June 27th National Onion Day

NOA, the National Onion Association, was formed on June 27th, 1913. Why one felt there needed to be a National Onion Association still is a bit confusing but then, why not instantly follows. The onion belongs to the Allium family which includes garlic, shallots, leeks and chives as well as onions. As with most vegetables it is healthy and tasty, though there are a lot of people who are allergic to them. When one is allergic to one member of the Allium family they are generally allergic to all of the family though perhaps to a lesser degree.

How to celebrate – Have some onion today. You may want to buy some breath mints if you do have onions. Grow onions in your garden.

April 19th National Garlic Day

Used in nearly every dish imaginable, garlic does deserve it’s own day. It is a flavor that adds to nearly anything it touches, it is healthy and it chases away vampires. What else can you expect from an herb!?! It is so widely used that it is difficult to find hardly any dishes that do not contain garlic. I have a sister and niece who are allergic to garlic and it is nearly impossible to take them out to dinner. It does add a great deal of flavor to what might be a rather bland meal otherwise.

How to celebrate – Have some garlic! Check the ingredients of your favorite dishes to see if they contain garlic. Become a vampire hunter making sure you have garlic with you.

November 8th Cook Something Bold Day

If the rest of the neighborhood can smell what you are cooking you have accomplished your goal today. That doesn’t mean it has to be something good, it helps, but the idea is to fill the world with that aroma! You know you have reached your goal when someone comes to your door and asks, “What are you cooking?”. Cabbage works, so does shrimp, anything you can think of that is stinky works really well! To me, while I realize a lot of people love it, the smell of something being cooked heavily with garlic, tops the list. I like garlic, but boy does it stink! Today works really well if you cook outdoors. It gives you a good start on letting the neighbors know you are cooking and you mean business! Today is owned by Wellcat.com.

How to celebrate – Cook something bold. Cook something that stinks. Try some hot peppers in your cereal!

April 19th National Garlic Day

Did you know garlic is a vegetable? I didn’t. I always thought it fell into the spice category. Just shows how wrong you can be.


It also has great medicinal value to humans.  It helps prevent heart disease and cancer, fights colds and flu, lowers blood cholesterol, reduces plaque, treats acne and warts and can be used to help with toothaches.


It has also been known to ward off vampires, and maybe werewolves. It the reason you see so few Italian vampire movies.  I understand the vampire thing, they suck your blood and garlic flows through your veins so naturally, a vampire would want to avoid you. However, concerning a werewolf, I’m not sure how it is effective. I guess just to be sure you could dip your silver bullets in garlic.


It can also be used for birth control. It doesn’t prevent pregnancy but it does prevent someone getting close enough to a heavy garlic eater to cause that problem.  It also appears that many, many people are allergic to garlic. Throwing up in your partner’s face also has a tendency to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well. Or, perhaps these people are secretly vampires!

I like garlic, and apparently it likes me too. Just keep it in moderation.

How to celebrate  – Have some garlic today! Make up an emergency necklace of garlic cloves in case vampires invade your home tonight. Redefine your use of garlic since it is a vegetable.

April 19th National Garlic Day

Have you ever noticed that in the field of horror there are very few Asian Vampires? I think that it is due to the fact that most of the garlic grown these days comes from Asia.  In fact, China produces over 44 billion pounds a year for 81% of the garlic grown in the world.

Garlic has been in use for over 7,000 years and became a staple of the Mediterranean diet.  So you would think vampires would avoid that area as well, apparently the warm waters make it irresistable no matter how bad their alliumphobia is.  (That is the fear of garlic.  I never knew someone could have a fear of garlic, except for vampies that is.)


Allium Sativum (garlic) is a relative of the onion and the chive, it’s an odor thing.  It can be eaten raw or cooked and has many medicinal properties.  It is a natural antibiotic, fights colds and flu, reduces cholesterol, lowers fungal and yeast infection, reduces blood pressure, treatment against cancer, relief from toothaches, to lessen acne and warts and decreases clot formation.  It is also believed to be a sexual enhancer and has been used by those in black and white magic.  It adds flavor, or mixes well with other flavors and, used properly, can make any dish better.  (Well, maybe not cereal)

If garlic has one fault it is the smell.  You can certainly tell when it is in use, and even worse, when it has been used and lingers along with the user. One thing garlic will never be used for is perfume.  (At least I hope it is never used)

How to celebrate: Eat practically anything these days as most dishes have some garlic in them (You should be aware however that there are many people that are finding they are actually allergic to garlic). Make yourself a garlic necklace in case you ever feel you are being hunted by a vampire.  Keep it in a safe place, preferably sealed.