September 25th International Rabbit Day

Those cute little bunnies that hop everywhere they go, including into gardens and then destroy every plant you have growing. Well, they are cute, and cuddly and the third most popular pet in the world. It really is hard to find fault with any animal who goes about living their lives as they were intended to live them. This holiday apparently began in the UK as “Rabbit Charity” Day, assuming because farmers were charitable to them at least this one day in the year and to remind people that the bunny is not just for Easter. Rabbits generally live around 9 years and are capable of moving at 25 mph.

How to celebrate – Learn about the 50 breeds of rabbits. (I would have thought there were more) Learn how the rabbit became a part of Easter. Get a rabbit as a pet. (But be ready to clean up after it)

September 26th International Rabbit Day

You might think this day should fall on Easter but nope, it’s in September. The UK was the first to celebrate rabbits, a very loving animal that never really hurt anyone. Sure they ate gardens and destroyed crops but they didn’t mean any harm. The holiday is always celebrated the 4th Saturday of September and it is a world wide event. Rabbits make decent pets, true they are a little messy but they can be kind and gentle. But rabbits are wild animals and probably should be left in the wild (As with all animals). There are 305 domesticated breeds in the world and 13 wild species.

How to celebrate – Look for rabbits in the wild. Put food out for rabbits if you want them to come around. Be gentle with one of the most caring animals in the world.

September 28th International Rabbit Day

Sept. 28th International Rabbit Day

Some call this Bunny day but either way it always falls on the last Saturday in September. Unless you have a garden, it’s pretty hard not to love rabbits.  They are soft and cuddly, cute to watch and they always leave a trail for you to follow to find them. Now you might think Bunny Day would fall closer to Easter, but we are talking about real rabbits here, not the man-made kind. If you get one for a pet be careful, they do bite, but they really don’t mean it.

How to celebrate – Adopt a pet rabbit. Search for rabbits in the woods. Dress up like a bunny and see if anyone notices. Visit to learn more about this teen’s awesome work rescuing rabbits.

September 23rd International Rabbit Day

What on earth is cuter than a bunny? The correct answer is, nothing! It is believed that today was created by the White Bunny group in the UK but since they are no longer around (Probably went down the rabbit hole) it cannot be verified. But does it matter? A rabbit never hurt anyone, well… not exactly true cause they do bite.


Oh, and they eat the food right out of your garden! I remember my grandmother chasing them away from her garden. It was entertaining because they would simply go in circles, never leaving until my grandmother wore out. I don’t think they understood what she was doing and they certainly did not seem scared of her.



And if there weren’t any bunnies around there would be no Easter eggs! There would be no point in running out in the yard on Easter morning to hunt for anything because it just simply wouldn’t be there!


There are a lot of things on this earth that represent love but the bunny, the rabbit, pretty much gathers it altogether in one little package. Today seems to have been created to advance rabbits as pets and to help protect them in the wild.

How to celebrate – Look into getting a rabbit for a pet. (Warning, they do leave a mess behind  them) Give a rabbit eating in your garden a break and let it have  the little bit it will eat. Do not accept any product made with rabbit fur.