March 22nd National Goof Off Day

Today is a day to do nothing. National Goof Off Day is a day to have fun and not get caught. You can’t goof off unless you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. The day was even created as a goof by Monica “Moeller” Dufour from Davison, MI. It’s “dangerous” to goof off, that’s part of the challenge and part of the fun. Some people have made goofing off an art! So enjoy yourself today but make sure no one knows you are enjoying yourself, otherwise you have not officially goofed off!

How to celebrate – Plan how you are going to goof off. Get others to goof off with you. If you work at goofing off then are you truly goofing off?

March 22nd National Goof Off Day

Today was created by Monica “Moeller” Dufour with the help of her Grandfather William D. Chase. Monica lives in Davidson, MI. The general idea of today is that it becomes the one day of the year you are allowed to goof off. You know, don’t even bother to go into work… go fishing or play golf, go shopping or get your hair done, sleep in or go swimming (If it’s warm enough) You might want to check with your boss and make sure this is okay. There are some jobs where you really don’t want them to goof off, like a doctor, a pilot or the guy that makes your donuts in the morning. We all need goof off days so that we can pay better attention the rest of the year. William created his own calendar for the year, it did create a goof off day, so if you ever wanted to know what he was up to, you could just go to his calendar and find out!

How to celebrate – Goof off today (If you are able). Create your own calendar so you know what to expect. Go back to bed and forget today ever happened.

March 22nd International/National Goof-Off Day

Well, I really shouldn’t be doing the blog today since it is goof-off day. Not just National Goof-Off Day but International Goof-Off day! That means everyone in the world today should be goofing off! Though I suspect boss’ across the world are on the look out for this so be careful if you plan to celebrate.


Lets face it, we all do a lot of goofing off during the day. It actually should be a requirement at most jobs to spend a little time goofing off because it can make your actual working time more productive. Now, this does not really apply to doctors, air traffic controllers and buss drivers.


It takes a lot of work to goof-off correctly. It takes planning, diverting attention and find the right spot to celebrate in. The only real question here is, if you are goofing off with others are you really goofing off? You also have to be distinctive when goof off. If you are just sitting there you may be resting instead of goofing off!


Today was created by Monica “Moeller” Dufour with the help of her grandfather, William D. Chase, while living in Davidson, Michigan. So I guess you can call them the original goofing offers. (Though I suspect there were those goofing off before them).


How to celebrate – Begin your day by goofing off. Make sure your boss knows this is an International, as well as National, holiday… it makes it sound more important. Make sure you find time to goof off from your goofing off.


March 22 National Goof Off Day

Finally a day that means something. Oddly, it means to do nothing! It is a day to prove you are worth just as little as your co-workers. Now we can’t always work as hard as we normally do, provided we work hard at all, we all need a little break… it’s just that some of us are so much better at it than others.


Goofing off includes what might go on in your head when you are in a dead serious meeting. Frankly, if we all lightened up a bit we might find our way to making more creative solutions to problems we are concentrating too hard on.


Of course, we can carry it too far. There is a difference between goofing off and passing out. Sleeping while at work is not exactly goofing off! It reminds me of when you are in school and you finish a test before anyone else. What do you do? Just sit there? How many actually go back and re-read all the questions and see if you have made any mistakes? This is a great way to fall asleep. There is nothing like editing work you have already done!



Well, if you are going to goof off today at least enjoy doing it! After all Monica “Moeller” Dufour worked hard creating this day back in 1976. Of course she was only 10 at the time.

How to celebrate – Find a way to goof off today without getting caught. Be creative in your goofing off, do something no one expects. Watch your co-workers today, see how many times you can catch them goofing off.