May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

Always the 3rd Friday in May, today is National Pizza Party Day. I could find no evidence of who created the day but it was probably one of the pizza venders trying to sell more pizzas! It is believed that pizza originated with Alexander the Greats army as they conquered much of the Middle East. Soldiers would take pita bread and place it on their shields in the direct sun. They added oil and herbs, and probably whatever else they had available to make a meal for the march ahead. It was the Italians that turned into what we know today as pizza and nearly everybody in the world loves some sort of pizza. So, in a way, it’s a world wide party day!

How to celebrate – Have a pizza today. Make your own pizza if you are the march to somewhere. Have a pizza sampling party with pizza styles from all over the world.

March 18th Goddess of Fertility Day

Ancient history has had many gods and goddesses – gods of war, weather, youth… so many they are hard to remember by name, or what they ruled over. One of the most important though was the goddess of fertility since family was so important for so many reasons. The most popular goddess of all time is probably Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Fertility. Naturally she had to be attractive herself (at least the preferred type of woman for the era). Perhaps some still pray to the goddess though I think it has been proven over the years that she had little to do with anything since she never was real. But even today, if it keeps you positive to believe in her, maybe you will get what you are wishing for.

How to celebrate – Read about all the Greek and Roman gods. Dress up like Aphrodite. Throw a toga party.

December 22nd Channukah

This year, the celebration of the Festival of Lights, begins today. It is a celebration of a flask of oil that should have lasted at best a day and kept the fires burning for eight days. It was freedom for the Jews from Greek persecution in 167 B.C.. The Macabees led the way for their people in this revolution and though the dates changes yearly it is a celebration of joy and wonder. It is also spelled in many different ways, in America perhaps best recognized as Hanukkah. it is celebrated by the lighting of a menorah in symbolic representation of the oil that burnt for 8 days. Generally gifts are given each of the 8 days. These eight days are filled with joy, peace and love for family, friends and faith.

How to celebrate – Celebrate Channukah in faith or tolerance. Allow others to keep their faith in order that you may keep yours. Find your own peace, love and joy.

March 18th Goddess of Fertility Day

Looking to finally get your family started? Well, today is the day to honor the Goddess of Fertility, Aphrodite. She comes from Greek legend when the citizen of Greece felt there were gods for every event that took place in life. Other nations had their own versions of Aphrodite, some even copying the Greeks version. Now today we know none of that to be true, creating a family will not happen because you honor Aphrodite but just in case… might as well include her in your efforts. After all, guess it couldn’t hurt.

How to celebrate – Learn more about Aphrodite. Visit Greece. Try a fertility clinic.

December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

It is finally time to honor and cherish those noodles shaped in a ring,. You can have your pasta, and eat it too, in any shape you want! Today is the day we celebrate both those noodles that are make to look like a ring and those put into the shape of a ring.


If you can’t do it yourself you can buy them prepackaged.  The point of having circular noodles or putting your noodles in a circle is… is… beyond me. Although it is sort of fun to eat them… either way.


If you put your noodles in a circle, or heart shape, that leaves the center open to put things like sauces, meat, cheese or whatever you like to eat with your pasta. It does make the dish more fun to eat. (But no, it’s won’t taste any better.)


It kind of makes it a pasta pie! Now since pasta isn’t really Italian, I guess you could consider it a Chinese pie instead of a piazza pie… but then pizza isn’t really Italian anyway so it doesn’t matter at all.


And once you’ve cut into your ring in actually isn’t a rink anymore so the ring is a short lived thing. I suppose you could use any geometric shape but if you do, you will be going against the reason we are celebrating this day. After all, it is National Noodle Ring Day, not National Noodle Triangular Day.

How to celebrate – Have some Spaghetti-o’s. Make a circular noodle ring for dinner tonight. Make your pasta ring into something interesting.

April 5th National Deep Dish Pizza Day

April 5th National Deep-Dish Pizza Day


It was probably not the Italians that invented the pizza. History shows us it was the Greeks, actually Greek soldiers. Byzantine Greek’s calls pizza, “nita”, meaning “pie. The Romans added Bay Leaves and certainly advanced the world’s knowledge of pizza.


Though it probably was here in America before 1905, the first official pizza was sold that year. Since then (According to 1997 statistics) 2 billion pounds of pizza are made a year.


How to celebrate – Have a pizza. Create your own style of pizza. Re-enact being a Greek soldier.