February 7th Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

When waving, it is best to wave all your fingers, not just one, at your neighbor and friends. We all know that every finger has it’s own meaning. Some are good, some are bad and some mean different things to different people. But when all fingers are waved it seems to be be generally accepted that it is meant as friendly. And I think most of us want to be friends with our neighbors. At least Mr. Rogers would want it that way.

How to celebrate – Wave to your neighbors. Greet your neighs as friends. Do the five finger salute.


April 21st National High Five Day

High fives got started on the basketball courts in the 1970’s (Actually 1977) and have continued ever since. High fives more or less became famous when three University of Virginia students, Conor Lastowka, Sam Mitke and Wynn Walent, created today in 2002. It seems like just yesterday high fives got started but they are actually, at least, at least 45 years old! Of course now, we add the fist bump to the greeting which changes everything yet again!

How to celebrate – Give everyone you see a high five, or a fist bump, or just a wave if you are concerned about catching something. Figure out the next greeting craze. A high one gives you a better chance of not catching anything.

February 7th Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

While we do generally wave a friendly greeting at our actual neighbors today the idea is that everyone is your neighbor so wave to everyone you see. Make sure your wave is in no way offensive as many ways of waving are insults in different countries and the one you wave to may be from one of those areas. What is intended as friendly is often not received as such. It’s nice to acknowledge others in our lives, even if only for a passing second. You might be surprised at how waving to someone you don;t know may brighten their day… of course they might also think you are crazy but that’s okay too!

How to celebrate – Wave to all you see. Study the different kinds of waves and what they mean. Develop your own special signature wave.

December 9th Christmas Card Day

Well if you haven’t already sent out you Christmas Cards for the season, you’d better get started… with the way the mail runs these days they might not get there in time otherwise. Christmas cards are almost always welcome, they let people know you are thinking of them and wishing you well. They are meant to bring joy, maybe a laugh and keep your memories of those far away alive and well. The first Christmas Card of record belongs to Sir Henry Cole, an Englishman who invented the Christmas Card in 1843. No one is exactly sure why he invented it but then no one knows exactly why the wheel was invented either.

How to celebrate – Send out your Christmas Cards. Get ready for the holidays. Make your own original Christmas Card.

June 24th National Handshake Day

Remember back when we were allowed to shake each others hands? It was greeting similar to bumping elbows! It “Sealed the Deal” and recognized someone else was present, it introduced new friends and made peace with old enemies. In fact, the handshake came because of ones enemies. Believed to date itself back to the early days of Rome, when one confronted someone who once had been an enemy they offered the hand of friendship showing they had no sword, or other weapon, in their hand ready to strike. Today was created by Miryam Roddy sometime around 2005 while working for Brody Professional Development in Jenkintown, Pa.

How to celebrate – Look for pictures of people shaking hands so you can remember what it was like. Learn the new ways to shake hands (By not using hands). Wear rubber gloves so you can shake hands.

November 21st World Hello Day

Today was created during a time of war. The war was the 1973 war between Egypt and Israel and Brian and Michael McCormack wanted to find a way to help people to get along with each other. Their idea was basic, if you stop and say “hello” to at least ten strangers during the day everyone would have a better day. Perhaps an overly simple plan but it is a great plan for making contact with another human and that is a great step forward. Something so simple as saying hello, hi or good morning can change the shape of their day, and your day.

How to celebrate – Say “hello” to ten people today you do not know. (You can say hello to more than ten) Find something to like about everyone you come across today. Make this day the start of every day for the rest of your life.

February 7th Wave All Your Fingers ay Your Neighbor Day

To be a good neighbor you must be friendly. The best way of showing friendship, from a distance, is with a friendly wave. Not just a hand wave, but using all your fingers as was intended by inventing the wave in the first place.


We wave at babies, they wave back… maybe they know what they are doing and maybe they don’t. However the message is sent. An added smile is helpful. It lets those know who you are waving at that you are actually happy to see them, even if it’s fake it’ worth the added effort.


Like the handshake of old days, the wave probably was originated by leaders at war with one another showing the other side that they wanted to peacefully talk, intending them no harm. By waving an empty hand it showed that at least that hand had no weapon in it. Of course you had to be careful that the other hand was equally unequipped!


So whether you are waving hello…


… or goodbye…. give it the best shot you can.

How to celebrate – Make sure to wave at your neighbors as you see them today, remembering to use all your fingers to do so. You can wave at total strangers as well! They may wonder who you are and why you are waving but I’ll bet most wave back! Wave at yourself in the mirror today, might as well start your own day off with someone wishing you well!