July 27th Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day

So since you’ve got nothing else to do today, take your houseplant for a walk today. You might tell them a story along the way to help entertain them, stop at bigger plants and encourage them to grow and make sure they get plenty of sunlight! Actually if you can arrange to have the sun out and a light sprinkle at the same time, like we get here in Florida all the time, all the better, they are getting sun and water at the same time. If you own a larger houseplant you can put then in you little red wagon and pull them along behind you! Today was created by Wellcat.com.

How to celebrate – Take your houseplants for a walk. If you are too busy hire a professional plant walker. Make sure to record yourself on a phone so when your plant complains later you never do anything with them you’ll have proof that you did.


July 3rd Build A Scarecrow Day

So if you have a garden, and a problem with crows, then you may need a scarecrow. Or, if you want to recreate a part of the Wizard of Oz, get ready for Halloween, or just have some old clothes you need to use for something… a scarecrow is a great idea! In theory,they are supposed to scare away the birds that eat the seeds planted in a field or garden, but birds aren’t really very afraid of them. (If they could walk or chase after the birds then the birds might be scared off) Hence, if you want to make a scarecrow great! That said, you may want to find another reason for than keeping your seeds safe. Today always falls on the 1st Sunday in July.

How to celebrate – Build a scarecrow. Plant a garden. Watch the Wizard of Oz.

May 3rd Garden Meditation Day

If you need a place to get in the mood to meditate, just go to your garden! There is probably not a more serene place to go that you will be familiar with and it is filled with sights, smells and sounds that should put you in the mood to meditate. That is, unless as with my garden, you look around and see all the weeds growing and plants that need trimming. So maybe you should keep your garden up so that you can go there to meditate and enjoy nature as it was meant to be! Today was created by author/radio host C.l. Fornari in 2010.

How to celebrate – Tend your garden. Go to a park. Visit a Botanical Garden.

March 28th Weed Appreciation Day

We spend most of our time trying to get rid of the weeds that fill our yards, gardens and even the cracks in a sidewalk. The fact is that some weeds are edible, can provide some medicinal elements and herbal benefits. In fact, a plant growing in the crack of a sidewalk is consider a weed even if it is a regular plant we want in our garden. Weeds can also be damaging to other plants cutting them off from the elements they require to grow.

How to celebrate – Learn what weeds you can eat and make a salad out of them. Plant a weed only garden. Learn how to determine what is a weed and what isn’t.

May 30th Water A Flower Day

Hopefully April brought you those showers that brought your May flowers but now it’s up to you to make sure your flowers get watered! Everything in nature requires water to live, your flowers are no exception. (Even a cactus needs some water) You can set up a sprinkler to come on every day by timer or you can go out with a watering can and water them yourself, which may be good for you and better for your flowers! Watering your plants actually allows you time to spend with them and, at least in some cases, your flowers to spend time with you. It’s a good mix.

How to celebrate – Water your plants. If you don’t have any flowers, water your neighbors plants. Talk to your flowers as you water them, for some unknown reason it seems to help them.

January 30th National Seed Swap Day

Kathy Jentz, the editor and publisher of the Washington Garden Magazine , started this day on January 26th, 2006. While it’s a great idea, it’s not really new however. Seeds have been used forever as barter items. You give me the seeds I need and I’ll give you the seeds you need to grow more, and better, product to sell on the market. Today seeds are more readily available than in the past but sometimes there are some you might like to have that you don’t. So today look for those places you can swap seeds you have for those you might want and if you can’t find one… start your own seed swap meetup.

How to celebrate – Save those seeds you think are useless to you. Make a list of those things you’d like to grow if you can get the seeds. Start your own garden.

June 16th Fresh Veggies Day

Veggies are so good for you; normally fun to eat, and usually plentiful. The fresher they are the better they taste, the prettier they are to look at, and the better they smell when cooking. If they come from your own garden, all the better! A salad offering fresh vegetables is often a beautiful thing to see. The green, red, orange, and yellow colors offer a plate full of rainbows. Being summer, most vegetables are available. If you want them all year long you may want to take up canning while you can. Vegetables are art in its natural form, and they are good for you as well. That’s a win-win. If you don’t have your own garden there are plenty of you-pick farms and co-op gardens available.

How to celebrate – See how many vegetables to can name. (remembering vegetables such as tomatoes are actually considered a fruit). Start your own garden. Include fresh vegetables in all your meals.

June 6th National Gardening Exercise Day

June 6th National Gardening Exercise Day

Gardening is fun. It is also therapeutic, builds muscles, and helps burn calories. There are number of different gardens you can tend to… vegetable, flower, herb… and even rocks. You will need to plant your garden, weed it, water it, and enjoy it. It may help to talk or sing to your garden as well, although I am not sure it does a rock garden much good. You will need to determine what type of garden you want, and where you will want to place it. Besides plants, you will also need tools, clothing, hats, and water pails or hoses.

How to celebrate – Choose where you want your garden to go. Choose what type of garden you want. Plant your garden.

May 29th Learn About Composting Day

Here’s another real exciting day, learn about composting day. There are books upon books, one more exciting than the next about how to make and use compost. Need I say more!?! Actually, composting will help your gardens grow and help it retain moisture so if you are into gardening, this is a good read. Compost also helps keep the weeds away which generally try their best to overtake any garden ever planted. And it helps the environment as well. Compost is made up of vegetables and fruit you might otherwise throw away, along with paper, untreated wood and cardboard.

How to celebrate – Learn what to put into your compost. Make sure you put your compost away from where you live so you don’t have to smell it. Start a garden.

May 19th World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

There are few things as rewarding as planting a garden and watching it grow. It’s sort of like having a child, except it grows faster and can’t give you hugs. There is just something about the feeling you get from watching a garden grow and you can actually reap rewards by eating what you grow and sharing it with others too. So you plant your garden hoping something will grow and then getting excited when those first few signs of life pop to the surface. We normally take pictures so we can share the growth with others, we feed it, water it and prune it… protect it bugs and animals and then… you eat it. There is something odd in all that. the day was created by Bob Matthews in 2019 of Rochester, NY.

How to celebrate – Plant your garden. Take pictures of your garden. Reap the rewards of your work.