February 16th Do A Grouch A Favor Day

Okay, so determine who you are doing a favor for today you must first figure out who you think is a Grouch! We all know one, even if it is ourselves! The idea is, maybe if you do a favor for someone who is a grouch they won’t be a grouch anymore. (At least for the day) There is also a difference between being a Grouch and being Grumpy. You can be grumpy because you didn’t get enough sleep last night, but a Grouch, that often takes a lifetime. Take the time to find out what made your Grouch a grouch. Maybe there is a good reason, maybe there isn’t. But everyone, even a Grouch, does appreciate a helping hand every once in a while.

How to celebrate – Make a list of all the grouches you know. Determine what makes your grouch a grouch. Find someway today to make a grouch smile.

March 8th Be Nasty Day

Now here is a day you can forget about and truly make everyone feel better. No one takes credit for Be Nasty Day and I wonder why? Other than the Muppet’s Grouch I don’t know one single nasty person who is liked. And in truth we can all be a little nasty from time to time. The idea is not to stay there very long. And being nasty is also in the eye of the beholder, what is considered nasty by one may not be to another. And remember that everyone can have a bad day.

How to celebrate – Give a nasty person a wide path. If you wake up in a nasty mood don’t take it out on others. Watch Sesame Street.

February 16th Do A Grouch A Favor Day

Know somebody you would call a grouch? Most of us think they are just grouchy by nature but in reality, something caused them to be grouchy. If you do them a favor (and I don’t mean ignoring them) maybe they won’t be so grouchy! We all suffer set-backs, which is generally what tends to make one grouchy. It’s not that something has gone wrong, it’s that everything seems to have gone wrong. The best way to change that is by one thing going right. Maybe it will only take a smile, or maybe a little more, but one way or the other, it will be worth it.

How to celebrate – Find someone you would call grouchy and send them a happy text or smile. Find some favor you can do for them to start to make them feel better. Think about who might feel you are a grouch.

Oct. 15th National Grouch Day

Oct 15th National Grouch Day

We all know them, some of us may even be one of them… the grouch of the day! Normally this is unacceptable but for today, and today only, it’s okay to be a grouch. The day has been celebrated since 1976 and supposedly came from Sesame Street’s “Grouch”. Could be, but I think there have been grouches for a lot longer time than that. I think a lot of the “Grumpy Old Men” are older than that. A grouch can be funny if you watch them and think about what they are grumpy about. In most cases, it’s nothing at all that makes them that way, it’s just who they are. Well, enjoy your grouch, love them and listen to them complain… after all, they won’t be around forever.

How to celebrate – Record a grouch so they can see how silly they sound. If you wake up grouchy, go back to bed. List all the grouches you know.

February 16th National Do a Grouch A Favor Day

We all know one, sometimes we are even one ourselves, sometimes it just happens and we can’t change it… or can we? Perhaps we can turn the day around for someone who has gotten out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning and are grouchy.

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There are those who are just grumpy by nature. Nothing ever seems to get them out of their mood. You may be better off leaving them alone, or if you try and fail, don’t press it. But for most grouches it’s just a day thing that even they would change if they could.


Just the basic act of human kindness may change their mood entirely! And remember, a simple act of thoughtfulness may some day be returned when you need it most. There are times when people don’t even realize they are being a grouch and simply letting them know that they are a bit grumpy can change their day.


Just remember what goes around, comes around. So today you aren’t grumpy, but maybe tomorrow you will be. Try and treat all as you would want them to treat you. So do a grouch a favor today because tomorrow they may be your friend.

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How to celebrate – Don’t go looking for a grouch but if you find one, try and create a smile for them. If you think you are being a grouch, try and bring yourself out of it before you ruin someone else’s day. Realize most grouches have a reason for being a grouch.

February 16th Do a Grouch a Favor Day

Are grouches born that way or is it a trait they learn over time? We may never know but there certainly seem to be a lot of them. Obviously there are things that can cause someone to be grumpy… a lack of sleep, the weather, a bad day… or maybe just life in general.


Most people want to be happy., sometimes it’s just not in their genes though. While they probably do bring on many of their issues themselves, there are many things that can happen to make them that way during the course of a normal day.


Well, how about spoiling their day by making them happy! I know its a challenge but it is so worth it if you can make a grouch smile. It takes talent, surprise and will power. They most certainly will resist.


They may even get angry but in the end, they will forgive you because your intentions are good. And the best part of it is, that once you figure out what makes them smile, what changes their mood… if it works once it will work again.


And isn’t that smile worth it!?! You know it is and probably, those around you and the grump, will thank you as well.

How to celebrate – First you will need to find a grouch. Once you have found them, figure out their weakness. Then apply the means required to make them smile, laugh or at least acknowledge that the day isn’t going to be all bad.