December 26th Boxing Day

Today has been around since the Middle Ages in Europe and it’s probably not what you are thinking it is. Since on Christmas we celebrate by giving gifts to our family and friends on Boxing Day we are to give to those who help us in the community. It s known as the Feast of Saint Stephen and is celebrated by placing money in the Alms Box in the Narthex of most churches, hence “Boxing Day”. We should always remember those who remember us everyday by doing the things we have to have done… like picking up the trash, keeping our electric functioning and anything else we rely of every day.

How to celebrate – Give to others. Remember those who remember you. Celebrate life.

November 26th Shopping Reminder Day

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is coming soon. You need to get shopping! And that’s why today was created, to remind you that you need to go shopping. And this isn’t your normal shopping reminder day… you know, the grocery shopping day… no, this is the go out and spend beyond your budget day reminder.


The good thing about this reminder day is hat if you treat it as it deserves, you don’t need to worry about any others days set to remind you to go shopping… you won’t have any money left to go shopping with!

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But seriously, it’s all about giving. It’s giving to the credit card company, the bank, the loan officers… you get the point. Actually if you haven’t gone shopping yet, this is your reminder. Not me, not this blog, the day.  I realize there is little else out there to remind you. The sale signs, the newspaper ads, the commercials.


So give in and go shopping already! Buy your friends, family and mail-person a gift they will never forget. And neither will you since you will still be paying for it maybe for-ever. You can actually shop within your budget… naw, not really but it’s fun to think that way!

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How to celebrate – Go shopping! Remind yourself to go shopping! Go apply for a loan.

February 17th National Random Acts of Kindness Day

You know, this day comes up at least once a year. In some cases, it is celebrated several days during the year. I kinda think this day should be celebrated every day from now until the end of your life!


If everybody celebrated random acts of kindness maybe we would have no more wars, no more mass shootings, no more highway outrage. We would live together in harmony and peace.


We would share what we have, give before being asked for and understand rather than condemn. And no, it will never happen because that would require people to be near perfect and I have yet to find one near perfect person anywhere. Well, except for me.


So I guess that’s why we need to celebrate at least one day out of the year where we practice one day where we give random acts of kindness. That is good, it’s a day where we become conscience of the needs of others beyond ourselves.


How to celebrate – Find one person, animal or even a plant that you can be kind to today. (You’ll be surprised how much better it makes you feel about yourself) Give comfort to someone who is hurting.  Use to be we could tell some stranger they looked good today but now we can’t for fear of getting arrested. So rethink the values you use to have and choose carefully.

November 13th World Kindness Day

It takes so little to be kind to someone, some animal. Most of us could use someone being kind to us and the only way we can achieve that is to pay it forward by being kind to others.


There are many ways to be kind to someone. A hug, a warm handshake or sometimes just listen to them when they need to get something off their chest. It costs us so little. Even a sincere smile can warm someone’s day.


World Kindness Day came out of conferences in Japan in 1996-97. It was called the World Kindness Movement. The day was a “Declaration of Kindness” on November 13th, 1997 by the World Kindness Movement.


Acts of kindness can be small or large but generally have the same effect in either case. In a world where so many expect things, it’s nice to actually give to someone who doesn’t expect anything. Those who generally feel entitled never appreciate what they receive. Those that do not expect what they receive are generally effected in a more positive way.

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So be a little kinder to those around you and I will bet they will be kinder to you as well. After all, what goes around, comes around.

How to celebrate – Go out of your way to be kind to someone today. Don’t always look at people trying to take something from you, beat them to it and give them something. Remember, animals need kindness too.

July 15th Give Something Away Day

Most of us have way too much stuff. Some of us have nothing at all. Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher asks that those of us who have, give something away to those of us who do not. The idea, I think, is to put someone ahead of yourself. Giving clothes away to those in need, shoes to those who have none, even a warm meal to someone who is hungry seems like the least we could do. If we all did that we would not only help those people in need physically but mentally as well. Who knows, maybe it could change their lives for the better forever.


If everything you have is too valuable for you to give away, go buy something that you have no attachment to and give it away. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it may be worth a small fortune to those you are giving it to. And you don’t have to do it everyday, though that would be nice, it just needs to be today. Even something as simple as buying the person behind you in line at Starbucks a cup of coffee. Maybe they don’t need you to buy it for them but what a nice gesture to show someone you are thinking of them instead of just yourself.


And gifts can be something as simple as a handful of flowers if the intent is meant. Even by receiving the gift from someone else and showing your pleasure is giving a gift back that can’t be bought. Receive the gift in the way it is meant, giving just as much thought back to the giver as they gave to giving something to you.


I am always amazed by those who have little to nothing themselves but always find some way to give to others. Even if those others happen to be an animal down on its luck. A little human kindness goes a long, long way.


And maybe that someone just needs a well timed hug.  That can be  huge gift of its own.

How to celebrate – Bring a co-worker a drink without being asked. Better yet, if you know what they like you will surprise them even more and show them they are more than just another person in the office. Drop some food or blankets off at a pet shelter, they need your help a lot more than you might think. Drop off some clothing you no longer want or use to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.