October 7th Bald And Free Day

Well let’s be honest here, most of us do not want to go bald. However, it’s not the worst thing in the world. No more haircuts, no hair styling, no combing or brushing every morning, afternoon and night. Of course you do have to worry about hats and such to keep your head warm, but the freedom not to have to worry about having another bad hair day might be worth it! Of course, you have to have certain features to make that style appealing and those features may vary with each and every individual who sees you. But for just today, think about cutting it all off and going free.

How to celebrate – Go bald and free. Get a skull cap and see what you would look like bald. Think of all the bald people you admire.

October 18th No Beard Day

Remember beard day not so long ago? Well forget it now because today is no beard day. I wish they’d make their minds up! Just when you get a really good beard started it’s time to take it away. Who makes these choices? So I know there are people out there that don’t like a beard, they are scratchy and can look a little ratty if not kept up. But come on, putting in all that effort to grow it just to get rid of it today. Oh well, easy come, easy go. It’s hairy out there, lets all do what we can to smooth things out!

How to celebrate – Get rid of your beard. Grow a beard just so you can get rid of it today. Take pictures of the before and after.

September 5th Beard Day

September 5th Beard Day

Here’s another day for the ladies… or maybe not. Today is the day we celebrate the beard. I’m not really sure why, but we do. The first recognition of the beard came from the Vikings in 800 AD. (Though I am pretty sure there were beards before that) Having a beard is the simple act of not shaving. It can apply to women as well as men. (Remember the Bearded Lady!) The art of growing a beard has become more and more refined over the years. In fact, there are titles for the best beards, just ask ZZ Top.

How to celebrate – Don’t shave today. Cultivate your own beard. If you have a beard check it for any missing birds in your area.

October 18th No Beard Day

Okay, I get it, today you should be clean shaven. (Particularly if you are a woman). If you are a man, a beard itches after a while, if you are a woman it can scratch your face of even tickle. The idea is being comfortable. But a beard has always been consider a sign of intelligence. Look at Einstein, Lincoln, Moses! They all had beards. Okay, maybe it was because they were too lazy to shave or maybe it’s because they didn’t have time to shave since they were thinking up great thoughts! But can you imagine Santa without a beard? So to call for a no beard day doesn’t mean that the greats can have a beard but if you are like me and not as great, shave so no one thinks that you are smarter than you really are!

How to celebrate – Shave. Try and disguise your beard if you have one. Go back to bed and let your beard grow.

October 7th Bald And Free Day

Every morning one gets up, brushes their teeth, has a cup of coffee and combs their hair… that is, if they have hair. There are advantages to not having hair, it’s a least one step less every morning of your daily routine. It also tends to make you look meaner so people don’t mess with you as much and some think it makes a person look smarter. It has become very fashionable to be bald. I am not sure why. Many women are choosing to be bald these days as well. It does make a statement! One true advantage is that you are generally cooler in the summer (though you will have to wear a hat to keep from getting sun burned), but then in the winter, your head is colder. Compromise, wear one side of your head with hair, the other without. You’ll get noticed!

How to celebrate – Wear a bald cap for a day to see how you would look. See how many celebrities you can name that are bald. Be free!

October 18th National No Beard Day

Today is the best day ever for companies that make razor blades.  It’s National No Beard Day. A day when we celebrate men without beards… and some women too.


It use to be that a beard was considered dignified, a sign of wisdom and experience, and demonstrated the male image for years and years. Soldiers were often not allowed to wear beards, particularly in the day when swords and spears were the main weapons. You could grab a man by the beard and pull him in closer. Although, since a soldier didn’t often carry a kit for shaving, this rule was not often enforced.

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However, the real reason for the lack of beards come down to women and whether they like them or not. Men married to, or dating, either have a beard or don’t in most cases by virtue of what the woman in their life prefers. To the man they can be hot and are often itchy. But they are a great place to store things, like food, and they make a statement to those who see you about you.


