March 7th National Cereal Day

Cereals were put on the American breakfast table starting somewhere around the mid-1800’s. For the most part they were healthy, being made basically of grains and ingredients good for the body as long lasting fillers and energy producing boosters. Somewhere around 1939 we started adding sugar to most cereals and though they did taste better, they became less and less healthy until we have what we have today, cereal with very little to no nutritional value.

How to celebrate – Have a bowl of cereal. Determine what you favorite cereal is. Look for cereals that are healthy at the grocery store.


March 7th National Cereal Day

Cereal came about because by the mid-1800’s people began to realize that eating meat, drinking alcohol and washing it all down with coffee may not be the healthiest way to eat. They, of course, were right. However some, like John Harvey Kellogg, had the right idea they too went a little too far to the extreme insisting that daily enemas and harsher treatments were required to keep one healthy. Will, his brother, promoted Kellogg’s in a lighter mode and made the business what it is today. National Cereal Day has been celebrated since 2005.

How to celebrate – Have a bowl of cereal. See how many types or brands of cereal you can name. Make your own new cereal.

March 7th National Cereal Day

March 7th National Cereal Day

It’s funny that cereal did not catch on as a breakfast food before German immigrant to America, Ferdinand Schumacher created a cereal in 1854. It was made from oats, and you might better remember them by their 1877 name of Quaker’s Oats. One of the Kellogg brothers patented a flake for cereal in 1891… the other brother bought out his sibling and started the Battle Creek Cereal Company in 1902 and it wasn’t long after that a man named Post started making Grape-nuts in 1898, also from Battle Creek, thus 2 mainstream cereal empires were formed.

How to celebrate – Have some cereal! Visit Battle Creek, Michigan. Invent your own breakfast cereal.