July 22nd Hammock Day

Created by Bob Matthews on Holiday Insights back in 2008 today falls smack dab in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer, July 3rd – August 11th. It is a great day to spend relaxing in your hammock in the backyard, by your pool or on your private island. (It’s okay on a regular island too.) For me, and maybe you, I do not find a hammock all that relaxing though. I have to fight to get in it then to stay in it and finally to get out of it! I know I am not very agile so maybe this is my problem only.

How to celebrate – Spend the day in your hammock. (If it’s me I have to because I can’t get out of it!) If you don’t have a hammock, buy one. Spend your day relaxing.


August 15th Relaxation Day

Chill out, today is Relaxation Day. Today is the day to spend your time in a hammock, in bed or laying in the sand at the beach. It’s a day to let all the world’s problems pass you by and just be one with the universe. And for us, if my calendar is right, is a Sunday! Just think of it, there is so little to be done! And the fact that it comes on a Sunday this year is perfect, we don’t often get that chance to actually relax on Relaxation Day!

How to celebrate – Plan all your ways to relax on Saturday, if you haven’t done that… just sit down and enjoy it. Buy a hammock and get a drink and chill. Visit a spa.

July 22nd Hammock Day

In the dog days of summer what’s better than spending a lazy afternoon in your backyard hammock with a glass of ice cold tea and maybe someone to fan you and swing you! Okay, that someone to fan you and swing you may be a bit of a stretch but the hammock and the tea are possible! Today was created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights but let’s be honest here, the idea of the hammock long precedes anything we can come up with today.

How to celebrate – Buy a hammock. Set time aside each day to spend in your hammock. Plant two trees so you can use them as posts for your hammock later on.

July 22nd Hammock Day

Today does not require a lot of effort from you, it involves laying back in a hammock with a cool drink and maybe a good book or some soft music playing in the background. I kept reading about the dog days of summer and how the hammock makes for the perfect combination. Naturally the dog days are the hardest days to get through, when the heat is at it’s worst and everyone is looking for a place to relax and cool off. Now I guess this works for most people but to me, a hammock requires way too much work to get into, and even more to get out of. But then, I know I am always a bit out of step with the norm. The day was created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights in 2008.

How to celebrate – Get a hammock if you don’t already own one. Find your best spot to put up your hammock. Relax.

July 22nd Hammock Day

Ah summer, it’s hot, maybe rainy and the kids are out of school. You will be under a lot of stress! So what’s the best way to relax? Gently swaying in the shade of a couple of trees while sipping your favorite beverage and maybe reading a book. It’s what the hammock was invented for! Well, not really but it works! Hammocks have been around since man decided he did not want to sleep on the ground. It is a cooler way to sleep, surrounding yourself an breeze available. They were also useful on ships. The hamock swayed with the rocking of the ships at sea allowing the occupant to not be trashed about and they could be raised and lowered as the need required, allowing for room in the tight quarters set aside for the sailors. Today was created by Bob Matthews who insists it is not a National holiday even though most sites show it as such. The day was created in 2008 for Holiday Insights during the “Dog Days” of summer.

How to celebrate – Buy a hammock. Check out all the different types of hammocks available. Pretend you are a pirate.

July 22nd National Hammock Day

The hammock is one of the oldest beds in history, maybe even the oldest (other than rock). If mankind came from Africa originally, and that’s what experts seem to believe, then it would make sense that the hammock was in use long before anyone could claim it as their invention.

In the dense heat of the jungle, only a hammock would make sense. It would allow any air flow to come not only from above but from below as well. We already know the hammock was in use by the Native Americans found in the US.


Hammocks can be made from nearly any material, are simple to put up, and they last forever. They were no stranger to the sailors that discovered America.


Hammocks were the only practical way to make any sort of bed for all the sailors on board the tiny vessels they sailed. Hammocks could be stored overhead when not in use, making room for the other activities required to keep the ships sailing. The hammocks would gently rest the sailors to sleep, swaying with the ship as it was rocked by the ocean. It is also said, whether it’s true or not I am not sure, that rodents and other creatures tended to stay away from the hammock since they do not like the movement. There were times food was kept in a hammock like sling to avoid creatures that might otherwise make a meal out of it.


While we view the hammocks as a sign of leisure on warm summer days, much of the rest of the world sees them as their actual bed. It’s hard to resist a hammock in the shade, gently swaying in the breeze, whether it is for a couple of hours or for an entire night.

How to celebrate – Find your own hammock and two trees. Try and make your own hammock from materials you have laying around the house. See if you can spend an entire night on a hammock.

May 19th May Ray Day

Now that the winter has passed, the earth has started to turn green again and flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the sun. There are all sorts of things you can do now that you couldn’t while there was snow on the ground. You could go fishing…


play baseball…


go swimming …


have a picnic …


or just stay home and swing in a hammock.


Whatever you choose, just enjoy the sunshine.  Remember to wear sunblock!