Then here are those that make a statement but no one is exactly sure what they are saying.  Remember Lincoln never really sported a beard until a little girl told him she thought he looked better with one, and in his day, even six year old’s had beards!


So all in all, this is a choice for the ladies in a man’s life. Do you like a beard, do you hate a beard? Well today is the day to make it known that you hate beards! I’ll bet there is a beard day for those in favor of beards too.

How to celebrate- If you do not like beards, stock up on razor blades and give them to your man, or mate, or self. Consider a fake beard to hide your true identity. Surprise your loved one and shave.

November 5th National Love Your Red Hair Day

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, the authors of “How To Be A Redhead”, thought that redheads needed a day of their own to recognize their special attributes. Love Your Red Hair Day began in August of 2015. How it ended up in November is beyond me, I just sort of accept things like that. If you really want to know you can contact them at info@howtobearedhead.com. The fact is, red heads have always been special, I am not sure that they need a day to recognize this fact but they now have one.

We all know that Lucille Ball was a redhead. Who could ever forget? However, since her early television shows were in black and white that might have been difficult to determine. In fact, many famous people in history have been redheads. Some were real, some were not!


Peter Pan, the boy (always played by a girl) was a redhead. Though interestingly most of the girls that played him were not natural redheads. Some say that his red hair led to his adventuresome nature. He was never asked about this since HE WASN’T REAL!


However, Florence Nightingale was real enough and she was a redhead. Her life was nothing but an adventure (but she couldn’t fly). We all have our faults. Was it her red hair that made her save so many people? We may never know.


And believe it or not, before he powdered his hair white to please Congress, George Washington was a redhead. Our first President, General of all the Continental Armies and a wise sage was all the rage with his red hair.


And finally, at least for this blog, Genghis Khan was a redhead.

In fact there have been millions of people over the years that have made their way through life being redheaded. They have generally been considered a little hot headed, sexy, and risk takers. In other words, the kind of people you want to hang out with!

How to celebrate – If you are a redhead, enjoy your red hair, this is your day! Write to the Vendetti’s and offer your support! Be proud of who you are whether you have red hair, blonde hair, black hair, brown hair or no hair…it’s who you are.

October 14th Be Bald And Be Free Day

I suppose there are certain advantages to being bald. You don’t need a hairbrush, you don’t need shampoo, you don’t need conditioner, you don’t need a barber… okay well maybe every once in a while you do… but you probably will need a hat when it gets cold.

Be Bald and be Free Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy from Wellcat. I don’t know when or where and don’t care either! If you choose to be bald, or have a condition that causes you to go bald, do it.

Many men go bald as they age. I am sure there is a scientific reason for it, but they seem none the worse off for it. Some of them even look good!


It fits their character of rough and tumble and I assume to some it makes them sexy. Mr. Clean was always bald, maybe it shows cleanliness.  The newest rage is for women to go bald…


… and if what they are after is to look more like a man, then more power to them! I am sure they will attract women who  would otherwise find a bald man looking sexy. I think it is a true statement about today and society. So many men are trying desperately to be women and so many women are trying desperately to be a man. If we all went bald headed and wore baggy clothes no one would know what we were and maybe that would be a good thing. Even better, we could all be molded to have the same face and love each other because we are all human beings and have no attraction to anyone! Then we could live like dogs do, sniffing out each others scents so we knew what sex they were!.


And you now what, Hillary Clinton actually looks better bald! She sort of looks like one of those aliens from Mars on Saturday Night Live!


And Donald Trump looks a little more like a politician. Like the wise old sage.

So you know what… you want to be bald, this is a great opportunity for ya! it will certainly set you free… until it rains, or snows, or it’s cold, or the sun’s too bright, or the wind is blowing hard, or your on a construction site and have to wear one of those helmets, or when someone above you spits, or when there’s a bird overhead, or when you don’t want to shine in the moonlight, or when…

Ah, it’s your head. Do what you want.

How to celebrate – Cut all your hair off and see if you like it! Buy one of those fake bald head pieces and check yourself out as a bald person. Start chanting and move to a mountain retreat.