March 3rd I Want You To Be Happy Day

We want all those around us to be happy and we more often than not, try to do the things that would make them happy. While we do truly want our loved ones and friends to be happy it is also true that it is really difficult for us to be happy unless those around us are happy. So maybe it’s a little selfish after all that we celebrate a day like today by wanting to make someone else happy because, it is what (In the end) will make us happy too.

How to celebrate – Try and find ways to make your mate, friends and family happy. Try to keep yourself happy. Do what you can to make the world a better place.


March 3rd I Want You To Be Happy Day

Isn’t our goal in life to make as many people happy as we can? Or well, sort of anyway. Generally speaking, the one person we truly make happy, by making someone else happy, is ourselves. To fill those around us with happiness is the best way to ensure our own happiness. And then there those we want to make happy because they make us happy. It’s the same difference. There are people who are happy living in the woods alone but they are pretty rare. Nothing wrong with the idea of wanting to make animals happy or even plants. Our own happiness entirely depends on how happy we are able to make something, or someone, else happy.

How to celebrate – Make your spouse happy today. Make your children happy today. Make the world a better place to live.

January 31st Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

There is no doubt that art can inspire us to feel many things. It can make us happy, sad, angry, romantic, nationalistic… well you name it, art can spell out something our heart feels. But what in art inspires the heart to make us better people?


Art can remind us of things we have experienced, or would like to experience. Long walks in the park, rainy days, time spent with our loved ones. Everybody sees something different in a piece of art.In the artwork above some will see the couple walking, some will see the lights, some will see the color changing on the leaves, some will see the wet setting. What do you see? How does it inspire you?

a-court-gathering-to-hear-musicSome people love classical music and others do not care for it. One fact we all have to accept is that all forms of music have it’s roots in classical music. Classical music can be exciting, soothing and do all the same things to us that a painting or piece of sculpture can do, sometimes even more. We often remember the song we heard when we met the person we love or it can stir us when we hear music that was playing when we accomplished something we felt proud of.


Dance often expresses feelings we have in another medium. While we may not be able to dance ourselves. The movement and beauty of it reminds us of things we have seen or lived. We celebrate our marriages with a dance, it may not be artful, or even coordinated, but it doesn’t matter… we showed the world our dance.


In fact, the arts can express every moment of our lives, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. So rightfully, it the arts should be what inspire us to do more, be more and feel more. I am reminded by a friend of mine that an artist can be a dancer or painter, or a really good auto mechanic.


How to celebrate – Celebrate the arts by celebrating yourself and those lose to you. For fun, put a song to everyone you know. It will hep you remember them better and more often. Whatever you do, consider it an art. Do the best you can to make your art inspire yourself, and others, to be all they can be.

June 8th Upsy Daisy Day

Created by Stephanie West Allen in 2003 Upsy Daisy Day is probably the way we all should look at beginning every day of our lives, not just June 8th. It’s all about waking up looking forward to the day instead of having our usual grumpy attitude.

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If you think about it, you have a lot to be grateful for. The first thing is just waking up at all! If you are up early enough, look out at the beautiful sunrise and imagine it was created just for you. Or roll over and look at your mate laying next to you, you certainly have to be thankful for them (I hope). Or maybe it’s that yummy cup of coffee that you look forward to? Why not make every morning an “International”morning (as in the coffee). If you have to go to work, be thankful you have  a job to go to when so many don’t.


The whole point is, find some reason to be happy about the morning. Maybe it’s a big thing like spending another day with the one you love, or a little thing like getting an unexpected hug from your cat. It really doesn’t matter what it is, if you start your day off on a good note the rest of your day will be better and so will everyone you come in contact with.

Sometimes it’s hard to do. I have to admit I am not a morning person but when I do get up early enough to see the sunrise I seem to always have a better day. In a world where we have so many things going wrong or turned upside down we need to fight back with the only weapon we have, our humor.

I work with children and make a practice of saying good morning to everyone I meet regardless of what time of the day it is. It doesn’t matter what time the clock says, it’s always nice to start your day off with a genuine “good morning”, even if you’ve been awake for 8 hours.  It’s always morning somewhere in the world.

How to celebrate: Write down a list of things that make you happy so that you can review them in the morning and remind yourself what you have to be Upsy Daisy about. Buy someone else a cup of coffee in the morning just because. Remember that you set the tone for your day, set it right and the day will go well.