, challenge it daily.

How to celebrate – Find your favorite puzzle game. Start a family jigsaw puzzle. Design your own puzzle to share with others.

January 4th Trivia Day

So, do you know who created trivia day? Do you know who created trivia? Do you know who created the day? Well today is the day to find out. (Not that it will really matter since it’s all trivial anyway!) It’s amazing what useless information we can fill our heads with. Well Robert L. Birch of the Grand PunScorpion Pun Corp added another bit of trivia we can all add to that useless list, having to remember today! Remember Trivial Pursuit? Does anyone play that anymore? And who determines what’s trivial and what isn’t?

How to celebrate – Create some new trivia. (Can you actually do that?) Remember what is trivial to one is important to another. Play Trivial Pursuit!

October 8th American Touch Tag Day

Remember when you were a child and you couldn’t fins anything better to play so you decided you would chase your friends around and try to touch them, or they touch you? Guess today that may be outta place. Still, kids do it. The fastest always win, the slowest and heaviest generally lose but you sort of know that going into it. Even if you are a good dodger you are eventually gonna get tagged if you aren’t fast enough. There use to be something about being called “it” that was upsetting. Of course today we are supposed to call each other “it”. So I guess even as we get older we still are playing tag, just with new rules.

How to celebrate – Get a neighborhood game of tag going. Be proud to be “it”. Watch where you put those hands!!!

July 23rd Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

Well, after a years delay it is time for the Olympic Games to begin in Tokyo. It’s was cancelled last year due to Covid-19 but will finally get started again and hopefully get back on schedule. The games close on August 8th. These will be the Games of the XXXII Olympiad (Seems like there should be more than that) Let the games begin!

How to celebrate – Tune your television in on the games. Go to Tokyo! Get in training and be ready for XXXIII Games in Paris.

July 8th Video Game Day

Today is National Video Game Day, not to be confused with September 12th National Video Games Day. There are enough video games out there that more than one day to celebrate is probably good. I remember when video games first came out, they were simple and not very exciting, except that it was something new. Over the years, games have gotten more and more complex and even addicting. I must admit, I am a video game freak. I love the challenge until it gets way too hard and then frustration sets in. I absolutely love Red Dead by Rock Star games and then there is the classic Pac-Man that I still adore today. It is amazing. Whether you like video games or not you have to admire the work done by some very smart people.

How to celebrate – Try a video game out. Look through all the choices, there has to be something there to interest you especially now that we have game apps on our phones. Don’t get hooked, it’s easy to do.

April 13th Scrabble Day

So when was the last time you played Scrabble? It’s been a while for me. Alfred Mosher Butts created the game back in 1938. When Scrabble first came out, it was a fun way to pass the time. Nowadays though most people are on their phones, tablets, or computers. I sort of miss the good ol’ days. We actually talked to each other, enjoyed each other’s company, and made eye contact. That doesn’t happen much anymore. So why April 13th? Well, that was Alfred’s birthday.

How to celebrate – Play a game of Scrabble. See all the board games Hasbro, Inc. has available. Study the dictionary before playing.

December 28th Card Playing Day

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but playing cards inside is delightful… so if it’s snowing, break out the cards. Most of us know at least one card game we can play, a lot of us know a bunch of card games we can play and a few of us know too many card games we can play. Cards do help us pass time and they help us learn to concentrate and focus. It’s also a great time to talk 9over things that have happened and learn about family members and friends. The act of playing cards generally involves other people, though it doesn’t have to so it can equally be a time to think through things and on your mind.

How to celebrate – Get some friends together and play cards. List as many card games as you can without looking them up. If you are really bored, try stacking cards.

September 21st Miniature Golf Day

Are you a real golfer if your game is miniature golf? Well, it does take an entirely different skill set but with all the attention miniature golf has gotten lately, maybe… after-all, miniature golf has a prime time game show on television and regular golf doesn’t! Both games can be challenging and while regular golf requires the understand and use of a number of clubs, miniature golf just requires one, a putter. But today is not about golf, it’s about miniature golf where instead of sand traps and water hazards you need to worry about windmills and giant frogs.

How to celebrate – Visit miniature golf course. Watch Holey Moley on prime time television. Build your own backyard mini-golf course.