August 31st National Trail Mix Day

Wow, it seems like everything this summer is about food. Sort of lets you know what people are thinking! However, this one is at least healthy, or at least most of it. We should be eating healthier over the summer as we burn more calories in the heat so you need to replenish what you’ve lost but you don;t do that with soda and ice cream. Water is a must and if you are going to snack, it ought to be something like trail mix.

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The original trail mix was really nothing more than peanuts and raisins.  The credit for this invention is given to 2 surfer dudes in California in 1968. But hold on! A novel, “The Dharma Bums” by Jack Kerovac written in 1958 has 2 main characters that eat the exact same thing as they hike across America (I think, I am not sure). Either way, it started out simple and provided the protein to keep either hikers or surfers full and moving. (Perhaps in more ways than one!)

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Since then we have learned we can add in all sorts of other flavors. A variety of nuts can be included, sunflower seeds (Which technically are nuts), dried fruits of all kinds, cranberries (Which may or may not be considered a fruit depending on who you talk to), M&M’s, Skittles, mini-marshmallows, chocolate drops… well you get the idea, just about anything you want to add to it can be added. (Though I don’t recommend honey, it makes it really sticky).

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Some have even turned the mixture into a breakfast cereal. Sort of like Grape Nuts but with a flair! Which also adds items that you can put in your mix. Rice cereals and wheat cereals work really well whether they are used in cereal or regular trail mix.  The point to trail mix is exactly what it says, something you can munch on while on the trail.  Meaning on the move!

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Now I am not sure exactly what the mixture above is. It sort of looks good, but I am a bit hesitant about the prunes. I am not sure prunes are a good thing while on the trail.  It conjures up some rather ugly images.

How to celebrate – Make up your own sort of trail mix. Maybe you can find something no one else as ever thought of! (Though I think that could be difficult) Make sure you use the snack for which it is intended, munching while on the move doing something.